Unlikely Places Chapter 1

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How do we meet our loved ones .. This is a story i wrote many years ago based on the unlikely places and chains of events that can bring people together. Based in many places it follows the voyage of two people and how they grow not just within themselves but in the company of each other.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Unlikely Places Chapter 1

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



He had been in the Army for 10 years and now He was a civilian. His experience had taught him many things but this was his first assignment as a bodyguard. And he was anxious to meet the American ambassadors daughter to whom he had been assigned. His first meeting with ambassador Holladay had gone well they had chosen him because of his military profile. 4 years with the special air service anti-terrorist unit in the UK. As the ambassador already had marines to guard the embassy but was worried his daughter may become a target while she lived with them and was anxious to find someone capable of teaching her self-defence and other survival techniques. His name had been passed on by a friend in US intelligence and as he lived locally in Cairo it had been an easy choice.

He arrived at the embassy in his land rover swb and pulled up outside the gates. A Marine in dress uniform came over to the vehicle his M16 slung across his shoulder. The marine stepped up to the driver's window and asked the nature of his business at the embassy. After a quick exchange and a check of the appointments schedule for the day the marine had the gates opened and instructed him where to park the land rover. He pulled into the parking area as instructed and grabbing his laptop case he made his way to the front entrance. Slinging the case over his shoulder by the carry strap he went into the main desk and approached the young giri at the computer there. He smiled as he approached and said," Hi I am Mr Stirling and I'm here to see Ambassador Holladay could you let Him know I have arrived." The girl looked up and smiled back saying if he would like to take a seat she would call and check if the Ambassador was ready for him.

Five minutes later he was being escorted by the Ambassadors secretary a large lady with a southern drawl who insisted on taking him directly to the Ambassador herself and refused to be drawn into a conversation about the weather or state of affairs in Cairo at present. She opened the double doors to the Ambassadors office and led him in announcing his arrival to the Ambassador and promptly leaving closing the doors after herself. He walked across to the large oak desk and the Ambassador stood and put out his hand greeting him. They shook hands and he indicated a chair over by the fire place as he walked round the desk and led them over to some lounge chairs around a small table with a decanter and some glasses on it set upon a silver tray. The Ambassador offered him a drink and he declined "not while I'm working ambassador" he said. The Ambassador said "please call me Jason and lose the Ambassador tag it's not necessary now you're working closely with my family." He smiled and replied, "Ok Jason and please call me Mark." They sat for a while and The Ambassador remarked, "My daughter will be with us shortly she has a knack for being late to this sort of thing."

The doors at the far end of the room opened and a young lady entered, She was 5'6" tall and wearing loose well-cut pants and a V neck top in white. The two men turned and stood as she approached and he looked at her for the first time, she had strong cheekbones and hazel eyes and her hair sat across one side of her face coming down just past her shoulders. She was beautiful and he noticed it straight away, she walked with a graceful yet purposeful motion and held her hand out as she approached him, he reached his out to meet her as the Ambassador introduced them, "Mark Stirling meet my daughter Chelsea." "Nice to meet you." He replied as she joined them at one of the chairs around the small table. She poured a drink for herself from the decanter and sipped it gently as she sat down. The Ambassador began to say something when she interrupted her father and looking directly at him said "So you're the bodyguard my father hired for me, you do of course realise I have no need of a bodyguard don't you." He looked at her then her father who shrugged, "I believe your father feels it necessary for your safety and his peace of mind and I will try to be as unobtrusive as possible Miss Holladay."

She swallowed the drink and stood both men followed suit and she moved around the table and kissed her father on the cheek saying, 'You worry to much father" and headed towards the door. Mark shook the Ambassadors hand and said, "Don't worry Jason she is in good hands." and turned to follow her, he Quickened his pace catching her halfway down the second floor hallway heading towards the family's living quarters. He fell into step beside her and began to say something when she stopped and he had to check a pace and turn towards her. She looked him up and down as if checking her latest delivery from the local market and he saw the look in her eyes. Before he could comment she had changed into a fighting stance and aimed a well timed kick at him, his reaction a little slow was still fast enough to block the kick and she stepped in with two quick punches aimed at his face and chest he blocked both with expertise. She span round fast and her elbow came at his left jaw, he was quick enough to duck under it and swept her feet from under her with his right leg bringing her crashing down on the carpeted floor. He stepped in and held out a hand to help her up but she shrugged it off and flipped up onto her feet and span to meet his gaze. "What was that for?" he asked. "My father said you were good, I had to see for myself." She headed off without another word and disappeared into a room on the left of the corridor.

He waited till she was out of sight to pull up his sleeve and look at the bruise she had left on his arm with the kick. "Dammit!" he muttered to himself. This was going to be a real joyful assignment he thought to himself as he rolled his sleeve down and headed after her.


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