The Equonix (Cado Angelus bk 1)

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I fell in love with danger. I befriended death. What am I to say for myself?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Equonix (Cado Angelus bk 1)

Submitted: September 26, 2010

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Submitted: September 26, 2010




Midnight comes surprisingly quick,” the Morrigan mutters. It seems like she just laid her head on the floor and closed her eyes a few seconds ago. She sighs. Her raven, Narrian, flies overhead. She scratches her head and looks up. Narrian caws and lands on her master’s outstretched arm. She scratches Narrian’s black feathered head. Narrian caws again.

The Morrigan frowns. “Narrian, what is the disturbance?” She asks.

Narrian replies with another caw.

The Morrigan scowls. Something was disturbing her raven. She couldn’t tell what. She looked around. Lightning flashed overhead. She glances up at the dark sky. She sighs. She finds the hilt of her sword and releases it from the sheath.

“And so it begins,” she mumbles, examining the blade. The Morrigan glances at Narrian, who has flown off of her arm and hovers in midair. She scowls.

“Orior oriri ortus, frater quod sanctimonialis! Orior oriri ortus ut challenge of Cado!” The Morrigan slams the blade of her sword into the stone ground. Fire erupts around her. She smirks.

It’s on. After all, the Fallen love a good challenge.

The floor below the Morrigan rumbles and shakes. She looks down and curses. She knows what this means; it’s almost time for the Event. She never expected it to come so quick. In fact, they haven’t even found the Peacekeeper yet.

Well, if she exists, that is. The Peacekeeper is just a bedtime story for young children. Or, so they say. But nowadays, the Morrigan doubts that the Peacekeeper is just a fairy tale. Before coming to the Humanus Universitas, she heard rumors of a young girl whose parents are not normal.

One of the Morrigan’s allies, Aza’Zel, heard that this girl’s parents could possibly be Usha and Malak; a Fallen and Risen. They are-or were-two enemies who fell in love and got cast out of Heaven and Hell because of it. But...did they have a child? It’s possible. But the Morrigan heard that demons and angels couldn’t have children together. But nothing has been said about Risen demons and Fallen angels.

The Morrigan considers this. Is it possible? Could the Peacekeeper be this girl? The Morrigan grits her teeth. She doesn’t want the Peacekeeper; neither does about half the population of the Fallen and Risen.

The world doesn’t need heroes.

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