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This is gods curse!!! He can burn in hell..

“It’s all coming back to me!”

“It’s all coming back……..”


Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 16, 2013

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Submitted: May 16, 2013





Chapter 2

Suddenly Ren stood up next……!

And wrapped his hand around my shoulder..

“Hay.. Nuxus leaving without me”

Ren was a fun guy...

He was as tall as me and had a pale complexion. His eyes were always shining like the see on a sunny day. His wild hair style made him look like he was hit by a hurricane on the head. His hair stacked to his shoulder and above his head.

Over all he had a well-built body.

Although his hair was spiky and sharp he had some part of it covering his left eye. I wonder why all these time I spent with him I never saw his left eye.


Suddenly out of nowhere there stood a white dove in front of me.

She had chestnut colored silky hair which was long and running down her back. It was so silky I could see the reflection of the sun in her hair. Part of her hair was covering her face

At the moment all I could do was look at her

“Hay Nuxus get out of the way”

Ren poked me in the back and whispered,

I lifted my leg in order to get away, by the time I half lifted my foot , I felt as if my feet was frozen to the ground ….!!!

With much effort I was able to sway to a side but again lead me straight in front of her.

She tried to go past my left, at the same time I swayed to the left……’!!

….My frozen foot was causing me to lose my sense of direction…

I moved around a couple of times like this stopping her in her tracks

Please move aside


Her voice reached my ears like a church bell as she lifted her head….,

Her hair swayed side to side as I saw her beautiful face for the first time in my life. Her sparkling eyes and that sweet voice sent me flying out of reality’’’’’’’

At the moment Ren dragged me out of the way! By the time she left I was already lost in my own world

“Hay Nuxus … are you okay….get a grip on yourself!”


Ren took me in the shoulders and shook until I was back in my senses. I ve already forgot what heappend after I saw her face.

“What was that feeling’….. It was like nothing I ve ever felt.

I was already having fireworks in my head due to the sudden shock.


“Ah…what happened?”

“Naxus... A girl was just in front of you and you lost your senses……that’s what happened”

I remember what happened!! But I couldn’t stop remembering one thing though

“Her face”!!!!

“Who is she”…. I tapped my head a couple of times to remember clearly.

“I knew you would ask so …..!!!

She just moved from her town to Okinawa high.. She got here last weak”..

Ok I get all that. But you haven’t told me her name”

Ren scratched his chin and said

“I don’t know”

“You knew all that  ... yet you don’t know her name….!

Can’t help it! I never heard anyone say her name….any way lets head home”

“Ahhh.. Alright”



As we went by I couldn’t stop remembering her.

“Who is she? What’s her name?”

These were the questions floating around my head,

To a point where I thought I would get sick if I thought any more of her, I decided to break the silence between me and Ren.


On the way back I was too busy by my thoughts and we both didn’t exchange a word up to now.

“Hay Ren……!!!I’ve been thinking of something lately and I’ve wanted to discuss this with you…”

“Ok…….sure!!  My house is just ahead, Why don’t we talk there”……….!!!!

Me and Ren relaxed in his room with juice and some cookies….

  His home was nice and tidy. He lived in this traditional Japanese style house with sliding doors, which I don’t see often…


I drank a sip of juice and cleared my thought….

“Ren do you think I have any special powers are so!!! People are starting to believe I have special power after I completed the 50 round run around the school premises in 30 minutes.”………

”you see I don’t think it’s such a big deal- I am sure I could do 100 if I trained a little”



By the time I’ve said this Ren’s mouth was already open…. “50 rounds”

Ren shrieked……!!!!

He shouted in climax!!!

“That’s over 30000 meters /30km and only within 30 minutes…..”!!!


I didn’t know why but Ren was freaking out!!

“No one has ever done such a thing here… that was impossible till now...”

Ren,s face became quite serious and stared at me in an ill manner..!!


“I’ve heard about special power but, I am not sure whether you have it or not. If so what kind of powers do you poses”

Ren said in a creaking voice………

“These words brought me back to the past. My dark past!!! … I’ve left my past aside and moved on with a new life..,!!!!

I didn’t want to remember it……!!!!  


This is gods curse!!! He can burn in hell..

“It’s all coming back to me!”

“It’s all coming back……..”



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