The Crimson Swordsman

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Love Is A Foreign Feeling

Submitted: December 07, 2015

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



After a long and silent walk in the night, the swordsman and Paige had arrived at her front door. The house was modern, made of metal sheets that were indented into grids and painted to look like brick. There was a driveway leading up to a large garage door that still held its metallic silver. The house was two stories and sat alone, the neighboring house was 300 feet away. From the driveway a small path wound around the left of the driveway and up a few steps to a small, raised patio. The front door was also a metallic silver but had an ornately decorated window in the upper half and no handle. You couldn't see into the house as the glass was tinted black.


Paige fiddled with her hands in the silence. She did not think about it when she first asked the swordsman to come to her house, but now she realized all too well just how awkward the situation was. Paige had never had any visitors let alone a man, let alone a man she just met.

“Um, so this is my house,” Paige said awkwardly breaking the silence.

“I assumed so otherwise why would you have brought me here.” The swordsman replied staring right at her. Paige realized how silly her comment was and turned around towards the door. She looked straight into the glass window and two inlaid eyes that could not be seen before began to glow yellow. After only a brief moment, but what seemed like an eternity to Paige, the eyes turned green and the door opened. Paige stepped inside and sliding her feet out of her shoes turned around and looked at the swordsman. The swordsman was still standing on the patio looking at her. Paige smiled hoping he would get the hint. After another moment of awkward silence and eye contact Paige spoke up. “You can come in, please make yourself at home.” She had no idea of how the swordsman acted at home.


The swordsman entered and took a brief look around, he followed suit and removed his black boots. After taking them off he rose and only two feet in front of him was Paige, she was standing there looking at him with wonder in her eyes and a smile across her lips. The swordsman stood still his lips parted as if he was about to say something but forgot the words. He looked away towards the floor and put his hand to his forehead.

“What is this feeling,” he mumbled, “and these thoughts.”

“Are you okay?” Paige asked as she began to make a move towards him but she stopped herself.

“Is there a toxin in this air?” The swordsman lifted his head and looked at her, his lips pursing together into a slight frown. Immediately after asking though he looked at her eyes and noticed that the wonder was replaced by worry.

“Um n-” Paige began but the swordsman cut her off.

“Sorry I asked, I didn't mean to offend you. I guess I'm just not feeling well, I should rest.”

“Yes, of course right this way.” Paige responded turning into the house and walking up a staircase directly in front of them. The staircase was a dark oak and winded ninety degrees to the right before stopping. At the top was an open hallway in the form of an “L” and had five doors along it. One of the doors was to the left of the staircase, three were on the wall across from the staircase with the last one sitting down the hall to the right on the same side as the staircase. Paige led the swordsman to the door directly across from the staircase and opening revealed a bedroom. It was plain and bare, had only a closet, a king sized bed and a night stand.

“The washroom is the door to the right of this one, please get comfortable and I’ll see you in the morning.” Paige explained a little hurriedly avoiding eye contact. She backed out and the swordsman walked in, she watched him enter the room and get ready. He placed his sword and sheathe on the bed across from him and then he laid down on his back, staring at the ceiling.

“You can go now. I appreciate the hospitality, but I should be fine on my own.” The swordsman called out.

“Oh, yes sorry. Um, goodnight.” Paige closed the door and then gently leaned back against it sighing. She had been spacing out a lot lately since seeing the swordsman in the field and now she could feel her face heating up. Whenever he was close to her, she could feel the warmth emanating from his body and her own heart beat faster. Whenever she spaced out her head swarmed with thoughts. All of them about the swordsman. 

When she looked at him in the front hall taking off his boots, she saw something new. For a moment she saw vulnerability, the swordsman was showing vulnerability towards her. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but he was always composed, calm and guarded. She didn’t know why, but seeing that made her feel warm inside, it made her feel joy from inside. She wondered what was going on with her, she couldn't possibly have fallen for him already. After all she had only just met the man.


On the other side of the door the swordsman lay there in his bed. He stared at the ceiling as thoughts were racing through his mind. Earlier when he had seen her looking at him with wonder he couldn’t help but notice her. He began to think about her smile, her blonde hair, her turquoise sun dress, and her deep, green eyes. Worst of all he began to wonder what she was thinking, not like he did with his opponents, but with mystery and admiration. He wondered if she was thinking of him. He felt different when their eyes met, a sense of desire and warmth. The swordsman had never felt warmth inside, and he had no idea what was happening to him.



That night both Paige and the swordsman slept, Paige with a smile on her face and the Swordsman with concern on his. In their slumber both had dreams filled of each other, and where one was happy, the other could not rest peacefully.


When daylight broke Paige woke up bleary eyed as the sun rays hit her eyes. She sat up and stretched out, shifting to the edge of her bed she began to stand up. A sharp pain came from her gut and she bent over.

“uhhhh-” she groaned, “did I come down with something as well?” She mumbled to herself. Well she was bent over she noticed she was still wearing her sun dress which was now wrinkled. 
“Crap, I slept in it. Well I’ll just have t-” she stopped mid sentence, her eyes widening with realization. She had forgotten about what happened last night and it was just now coming back to her. She straightened up and realized the pain was because she went to bed without dinner. She quickly looked around her room, tentatively she walked to the door and listened. It was silent outside, so she turned around removed her dress and headed for the en suite. She got inside and looked in the mirror.

“Wow, I am a mess. I cannot let him see me like this.” She commented on herself. She still had her ponytail in but her hair was frayed and in a sorry state. She stripped down, removed her ponytail and rushed into the shower. Once inside the warmth of the shower she finally relaxed and the spell of the shower took over.

“Wait, why do I care what he thinks?” She questioned half-hearted and it was followed by silence. She thought about it and slowly her face began to turn red again. She stepped out of the shower and the water stopped behind her. A strong warm gust of air blew downwards on her for a while before slowing to a stop. She grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself, it only reached to her thighs. She brushed her hair as she left, tossing the brush on the bed as she passed. She seemed to be in a trance, like she was enveloped by her traditional morning routine. She left her room and went downstairs turning down a hallway she entered into a large kitchen. The kitchen had an island in the middle and extended out to where the tiled floor transitioned into the wood of the living room. Paige turned the corner leading into the kitchen.

“Morning, I h-” the swordsman was in the living sitting cross legged in an armchair facing Paige. He stopped what he was saying and looked at her.


Paige snapped out of her trance, her eyes instantly grew wide and her cheeks flushed.

“I-I, Um,” Paige stuttered, but her words wouldn’t come out.

“I’m deeply sorry.” The swordsman planted his foot on the ground, pushing he turned the armchair ninety degrees. He put his hand to the side of his cheek, blocking his vision. “Please, continue with what you were doing.” He added.

Paige took a deep breath and swallowed hard. She tried to brush it off but her cheeks were still bright red and her heart was racing. She began talking to herself under her breath to chase away the embarrassment. “How could I be so stupid? I completely forgot he was here, again! Dammit Paige get yourself together, he's your guest you still have obligations.” The pain in her stomach reminded her of breakfast.

“Um, what would you like for breakfast?” She called out nervously.

“I don't recognize anything in your fridge.” The swordsman answered earnestly.

“Oh, ok then. I will pick something.” Her voice trailing off. He already looked through my fridge? How long has he been awake? But more importantly, why doesn't he recognize anything? Paige thought to herself as she rummaged through the fridge.

Finally deciding on something generic, Paige began to prepare some eggs, bacon and hash browns. She finished cooking everything up and dished out on two plates. Bringing them over to a small kitchen table she placed them across from each other.

“Its ready!” She called out to the swordsman and took her seat as he came over and sat across from her. She couldn’t help but notice he was looking at her. Before she could ask about it he spoke up.

“You could of gotten dressed before we ate, I was in no rush.” He said this but he never took his eyes off her.

“Oh shit*” She covered her mouth with her hand. She never swore in front of anybody. She swore now though because she had gotten so caught up with satisfying the pain in her gut that she didn't think about fixing the other issue at hand.

What is wrong with me? How am I missing all these simple things? I am a mess. She thought. When she looked back up the swordsman had begun eating his meal and seemed to have dismissed the problem. She sighed to herself and began eating her own breakfast. She already knew, that this was going to be one hell of a day.

*I know shit is not really a swear word, there was something a little more....unladylike in its place. I just felt there was no need in having it.

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