Dream or reality?

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A crash, switching of bodies. Is it real or... Just a Dream?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream or reality?

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



Chapter 1

“PILOT!” I called. Pilot is my dog, he’s a Border collie, He has a nice midnight black fur, and a white stomach. “Pilot!” I called again. It was time for his walk and he hates his walks. I don’t know why he hates his walks, I thought all normal dogs loved walks but this boy is the opposite of a ‘normal dog’ he likes baths, they don’t, he likes cats, they don’t. He is very non normal. “Pilot! It's time to… to… to uhh… It's time to play frisbee!” Perfect I thought. He loves Frisbee! Just then a black fluffy long haired dog pounced on me and pulled me to the ground. “Down boy, DOWN!” I pushed pilot off me and wiped my wet, licked face. I got up and grabbed the Frisbee. “Come get it! Come and get it boy!” I moved the Frisbee up and grabbed my dog by the collar and put the Frisbee on the ground for him to chew on (so it would be easier to put on the leash), threw on the leash and waited for the click. As soon as it clicked I opened the door and next thing I knew my dog and I were laying on the road. My shoulder hurt but that’s about it. We were surrounded by people, asking if we were okay. “Ace! Ace!” my brother Tyler and his friend ran over, Tyler’s 21 he was my legal guardian. My parents were killed in an airplane crash. My name isn’t really Ace, it’s actually Acelin (Ace-Lin) Ace is just a nickname. I’m 16. I have black hair with blue streaks. ”Ace! Are you okay?” My brother asked as he frantically searched for injuries. He was studying to be a doctor; he only has 1 semester left in the year before he gets his degree. “Someone call 911!” a voice called out from the back of the crowd. “Give them some air; back away they need some space!” Tyler called out. As soon as that was said I could see the blue sky- wait, why is the sky black and white? Why is everything black and white? I looked over and saw… not my dog but… me. I wasn’t moving, well my body wasn’t moving. ‘WIOO WIOO’ sirens I could hear them clearly and then I could see them clearly. The ambulance took my body and drove off. Then I saw an ambulance, but it wasn’t any ordinary ambulance, know how I know? Because it had a big sign on the side stating it was an emergency van for pets. Now I am defiantly not a dog, or at least I don’t think I am. I was lifted up and put into the back of the truck “woof” I barked, wait I BARKED?! I must be dreaming! I was about to bite myself when the vet stuck a big needle right in my back. I squealed in pain, nope not a dream, I thought. Then everything went black. I couldn’t see anything, not a single thing. Then I heard something. “Pilot? Pilot a-are you awake?” I opened my eyes and to my surprise it was me talking to... me. “Pilot- I mean Ace, what’s wrong with us? I’m you and you’re me, I have 5 fingers on each paw- hand, and you have four paws and I have feet. I also have no fur on my back, or stomach why are we so, so different? What happened to us?

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