The Secret Is Out

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Riley Hinter, is a 13 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is in seventh grade and has had a crush on the same guy since fifth grade. The guy: Tyler Marks. Tyler has brown hair and brown eyes as well, but he is popular and she is not. She finally confesses her love for him and he turns her down. Will he finally except her? Or will he let her go? Will Riley except that he doesn't love her? Or will she be determined to capture his heart? Who knows, in this game of love and hate.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Seating Arrangment

Submitted: June 23, 2012

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Submitted: June 23, 2012




Seating arrangment

I ran into school, my hair down and straight, my black glasses sliding down the bridge of my nose, and my back pack in one hand with my hat in the other. I ran to my locker. I Froze in place, the halls were silent. Tyler Marks, my crush since fifth grade, was standing right in front of my locker. He looked at me, his golden brown eyes met mine. I felt my face drain of color as I backed away. I bumped into my best friend Zayla Price. "Hey, Zayla! Look at my locker" I spoke, through my teeth. Zayla looked at my locker.

"Don't worry I got it" She replied, patting my shoulder and walking over to Tyler and his friends. "Hey, you seem to be standing in front of my friend Riley's locker" She sweetly said, smiling bitterly. Tyler looksed at her.

"So?" He replied, turning to his friends again. He was with his friend Joel Yeldon, Parker Pryle-Setrich, Braiden Enggie, Colten Raysen and Caleb Roclen. Zayla stopped smiling. "So, you're going to move," She started, using her fingers to make a walking motion. "somewhere else" She finished, this time not so sweetly. Tyler laughed. "Fine, whatever princess" He mocked, moving from my locker. I slowly made my way to my locker and smiled at Zayla.


"No problem" I put my stuff away in my locker and then grabbed my purple binder.

"So, Riley" Zayla looked at me, smiling. "Are you going to... 'talk' to Tyler today?" She asked, nudging my shoulder. I turnde beat red.

"No" I replied. "Not as long as I live" I finished walking into class. I looked for my new seat and when I saw my name I froze. I was in between Tyler and his friend Braiden. Crap. I sat down and pulled the tape off the desk. "Riley, keep the tape on. Your neighbours need to know your name" Mr. Smitty smiled, looking up at me through the top of hi glasses. I nodded and put the tape back on my desk. Crap, Now I have to sit beside my crush since grade five and his best friend... This is not going to be a good year I thought as I put my head down on my binder. "Where do I sit?" I heard Tyler ask. I pointed beside me, my face still planted to my binder. I could hear him complain. "I have to sit next to her? Really?" I looked up. "Hey, at least your buddy Braiden s here" I replied pointing to the other side of me. Zayla gave me a sympothetic look as she sat down at the desk behind me. "Help me" I mouthed to her.

"I wish I could" She mouthed back. I lookde at the teacher as he started the first class. This was going to be he longest year ever.

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