Could've Had Me!

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Chapter 3

I just stood there shocked as Cam and Jessa walked away. To say I was the only one surprised by Cam's actions would be a lie. Nick, Jack, and Niall were all just as shocked. After Jessa had demanded Cam that you'll never guess what he did. He agreed. Jessa smiled a brilliant smile at him and asked him to walk her to class.

“I can't believe that's the girl Cam's dating.” Niall said. “She's preppy and such a snob. Didn't he give you trouble when you started dating Raymond? Who is a replica of that girl, personality wise, but male, might I add?”

I just stood there too shocked to say anything. However I was saved by Nick. “He did give her trouble, but all along he's been dating someone just as bad? I don't get it.”

“Ya, but dude, that chick is hot!” Jack whistled.

I turned my glaring eyes to Jack. He shrugged as if nothing was wrong. “A person should not be judged by their looks, it is their inner beauty that counts. And I can tell you that her inner self is just as rotten as eating a dead, decaying bird full of huge-ass worms. Her beauty on the outside is just a disguise for her rotten insides.” I said in a monotone.

“I think Kiki needs to visit a doctor.” Nick exclaimed.

Jack, the complete idiot, asked “Why? She seems completely healthy to me.”

“You really don't know much about Kiki do you?” Niall asked

“Well I don't know her as well as you, you are the closest to her in the group. Cam was always fatherly to her, but you have always been her best friend.” Jack stated calmly

“Just because she's closest to Niall doesn't make any sort of a difference. I'm nowhere near as close to her as him but even I can tell something is wrong? Kiki is basically the most expressive person I know.” Nick jumped in.

“So? Kiki is expressionless at times.”

“Ya, but Jack there's a difference in her expressionless-ness at times. There's multiple expressionless Kiki's. There's the one where she doesn't care, one where it's a joke, another to express her boredom, her serious expressionless-ness, and like now, one where she's hiding something.” Niall said

“Do you sit around and study the kid or something?” Jack asked, as if I wasn't there.

“Guys.” I said quietly. They all turned to me, silently asking what. “Can we ditch?”

“Kiki, you know I can't.” Jack said immediately.

“Ok, I do not really care. I am just asking if you want to, never said you had to. Just so you know I am, will not be here all day because of my decision.”

“I wish I could, but I can't miss the morning classes, how about I meet you at lunch? I'll ditch the rest of the day then.” Nick asked me gently.

“Ok.” I whispered, turning to Niall I asked “What about you? What is your plan?”

He laughed “I'm with you, you're my best friend Kiki.”

Nick and Jack looked like they wanted to say something, but didn't. I think guys may be telepathic or something because Niall nodded his head and smiled.

Surprising even myself, I let out a laugh. That caught their attention so I quickly explained my thought. They looked at me like I was ridiculous. “Ya, ya I get it I am ridiculous. But hey at least I am not ri-dick-useless like Cam, well actually that is what he is going to be.”

The guys shook their heads at me and laughed. Jack and Nick said bye and left. Leaving me and Niall alone. We stood there in a comfortable silence as the last of the students headed inside to class. I was thinking about how already this morning I had had like several mood swings. Sad to angry to happy to...oh you get the point. Either way my mood ended up where it began, sad. Niall, being the most awesome person ever, understood that I needed the nice silence. He also seemed to understand me, which was a nice change.

Not long after I decided that I should brake the silence “Where did you want to go? We cannot stay here, we will get caught and be made to go to class.”

“It doesn't matter to me, you choose. You're the reason I'm here.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means I'm here because you need someone who's here for you, and I am. Don't get me wrong you're really strong but I want you to know I'm here for you.”

“Ya I know, I have always known you would be there, here for me. You would not mind if we went and hung out at my place would you? I want Luna around and obviously having her out on the streets with us is a definite no. People in this town freak out much too easily. No matter how many times I try and tell them she is harmless, they just will not listen.”

“I don't mind, Luna's nice.” I looked at Niall, the same guy that once admitted to being afraid of Luna. “Ok so she freaks me out a bit, but I noticed a couple things in the past and today.”

“Oh and they are?” I challenged

“Well one thing is when you're sad or upset you always think, worry or want to be with Luna. Another is you like the silence and you have to be the one to break it or you get angry. Which brings me to a third point, you get angry a lot more easily when upset or sad. You get all expressionless, unless you use acting to create expressions and lastly you don't use conjunctions.”

“I do so.”

“Name one you've used since Cam walked away with Jessa.”

“Umm well, there is ahh, I do not know quit challenging me.” I say exasperated

“See, even in that sentence you never used one.”

“Oh please that does not mean a thing, I can use one if I wish.”

“Then say you don't wish to use one.”

“I do no wish to use a conjunction. Happy? I used one?”

“No you didn't you said 'I do not wish to use a conjunction.' see you can't use them.”

“Whatever. It will pass, it has to.” I say with a wave of my hand.

Niall just smiles “Are we one our way to your house, milady?”

I smirk, already feeling much better because of his goofiness “But of course, my lord.”

He grabs my hand does the kiss thing and then leads me to the road. On the walk to my house my mood changed drastically. Niall was always able to make me smile, whether I wanted it or not. I knew the house would be empty, mom had to work today, which is why I was surprised to walk through the front door and hear music playing. Niall gave me a questioning look, which I returned. The house is supposed to be empty, mom was working, Toby was at school, and I'm supposed to be at school too. Don't even ask about the thing that is mine and Toby's father, it walked out on us shortly after Toby was born. Turns out he was having an affair, it started when I was five apparently.

Niall and I tiptoed up the stairs, in search of the mysterious person we were in here with. The music was coming from Toby's room, which was more than a bit confusing. I know mom leaves after I get on the bus and before he gets on his but my little brother has never skipped school before. I reached for the door handle but a giggle stopped me. It was a girl's giggle, and it didn't come from me. I looked at Niall who was trying to cover up his smile, something tells me that he has done something similar at my brother's age. Toby is fourteen, so grade nine, but we go to different high schools. I go to the one in walking distance and he goes to the one on the other side of the town. Don't ask me why he chose to go to a different high school than me, I don't even know.

I grab the door handle and twist, the door swings open easily at my small shove. The moment the door opens the two kids on the bed jump apart. I have to stifle a laugh at their reaction, it's just so funny. However the laugh immediately dies the moment I see who the girl is. The resemblance is so uncanny, the soft blonde curls that spill over the shoulders, the light blue of the eyes, the toothpick thin body, everything about her resembles Jessa.

“Oh hi Kiki.” she says shyly “I guess you know we're back in town.”

“Ya. What are you doing her Leanna?”

“I came to see Toby?”

“Who should be in school, not home in his room with some girl.”

“Kiki, she's not some girl.” Toby stated

My eyes found their intertwined fingers, a sceptical look passed over my face. “That does not mean you should not be in school. I can already see she is a bad influence on you, just like her sister I am sure. The Bodelle's are nothing but a family of rich snobs now.” I say

“I see you've had a run in with my sister.” Leanna states. “But please she is the only one of us like that. And Toby and I are more than friends, he's my boyfriend.”

“You and your sister are back for a day and already have moved in on my friends and family.” I laugh bitterly.

“Actually Toby and I have been dating for a while now. When we moved to Paris we kept in touch and as of last month we became official. I never wanted to lose contact with him nor did I want to lose our friendship. And as we continued talking and years passed my feelings for him changed, and I guess his did too.” she smiled.

Shocked that Leanna had kept in touch with Toby when her older sister didn't stay in touch with her supposed best friend, I stood there. I seen just how happy the two were and it was obvious that they had kept in touch. I had no way of contacting Jessa because she had never gave me her email when we were friends. And yet somehow my little brother and Leanna had found a way to keep in touch, even though they were only in grade three at the time? It didn't make sense, but then again our families were weird and had made us email account that we weren't allowed to use until fourth grade. I guess Leanna had gotten to tell Toby she was moving so mom and dad gave her his email.

“Leanna?” I asked tentatively


“I know this was years ago, but before you guys moved how long did you and Jessa know you had till you moved?” I need to know.

“Oh that's easy mom and dad told us two weeks prior. As soon as I found out I told Toby and I'm sure Jessa told you right?”

“No. She didn't even say goodbye. She was at school one day and gone the next, she never came back. I didn't find out you guys moved until that weekend. I emailed her for weeks but never got a reply.” I said honestly

“I remember her saying she was making a new account because her other one was full of junk anyways, I never knew she didn't keep in touch and didn't even tell you anything. I guess she was changing even before we left, we just missed it.”

“I guess so.” I said. “Toby, you should still be in school today, just saying.”

“Shouldn't you Kiki?” he asked


“What do you mean? Why are you home anyways?”

“Hey Kiki, I think Luna's hungry.” I heard Niall call, but apparently I wasn't the only one to hear him.

“Kiki, you're not here alone are you? Who is it?”

“Toby, don't worry about it.”

“Kiki, I'm going to your room. I'll be waiting, milady.”

Toby coughed. “I did not need to hear that.”

“Idiot, it's Niall. He's a friend, and only a friend.”

“He's saying things like milady and that he's waiting.” Toby pointed out.

“Ya because he knows I'm dealing with you and doesn't want to witness it, he's a good guy like that. As for the milady, it's a joke. I do that with all my friends.”


“Kiki I thought you'd be happy to be at school today. I've heard from Toby that your friends with Cam, Jessa's boyfriend and that you have a boyfriend too.” Leanna said

“Raymond is my ex and I think you mean Cam is her possession, not boyfriend.”

“What?” she and Toby asked

“I broke up with Raymond today and Jessa has forbade Cam to associate with me. Jessa appears to hate me now, she thinks I'm emo or scene. I don't think she even knows what they are, and even if I was I see nothing wrong with them. They are great people in my opinion.”

“Oh.” Leanna said

“Why'd you break up with Raymond Kiki?” Toby asked

“He cheated on me. And he's a creep.”

“Huh.” the kids looks of confusion made me giggle a little

“He proposed to me today, even after I broke up with him and confronted him about Emelie. Now if you two don't mind I must go rescue Niall from a hungry Luna.” I laughed at Niall's pathetic yelps.

They laughed with me and I left them. Walking the sort distance to my room. I didn't see Niall but I guessed he was in the closet. I mean that is where the yelps are coming from and Luna is just outside it, the doors are closed. I walked up and grabbed little Luna, doing the whole little playful growly thing with her, like you'd do with a dog. She turned over onto her back and let me rub her small soft tummy. She's just like your ordinary dog, she just has a meaner side and sharper teeth and claws. But she is my baby girl and I love her to death and pieces!

“You can come out of the closet now Niall. Who would've thought, Niall did I get things mixed up earlier when I called Cam gay? Is it really you who's gay? Why didn't you tell me I'm your best friend, right?” I teased Niall.

“Oh shut up. I'm not gay and you know it.”

“Oh do I? How do I know that, you've never tried anything on me before. You are totally a closet gay! By the gods I'm so happy! We gotta go get you a guy and you guys will have a steamy make-out session right here.”

Niall raised an eyebrow at me in shock “You're into that?”

“Umm...” I trailed off, what? I've never had to admit it before and it's not something the guys know about me.

“You do!” he accused “And you didn't tell me.”

I smiled sheepishly “I- I do...not like it.”

“Uh-huh.” He caught my pause didn't he? I thought as he continued “That was really convincing. I'm sure you like it.”

“I-I do...not like it.” I repeated.

“Uh-huh.” He repeated with a raised eyebrow

“Alright, alright I do! But can you blame me? It's so fucking hot, especially when it's a full-blown hot and steamy make-out! It's just so fucking hot!”

“Oh great, you some weird gay fan girl. I bet you've dreamed about guy on guy action.”

“Pfftt nooo.” I lied convincingly, I think.

“You have! What is wrong with you, Kiki?”

“What? It's hot! And plus it ain't no different from you fantasizing about girl on girl action.” I huffed

“That so is different!” He protested.

“How so?” this time it was my turn to raise an eyebrow

“Because it is. Watching girl on girl action is like eating a fresh baked cookie and a hot fudge sundae, so pleasurable and just amazing.”

“And guy on guy action ain't? Is that what you're saying?”

“Ah basically ya. Guy on guy is gross.”

“You've gotta be kidding me!?” I shrieked “I would totally watch them get it on. Hell I'd be pleased if three guys did.”

“You'd watch a gay threesome?” he asked sceptically

“Ah duh! But just so we're clear they don't all have to be gay they could be bi or something like that. The only thing that matters is that they're all guys.” I admitted

“I can't believe my best friend is into that.”

“You obviously haven't seen my yaoi collection.” I said simply

“What?” he asked generally confused now, just as expected

“You know those boxes I never let you near?”

“Ya they're your manga.”

“Ya well some are yaoi, which is guy on guy manga.”

“Oh ahh... oh gods.”

“You're acting like it's porn or something.” I said annoyed.

“Isn't it basically?”

“No! They are good reads, romance. It's just not the romance norms to most people. And hey I, unlike you and the rest of the guys, can actually honestly say I don't own any porn.”

“Where do you get that idea? And wh-where'd Luna go?” he asked nervously.

Niall's such an idiot sometimes, I stopped rubbing her tummy long ago and she was now walking and rubbing up against Niall affectionately, like a cat. He didn't notice until I started laughing. Curses to befall on my damn laughing! He noticed her because of my laughing. Luna is such an adorable pup, even the guys think so but are still afraid of her. The cowards, the lot of them. Niall looked down, and may the gods forbid, curse me and strike me dead, I swear I saw a small smile play on his lips.

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