Could've Had Me!

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 06, 2013




Chapter 4

“Did I just see Niall smile at Luna? By the gods it's a miracle!” I shout

“! I did not. She's something different though. How come she's never this adorable when we're all here?”

“She is, you guys are just too busy being scared of her sharp and life-threatening claws and teeth.” I mimicked using a high, whiny voice.

“We have never sounded like that. What the hell, where did that come from?” he laughed.

“Well you guys are practically acting like annoying girls. Thereby I can use a a whiny high-pitched girl voice.”

Niall turned his head ever so slightly to gaze at Luna and I saw yet another smile cross his face. It was so adorable! He is the first to get over the fact that she's a wolf and not harmful. Plus looking at two things, that can be classified as my favourite people actually getting along is so adorably cute!

“So I'm a favourite person and adorably cute?” Niall asked cockily

“What? Oh hell no! You're just a good person. Where do you get the idea that your one of my favourites and adorably cute anyway?”

“Because you just said that I was.”

“To hell's heaven!”

“You know it's not my fault you can't control your out-loud thinking.”

“I want...” I continued after a brief pause “Fuck you!”

“Now Kiki I love you, but only as a friend. And being friends with benefits is not something I want to be with you.”

“Niall.” I said sweetly

“Y-yes?” he asked unsure.

“I have a secret, come here.” I whispered in a serious tone.

He leaned in close, my lips to his ear. I had to resist the urge to laugh, what? Can you blame me? He's falling for this trick, which is so old by the way even though he's supposed to be smart he's overly stupid. He's patiently waiting for me to continue telling him my secret. I take a deep breath, to make it seem oh so important.

“Fuck you!” I shout in his ear.

A satisfied grin crosses my face as he winces in pain. He should know better that when I say 'fuck you!' I don't mean it literally. He's my best friend and knows just about everything there is to know about me. I don't know why I'm closest with him. I always find myself asking how it happened. I can't help but think it's odd how I managed to acquire such a great best friend in Niall but the other guys just as close friends. I can't suppress the bubble of laughter that build in my chest, catching Niall's attention.

He looks at me with a confused expression, which in turn causes for more laughter. I can't help it he's confused but nothing happened. What am I supposed to do? Be a normal person and ask what? I think not! If I was normal I wouldn't have a pet wolf nor would I really basically only have guy friends. Ok so I may be easily amused but I wouldn't be me otherwise and I wouldn't enjoy life either. I pride myself on the fact that I can enjoy life.

Niall smiles and shakes his head at me. Now I'm confused. “What?”

“I don't know why I'm closest with him. I always find myself asking how it happened. I can't help but think it's odd how I managed to acquire such a great best friend in Niall but the other guys just as close friends.” he mimics me.

“Awww shit! Somebody fuck me to hell where I will stay for all of eternity. My flesh blistering, bubbling and falling off leaving me as a huge pile of smouldering flesh and charred bones.”

“Kiki? I guess I'd be able to live with myself if I knew I was the reason you got to your designated destination for the rest of your life. Come here and we can start.”

“Huh?” I stupidly asked

Sighing Niall made his way over, stopping just before me. My face against his chest while he hugged me. My mind stopped raging, for once in my life. I don't know how long I let Niall stand there hugging me before I did the stupidest thing I had ever done. I leaned back so I could look at his face, the grey eyes staring back. That wasn't the stupid part no that came a bit after, after my eyes landed on his soft-looking lips. They looked so soft and inviting. Here comes the stupidest thing I ever did. It was weird how one moment I was looking at those lips and the next I found myself kissing them.

Niall didn't respond at all. Ok that's a slight lie, he tried to push me away but I held on to him tight. I may not look like I could keep the strong boy from getting away but let me tell you I did. I pushed my body against his, trying to get as close to him as I could. He wasn't responding and it was starting to piss me off. I shoved him away, breaking the kiss until I had him where I wanted him. I had him on the bed. When I shoved him he had fallen onto it, taking advantage of his shock I crawled onto him.

Now straddling him I went for his lips again. He turned his head away mumbling something under his breath. Grabbing his chin I forced him to look at me. His eyes showed nothing, no fear or lust just nothing. I went for the kiss this time he didn't move so I smiled against his lips. I licked his bottom lip in an attempt to get him to open his mouth. He refused but I didn't stop. I wasn't giving up until I got what I wanted from him, which was a kiss. It wasn't until I heard the snap sound of a camera that I stopped.

“I thought you said he was only a friend and nothing more Kiki.” Toby said from my doorway.

“H-he is.” I stammered as I jumped to the floor.

“Not what this picture tells me.” he said waving his phone in the air.

“Let me see that!”


“Please? I promise not to delete it.” I gave him puppy dog eyes.

“Fine.” Toby never could resist my puppy eyes but don't ask why. Not even he knows the answer so it's better not to ask.

He hands me his phone and I curiously look at the picture. You can tell it's me and I'm kissing a guy but you can't tell who they are. This gave me an excellent idea. Looking at Niall I smiled apologetically and gave him a 'I need to tell you something after' look. He nodded his head. I quickly sent the picture to myself before handing Toby his phone back. He gave me a quizzical look which I just shrugged off and pushed him from my room so I could close the door.

After I was sure he was gone I sighed in relief, completely forgetting that I wasn't alone. Niall cleared his throat in a way that told me if I didn't explain myself I'm dead. I hastily turned my attention to him, smiling apologetically again. “Niall listen I'm sorry. I have no idea what came over me but I just went with it. I'm glad Toby took that picture though, for two reasons.”

“Two reasons, really? I'm intrigued please do tell.”

I laughed “One: it stopped me from raping your lips. And two: it gave me an idea.”

“You weren't raping my lips.”

“No? Then what was I doing?”

“Kissing passionately.” he suggested.

“Nope it was me raping your lips.”

“No it wasn't, it was a kiss.” he said stubbornly.

“Fine it was a kiss that you weren't enjoying.”

He opened his mouth to say something but shut it immediately and opened it again. It almost caused me to laugh again. His mouth, which was very soft and warm by the way, resembled that of a fish. You know the fish that just can't keep their mouths closed, similar to a certain someone who couldn't keep her favourite 'keys' out of her 'lock'? Ya well that's kinda like the flopping of his mouth, but it was a lot cuter, dangerously close to a bit sexy. What? It would be sexy if he was using it on a guy. Or me. My mind said but I ignored it.

“What are you a fish? Shut your mouth, unless you want something to fly in there and eat you.”

“What? Kiki I swear you make no sense at times.” Niall said.

“Isn't that why you love me?” I teased.

“Actually I like y-” he stopped mid-sentence.

Now I stood there like a fish. I was shocked, he may not have finished the sentence but I know he was about to admit something to me before he caught himself. Luckily before either of us could say a thing the doorbell sounded through the house. I yelled and ran out of my room. “I'll get it!”

Toby, who was already on his way to the door smiled at me in a challenging way. “Don't you fucking dare touch that door. If you do you'll regret it for the rest of your life because I'll cut off your penis, chop it into tiny little pieces throw it in a stew with blood, carrots, eyeballs and broccoli and I will force you to eat it, with open eyes and no complaints.” I threatened.

“Sheesh, talk about overkill. Carrots and broccoli are bad enough as normal food but did you really have to add in blood and eyeballs? You know how queasy even just the thought of blood and eye injuries can get me. And my dick being cut up and thrown in a stew? Ouch! Overkill and ouch is all I have to say.”

“Then shut the hell up already and set away from the goddamn stairs so you are out of my way. And then you don't have to worry because I will make that stew if I must.”

He moved, lucky for him because I was dead serious. I was in no mood to deal with him, being told by your best friend that they like you can set you a bit over the edge. Or at least it can for me because I'm nowhere near normal. Sure I though he was attractive with his blonde hair, grey eyes, short-yet-tall build and humorous personality but that didn't mean I wanted to date him. A friends with benefits with him would be cool but no; if he actually liked!

What am I thinking? Niall's my friend and just because we had that moment doesn't matter. I thought to myself while pulling open the door. To my shock it was Nick, He did say he would skip after lunch but the first class wasn't even over yet. Smirking at him I teased “Couldn't stay away from me, could you?”

“You know it, baby.” he winked.

When our gazes met we both burst into laughter. My moment with Niall now forgotten due to the humour that enlightened me the moment Nick showed up. “Are you going to let me in or are you gonna make me stay here all day?” he asked breaking off our laugh-attack thingy.

“Hmm tempting...but seriously what did you do? You said you weren't coming til after lunch.”

“Oh I get it, I interrupted something between you and Niall. I'll come back when you're done.” he teased me.

“Oh get in here.” I grabbed his arm and dragged him in then yelled “It's Nick!”

Niall looked over the railing. “Hey man what are you doing here early?”

“By the gods, I really must have interrupted something between you two. Would you guys quit asking.”

“When you quit avoiding the topic.” I said, a challenging look in my eyes no doubt.

“I got up and left.” he said simply.

Niall and I laughed, Nick had to be lying right. They wouldn't let him leave in the middle of class like that. Not unless the school is stupider than I thought. Giving Nick a pointed look I asked “What did you really do?”

“Fine. I was sent to the principals office for lightly hitting some nerd.”

“And let me guess you never made it to the office.”

Though Niall didn't phrase it as a question Nick answered “Well I might have taken a slight detour.”

“All the way to my house I see.” I said.

He looked at me with a grin “Well it is a detour.”

“Ya I'm sure they'll be glad to here that you slight detour took you all the way to a friends place, twenty or so minutes in the wrong way!”

“Kiki you shouldn't be talking you're skipping out today, at least I went to my class.” He said in mock sternness.

“Oh shut up! Can you really blame me? I seen Jessa and lost Cam all in the sum of what ten minutes?”

“You aren't the only one that lost Cam.” Nick pointed out.

“Aww basically I am. She forbade him of seeing me not you guys, remember?”

“We all no he ain't going to see us because we're always with you as a group.”

“But he can still invite you to grab pizza and stuff. He can't with me.”

“Well we won't go. And by the way what did you do to Jessa to deserve her hate?”

“Nothing, absolutely fuck all nothing. That makes sense!” I said quickly

“And back at school how did you know Jessa?”

“She never said goodbye.” I said, holding back tears.

“When? And how did you know her, it's really confusing me.”

“She and I were best friends once upon a time, she moved. She didn't tell me she was moving nor did she say goodbye.”

“Kiki, I'm really sorry about that by the way.” Leanna's voice said from where Niall had been.

Wait! When did Niall move to be here?

“Kiki you really are oblivious, aren't you?” Niall asked

“Ummm.” was all I said

“Wait who's that little girl?” Cam asked suddenly

“I'm Leanna.” she said simply.

“Ok that tells me nothing.”

“She's my girlfriend.” Toby piped up.

Niall was still asking me how oblivious I could be and I was trying to listen to the other conversations but I couldn't. Suddenly I burst “Shut the hell up, everyone!”

“Kiki calm down. You have more than one conversation all the time, what's wrong this time?”

“I- I don't know.” I said to Niall.

They were all staring at me and I didn't blame them. Normally I could keep up with practically fifty conversation going on all at once. I would blame being tired but Niall and Nick would know I was lying. They would see it in my eyes or hear it in my voice, they were basically the only people who could tell when I was lying. They were also both staring at me with concerned expressions which I tried to shrug off, not trusting my voice.

“I'm sorry guys.” I said quietly before clearing my throat. “Nick this is Leanna, she's Toby's girlfriend...and Jessa's little sister. Leanna this is Nick, one of the most awesome friends I have.”

“Hey!” Niall protested. “I thought I was.”

“You both are.” I said “Did you not catch that I said he is one of them?”

“Ya, ya whatever. I'm still adorably cute.”

Nick gave me a 'what the fuck' look and I shrugged as Niall smiled cockily. “Ya that's right, Kiki thinks I'm adorably cute.”

“Niall you're an idiot. Nick you agree right?”

“You called him adorably cute? Why?”



“He smiled at Luna and it was adorably cute.”

“Wait, he smiled at Luna? The same Luna that wants to eat us all?” Nick asked fear entering his eyes.

“Aww that's cute.” I cooed “Nick is afraid of a little pup.”

“She's not a pup Kiki, she's a vicious wolf.”

I pout “She is not! Ask Niall.”

“Oh, Niall had a change of heart did he? I wonder why.” Nick said and did a weird guy language thing again.

Frustrated I threw my arms in the air. “Stop it! It's not fair I don't understand your telepathic communication. Is it a guy thing? Or wait is it a gay thing? Oh yes I have guy friends! Make out, right now!” I squealed.

They both turned glares on me. What? It's not my fault I want gay friends that will make out in front of me. Or is it? I personally think not! Sighing I said “Fine, I get it you're not gay.”

They both looked at me with twin expressions of slight anger, slight amusement. It was kinda funny, I almost laughed. Lucky for me I didn't if I had I would have been dead before you could say the most complicated word known to mankind, but I don't know it so...

Leanna couldn't quite hold back her laughter though. “You really want them to make out don't you?”

“Umm nooo.” I said unconvincingly.

“Ya I'm sure.”

“Ok so I do but I'm not going to admit that in front of them.” After realizing I was in front of them I let an 'oops' slide.

“Kiki?” They both looked at me.

I shook my head, biting my bottom lip to be sure I didn't ask what. I know if I asked I'd regret it. They turned back to each other and whispered things I couldn't hear. Nodding their heads at each other they looked at me again. “Kiki?”

I shook my head as they stepped forward. Next thing I knew I was being tickled. I kicked and screamed at them, but no they couldn't quit torturing me. My stupid amazing friends are so mean to me. They know I'm extremely ticklish and that when tickled I giggle like a maniac. Not to mention I sometimes make random noises.

I swear they are going to kill me. I can barely think as they attack my sides. My sides are the most ticklish part of my body. Someone can just poke my side and I'll yip or make some incoherent sound, at least I think that's what I mean. I don't know for sure because I can't think properly with all this tickling. My sides are going to be hurt by the end of this, all because they are not going to stop and I'm going to laugh until my sides ache. They so owe me a smoothie or ice cream for this! 

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