Could've Had Me!

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Chapter 5

Just as I thought, my sides ache because of all my laughing. Nick and Niall are so mean. They better be getting me something good for making me go through that. I mean seriously who does that? Who tortures their ticklish friend? Like ya I get I'm easily made fun of for my shortness, childishness and ticklishness but that doesn't mean they can be so mean!

“Ok that's enough. We're going to kill her...and ourselves.” Niall said...after like twenty minutes of tickling me!!

“You're right, so what have you guys been up to anyways?”

I smiled “I'm not telling, you just about killed me.”

“Oh c'mon Kiki. It's only because we love you.”

“Still not spilling anything.” I replied. What I'm stubborn.

“Niall you tell me.”

“No way, Kiki will kill me.”

“Oh and why is that? Kiki don't tell me you decided to have fun with Niall already.”

“We did nothing!” I said calmly.

“Then tell me.” Nick whined


“I'll buy you a milkshake.”

I hesitated. I like milkshakes and ice cream and smoothies. “No.”

“Hmm what about a smoothie?”


“What will it take?”

“I already said that nothing happened and besides you and Niall both oh me something.”

“What? How did I get dragged into this?” Niall's shocked gaze met my determined one

“You and Nick tried to tickle me to death.”

“Ok so we owe you a smoothie, milkshake and ice cream, deal?” He asked putting his hand out.

Grasping one of his hands and one of Nick's I slyly added while shaking “And you two have to do me one other favour deal?”

“Fine we already shook on it. What do we have to do?” Nick asked, Niall nodding beside him.

“You both agree? No backing out?”

They looked at each other sending twin 'What's the worst she could do?' looks. They nodded their heads obediently. I smirked “You and you,” I pointed at each of them “Have to make out!”

They looked at me, none too happily I might add. They glared at me? Poor little defenceless me? I'm hurt that they would be so mean to me. (please note my sarcasm). I looked them in the eye, not about to back down. They agreed, you'd think a person would want to know what they're agreeing to before they agree but not my boys. No they are much too smart to be smart.

I quirked an eyebrow “Not going to do it? Going back on your words are we, men? Hmm that might be wrong men don't go back on their word.”

“Kiki.” Niall pleaded with puppy dog eyes. And Nick well he just looked confused and a teensy bit betrayed.

“Guys.” I whined “Can you please just do this one thing for me?”

I'm really interested to see if they're going to go through with it. I hope they do but I have a feeling they won't. But if I keep my puppy eyes and ppout up a bit longer they might just sink. Oh c'mon guys. It's not that hard just pretend it's me or some other girl. I yelled in my mind.

Both their heads whipped towards me, meeting my eye with both quizzical and challenging looks. Then the most amazing thing happened!

They looked at me one more time before grabbing the others face. And oh god! I can't describe how hot they looked. Ya they literally did. They started making out!! I'm sure I let out an extremely girlie shriek but c'mon it was hot. I could hear Leanna and Toby coughing before their retreating footsteps could be heard.

After a bit, like two seconds (insert extremely sad face here) they let go and stepped away from each other. I ran towards Nick and wrapped my arms around his neck before jumping up and wrapping my legs around him too. Once again I have no idea what came over me but I couldn't stop it. I leaned in and kissed him. Not on the cheek but the lips.

He just like Niall earlier tried pushing me off but I wouldn't budge. After a minute or so of attempting to make out with him I pulled away sighing. “That was so hot. Thank you so much.” I jumped down and added “Both of you. Thank you to both of you.”

“Umm.” Niall said

“What you want her to make out with you too?” Nick asked a bit cockily

“That happened earlier.”

“What?” Nick turned to me, as I surprised him with that comment.

“C'mon let's go get my smoothie, milkshake and ice cream!” I said heading for the door.


“What is it Nick?” I asked annoyed now. All I want is my god damn smoothie, milkshake and ice cream!

“You do realize you have kissed three different guys today in the span of oh I don't know an hour and a half to two hours?”

“Ya so. It was fun and it's not like any of you responded, I just raped your mouths.” I said flippantly.

“You can't do that Kiki...wait Niall didn't respond?”

“Dude.” Niall said in a warning tone

Ignoring them both, sort of, I said “If the two of you are not going to get me the rest of our deal you have to make out again.”

The looks of horror that crossed their faces was slightly disappointing. Ok I lied it was disappointing, I swear they enjoyed their steamy make out session at least a little bit. The reason they pulled away from each other is because they know the way gays are treated at our school. Or I guess hoping they turned out gay was just wishful thinking on my part...

I only know of one kid at school who is gay and they're treated really badly. It makes me sick and I do everything I can to fight for the kid. He's sweet but for some reason he doesn't like me. I don't get it I stand up for him and he doesn't even say thanks. He doesn't even look at me. Who does that? I risked my reputation to help the kid and he doesn't even care? Ya it was the day I stood up for him that I was first called a slut. People thought I was trying to get him to sleep with me or something.

Anyways the kid has never spoken to me since that day. I still try to stick up for him even though it has ruined me. People in school never used to hate me, they may not have been my best friends but they liked me more than now. And if they didn't they'd tolerate me at least. Now things are different I'm the slut who was going out with Raymond to try and save my rep. I'm a prostitute who works the corner. I'm the girl in with the guys because I'm their personal whore. Ya that's only some of the nicer things they say about me.

“I think Kiki is thinking about that day again.” Nick whispered to Niall, obviously thinking I couldn't hear him.

“When does she ever stop thinking about it?” Niall replied

“Do you think she regrets it?”

“I'm not sure, she might.”

“She thinks her friends should stop talking about her or they can make out again for her pleasure.” I said

“She heard us.” Niall said

“No shit Niall baby.” I purred.

“Ha dude she has the ears of a bat. It's a bit freaky. Do you think it's because of her love of guy on guy action?” Nick asked

“Kiki thinks Nick is ridiculous. Kiki can still hear him. And my hearing is good because I'm a fucking spy!” I shout with sarcastic excitement, if that even makes sense to anyone other than myself.

They kinda shrugged it all off. Becoming deathly silent as we got outside. If only I had a car. I think to myself. The mall which I hate but also love is by the school Toby goes to, the other side of town. I turn to face the two boys behind me and with sad tired eyes I'm sure, I say “And no...I don't regret it.”

“Kiki?” they asked gently

“Just leave it guys.” I say sadly before turning back to my perky self. I lift my arms and spread them wide as I yell to the sky dramatically “Alas, my time of smoothie, milkshake and ice cream is nae a comin'. Such sad times, oh great and powerful gods save me from my hell. Give me a car to drive to get my prizes.”

The guys started to laugh, I don't know if they thought it was funny or if they were just laughing at me but I don't care. It lighted their moods, I hated talking about that day. Not because my rep was ruined but because it was the also the day I met Raymond. He was sweet and caring back then, not the snob and cheating bastard he is now. He was actually once a part of our group, surprising I know. That was before his family got rich.

It's always the same. I lose a friend when they get rich. Is being friends with someone that's not rich so bad? Do we have diseases or something? The moment a person gets close to me they get rich. I started dating Raymond a couple months back, even though he left the group in grade nine. Why did I do such a horrid thing? Because I seen the guy I knew and had kinda crushed on, I thought he was changing back. I was wrong.

I don't want to lose anyone anymore, the pain is too much. I don't know for how much longer I'll be able to take. Jessa when I was little, Raymond years ago and just recently and of course Cam today. Three people not such a big deal but there's dad and soon mom. Mom's not dying but she is changing. She's only going to work so she can get money for her new found love. This morning was the first time she wasn't high on whatever drug she was taking this week. My family I've lost them too. They all either don't want me around because they believe the rumours they hear about me or don't even know me. And of course the one person I keep a secret from everyone. No one knew her, her family didn't even care when it happened. But that secret is one I'm hoping to take to the grave. No one will ever find out about her.

“Kiki?” Niall called me.


“Your prayer has been answered.”

“W-what?” I said fully coming out of my mind now.

“Nick didn't get here so quick by walking. He drove.”

“Wait what? He was on the bus this morn...” I trailed off coming to a sudden realization “Wait why was he on the bus?”

“He spent the night at my house.”

“Oh.” My eyes started sparkling as I thought of *cough* all the things they could've been doing. “Nick why did you spent the night at Niall's? You live right next to the school.”

“I'm not stupid Kiki.” he pointed “And we were working on a project.

Yes a secretly we are gay project, nicknamed swag! I thought to myself. If you are going to ask about Nick's car don't bother, I can't tell you a thing about it. Well unless you count the colour, which is a wicked-ass purple. Nick hates it, but I love it! Like come on who would hate a dark beautiful purple like that car. He plans on saving up for a new car and giving me the purple one, since I can drive.

Niall lets out a frustrated sigh “Ki how many times do we have to tell you we're not gay. And yes you thought out loud again.”

“You could've fooled me with how steamy that make out session was back in there.” I threw a thumb in the house's direction.

Both boys sighed “What are we gonna do with her?”

“Make her happy by either making out or getting her her fucking amazingly awesome prizes.”

“Prizes?” Nick asked with a raised eyebrow

“Ya my smoothie, milkshake and ice cream. Oh and by the way since you both agreed you both owe me one. Which makes two of each for me, but not today. You guys decide who's paying today and then tomorrow at lunch the other buys.” I added as the mischievous little devil I am.

“You're buying today!” they both shouted.

They glared at each other and I laughed. So I laugh easily, why don't you sue me? Nick angrily, on;y because of the new detail I threw in I think, tossed “You kissed her first it's only fair you pay first.”

“Fine but Ki?”


“Tomorrow buy the most expensive stuff today be nice because you love me?”

“Hmm, that's tough I love you both. I'll get the exact same tomorrow as I do today.”

“Fine.” the two huffed.

Knowing Nick leaves his keys in the ignition I skipped and yelled “I'm driving!”

I heard Nick's 'aww shit' and Niall's 'you really have to stop leaving the keys in there dude' over my laughter. For some reason they hated when I drove. I don't get it; I follow the speed limit, set in my head, I drive very carefully, or what I consider careful, and I'm charming. Don't think charm is anything important? Well let me tell you it is, even when I'm the passenger I can talk my way out of tickets. Ya I talk for the driver when I'm the passenger and thanks to me the guys have never gotten any tickets while I was in the car.

They love me! So as promised I got my vanilla milkshake, lemonade smoothie thingy and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Ya my faves. I will not get any other milkshake it has got to be vanilla. All other milkshakes taste like shit! Smoothies are really one of two strawberry banana or a lemonadeish one. As for ice cream, I like a bunch of different ones so let us not make a list that will take like a billion years to make.

After all of that stuff we left the mall. See I love the mall for my food and drinks but clothes and accessories? Forget about that shit! I only go when I need to and even the I hate shopping. Shopping sucks and not the kind I'd like. Now I don't mean I like sucking anything but hey you never know til you try right? Yes I'm still a virgin, in more ways then one. The most I've done with a guy is heavily make out and/or turn them on then leave. Ya I can be a bitch like that but their reactions are just so funny.

Anyways we went back to my place the three of us and had a mind-blowing threesome...

Ok obviously I'm kidding geez take a joke. But we did go back to my place and did nothing but watch movies and play games. And no not the dirty games you are thinking, we played video games. Oh I somehow managed to find this one game that was a karaoke one and despite protesting, on mine and Niall's and Nick's behalves, we played. Ya Leanna somehow got us all to agree to play. And I have to admit Leanna is nothing like her bitch of a sister Jessa. I'm proud of my brother for finding a sweet girl like Leanna to call his girlfriend.

But if you ever tell him I said that I will murder you! Throw your blood, eyes, chopped intestines, heart, liver and kidneys in a pot and make a nice stew which I will then feed to all your loved ones and they will die. You better love me and never tell my brother I'm proud of him or this is exactly what will happen. I love you! 

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