Could've Had Me!

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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just a quick note before the chapter: sorry it took a bit and i know my chapters are really crappy, this one especially, and im sorry bout that. i love you my beautiful/handsome crazy readers!! (yes youre crazy, youre reading this so you must be)

Chapter 6

So in case you are wondering I've decided I won't kill you, you're oh so very welcome. Anyways as I have said the guys, Leanna, Toby and I ended up playing a karaoke game and that was actually surprisingly fun. Yes I did just say that, but can you blame me when a 'good family' game turns into a war? Ya we decided to make it a competition, divided into teams and everything too. Basically the teams were unfair because obviously it was Nick, Niall, Leanna, Toby and I, well they were sort of. See Leanna and Toby were a team and me and Niall were, Nick was just the one bouncing between the teams.

We thought it only fair because Nick had gotten there last, and the guys would not have Leanna and I on the same team. So we sang our asses off and failed at singing completely but we still managed to turn a nice game into a war, there was yelling, tackling, tickling (grrr), and shoving to try and make the others mess up. Ya I might have accidentally drew Nick's blood at one point, so totally not my fault I have claws. Oh there was a bit of biting too. It was funny when mom got home she walked in, looked at the kids biting, scratching, etc. and just grabbed a glass of something before heading to her room.

Niall, Nick and Leanna ended up spending the night despite it being a school night. For the guys and I it was normal but we were all shocked when Leanna was able to stay. I guess her parents really trust her to spend the night at her boyfriend's without doing anything stupid. Anyways Leanna ended up crashing in my room, Nick on the couch in the living room and only this morning did I find where Niall crashed. You will not believe the stupidity of this kid.

So I get up because believe it or not I'm the responsible one this morning and I wake Leanna to tell her to get up and get ready. I was going to then proceed with going to get Toby and the guys up when low and behold I open my door and see a stupid boy sleeping in front of it on the rug. Of course being the nice friend I am I wake him, possibly by kicking him not hard but not lightly either in the ribs. He grunts and paws at his face sleepily and it's so freaking adorable I can't stop the 'Aww.” from escaping.

“Mmphmm.” he mumbles

“Aww c'mon Niall. Wakey, wakey it's time to get up.” He attempts to swat my legs but misses before pawing at his eyes again. “Aww, so cute.”

“Oh shut up!” he grumbles more awake now

“How was your sleep?” I smirked “Have a good dream bout me, babe?”

“Yup, you know it baby.”

“Well as nice as it is to see your adorable sleepy face, move the hell outta my way!”

He rolls to the side a bit. Frustrated I bend down and grab his shoulders. I roughly shake him and threaten “Get up or I'll throw you down the stairs! And that's my nice option for you.”

He opens his eyes immediately in surprise and jumps up. “I'm up!”

“Good boy, now go get Nick up. My brother is nasty to get up in the morning, I swear he wants to murder me.” I say cheerily.

Niall laughs sleepily and rushes down the stairs to get Nick up. Walking to my brother room I knock as if warning him of my presence. How stupid can you be Kiki? The kid is asleep and the gods know he's not going to wake up without a fight. The gods also know that mom won't wake him because she doesn't have to work today. Kiki you are so lucky you actually woke up on time today. A full house of kids to get ready for school, on a Tuesday too! At least it ain't a Monday.”

It took forever to get everyone up and moving, in the end I only had like five minutes to get ready. Thankfully I can deal with that and I have no reason for choosing a specific outfit today. I pull on a pair or ripped skinnies and plaid shirt, which I tie above my stomach. Grabbing my black converse I rush down the stairs to the kitchen where everyone is eating.

“Snap, snap Nick and Niall!” I scold as I grab the granola bar Toby's holding foe me.

They get out of their chairs, as if they're slugs. They are so fucking slow and because of it I'm going to miss the bus. All of a sudden the guys burst into laughter. What the fuck? We're going to miss the bus! More laughter and I realize I spoke out loud again. Hand on the hip and in the most preppy voice I can muster I glare and whine. “Guuuys we are so like totally going to be late. I can not believe you want to make me walk to school in these shoes. Do you have any idea how much they cost? Now hurry up or I will forbid you to ever talk to me again.”

We all met each others gazes and all three of us started laughing. “Never... do... that again.” Nick managed.

“Oh shugh up!” I said in a prep voice while flipping my hair over my shoulder.

“Ok you can but only when we need to laugh.” Niall said.

“My god you two. You guys have to be the slowest on this planet. Now hurry up.” once again I could not resist the use of my prep voice.

“Ki, as hilarious as this is cut it out.” Niall said

“And Kiki are you forgetting we have my car?” Nick added

“Oh ya.” I said no longer 'prep Kiki' “Stupid me, I forgot.”

“You're not stupid.” the guys said simultaneously

“Sure, you keep telling yourselves that and maybe one day it will be true.”

“Kiki.” they grumbled

I chose to ignore them as I sat down and put my sneakers on. There is no way in hell I'm not putting these on before leaving, with my luck I'd leave before doing so. Sitting on the floor I ended up zoning out, halfway done with my shoes. It wasn't until someone picked me up that I came out of it. Not only was there a bunch on my mind but I suddenly felt really tired, so I snuggled closer to whose eve chest it was. I heard the room do a little 'Aww' but I could care less right now.

“Maybe we should put her back to bed?” I heard someone suggest

“But she already missed yesterday.”

“You think that will stop her from skipping a class today?”

“Hmm, maybe you're right.”

“Mmm no.” I said right before drifting off.

* * *

I woke up in my bed, confused as hell and life itself. I swear I got up this morning to get ready for school. Shaking my head I got up and noticed I was fully clothed in school clothes. “What the hell? I, I don't get it!” I yelled about to pull my hair in frustration before my door opened.

“You're up?”

“No I'm a magical unicorn sent here to fuck with your mind, Niall!” I said.

“Ya you're up.”

“I'm going downstairs.” I said, pushing him out of my way.

The house was deathly silent. Was there not a house full of teenagers here like a few minutes ago? I heard someone chuckling, I turned to find myself face to face with my best friend. “Let me guess I was thinking out loud again?”

“No, not at all.” He answered. “Was there not a house full of teenagers here like a few minutes ago? To answer that Miss Shino, no that would be over an hour ago.”

I hit his chest playfully and muttered “Jerk.”

“C'mon have some breakfast, and no not a granola bar. You need to eat more Ki.”

“I do not! I eat plenty, I swear on... um... my brush?” I questioned.

“Ki, how much did you eat yesterday?” he asked gently, with a slight chuckle I might add.

“Umm well.” I tried to recall. “A granola bar, my smoothie, milkshake, ice cream and I can't remember what else.”

“That's because you didn't eat anything else. You wouldn't eat lunch when Nick and I bought fries and stuff. And last night when we ordered the pizza you didn't touch it. Kiki why don't you each much?”

His tone was so serious and gentle I was shocked. “Umm I... I don't really know. I don't get hungry a lot. But hey you know I eat a bunch!”

“Only sometimes, ok most times. Yet lately you haven't ate much.”

“I hadn't noticed. How did you?”

“I'm not the only one who has. Nick noticed too.”

“Well that's because umm because I hang with you oafs so much. I forget about eating when I'm with you guys because we have a blast together.”

“Yet Nick and I eat all the time and try to get you to eat as well.” He said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh fuck off, just quit with the interrogation already would you?”

“Fine, for now.”

“Hey Niall?”I said grabbing the cereal from the cupboard to make him happy.


“Do you think Jack's been acting strange lately?”

“A bit, but it's only because he's caught between the whole 'hang with Cam or Kiki' thing.”

“No, I mean even before that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well...oh never mind I'm sure I'm just imagining things.”

“Kiki, are you seriously shutting me out right now?”

“No. Why would you say such a thing?”

“Because you ask a random question and then play it off as nothing.”

“Well ya but that's because it is nothing.” I lied.

The truth is that Jack and I hadn't really been getting along the past couple of weeks. Jack and I were never as close to me as Niall, Nick and Cam but he was a close friend still. But over the past couple weeks he's been a frosty with me. Saying mean things and such, of course it wasn't so much around the rest of the group. With the exception of the few things he said yesterday but the guys would easily pin that on the whole Jessa situation.

Jack had been at my throat last week for nothing. Just randomly saying my dad made the right choice of leaving me and that it was no wonder my mom was a drunk and drug-addict. He was being so cold and it almost seemed as if he hated me. Like he has for a while but was tolerating me until he couldn't take it any more. Maybe he never did like me and he's just been putting an act together for the rest of the guys.

Either way I did not want to talk about it with any of the guys. I'm too scared to, I mean Jack is like a brother to them and I would be accusing him of play-acting. The guys would surely take his side over mine. It's only logical they had been bros forever and I was just the girl that they adopted because they felt bad for her. Ya I am close with Nick and Niall but they're close with Jack and have known him longer. Or maybe I'm just over-reacting to Jack's frostiness, he could have been having a bad day. Ok a bad few weeks, totally believable right?

Maybe not so much. Anyways I sat at the table eating my cereal under the steady gaze of Niall. If he wasn't my best friend I'd be creeped out. I lowered one arm to rest on my stomach, Niall looked at me questionably but I just snapped my fingers. Luna came running from wherever she had been hiding. I pushed my chair out a bit and let her leap onto my lap, Niall rolled his eyes at me. I 'accidentally' tipped my bowl off the table.

“Aw shit, Luna clean that up.” I said

“You did that on purpose.” Niall accused.

“I did not! It was a complete accident!”

“I'll believe that when heaven turns to hell and the angels decide they want demons as partners; creating little angel-demons or demon-angels.”

“Well then I guess that has happened because it was one. Ask Luna, it was her fault I hit the bowl.”

“She's not the one that called her onto your lap.”

“So she still jumped up and I had to wrap my arms around her; thereby knocking my bowl to the floor.” I justified

“You are hopeless.”

“And yet you love me.” I stated “And if I'm not mistaking you dream about me too!”

“You wish.” he answered “In your dreams Ki.”

“No sorry you're not in mine.” I teased “Unless of course I'm remembering how hot that kiss shared between you and Nick was.”

“Can we please forget about that?”

“No way! That is the best memory I possess. If only you guys would turn gay because of that.” I sighed.

“Kiki.” He whined

“I'm telling you the way you guys made out was so fucking hot! It looked natural too, and not awkward. And believe me when I say because of the hotness of the kiss I wanted to jump you guys.”

Niall coughed awkwardly at my meaning. I smiled at him “What? You can take the heat from Nick's kiss but you can't take my teasing? By the gods, it's because you're gay!”

“Kiki, how many times do the guys and I have to tell you we are not gay.”

“Well boo.” I said with a pout “Why can't you be? I would love you guys so much more. Not to say I don't love you guys so much now but...”

“You really are hopeless. Now feed Luna her food, get yourself another bowl of cereal and don't kill it this time. After that's all done it will be off to school and you will be a normal girl for the rest of the day.

I snorted. Me and normal in the same sentence? I don't think so those words are on completely opposite sides of the alphabet, not literally but you essentially get what I mean.

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