Could've Had Me!

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 17, 2013




Chapter 7

Niall made me get another bowl of cereal and watched me eat it. I guess he was afraid I was going to dump this one too. After careful observation he decided that I was going to be fine and made his way to the washroom. Yes he announced that to me. So I'm sitting at the table wishing I could feed the rest of this shit to Luna but I can't because Niall will be back in a matter of seconds.

Speak of the devil and he shall arise! I think as Niall walks back into the kitchen. He kind of chuckles so I have to ask “What? Did I think out loud again?”


“Then what's so funny?”

“Kiki, did you realize you were glaring at the bowl of cereal?”

“I am not and was not.” I protest immediately

“You were.”

“Was not.” I grumble crossing my arms over my chest and pout.

“Aww, Ki why do you gotta be so adorable?”

“I am anything but adorable. I can kick your ass in a matter of seconds.”

“Ya ya I know.”

“Then quit your damn teasing.”

“No way Ki. We all know that you can beat us but will never follow through with the threat because you love us so much.”

“Ya but just cause I love you does not mean I will hesitate to beat the shit outta you.”

“That's my doll.”

“Whatever Niall. I'm ready to go.”

“You haven't finished your breakfast.”

“Yes I have, and if you don't think so well I'll feed you to Luna.”

He put his hands up in surrender as I walked closer to him. I giggled and brushed against his arm, winked and then left through the door. It was a few moments later that Niall chased me, I think he was confused and angry with me so naturally I took off down the street. Like the lunatics we are Niall and I chased each other in down and into the middle of the road.

When we finally made it to school we more than likely looked like maniacs and crazy hyenas. We were laughing that bad, not even out of breath from our sprint here. Apparently I slept in and took forever so that by the time we got here it was lunch, the best thing is that there are so many students to witness our weirdness. And imagine my luck, the two people I don't get along with most noticed first.

“Wow. I heard she was quite the little whore but I didn't expect her to be with so many guys in such a little amount of time.”

“I told you Emelie, I knew her when we were younger and she was a bad kid then. It obviously only got worse as she got older.” Jessa's voice rang out.

Both girls started laughing in that annoying 'we are so much better' way that drives a person to insane. Their laughter just irritated me, I wanted to punch them. I walked up to them, smirking. “Well if it isn't Emelie and Jessa the bitch queens, it's such an honour to be recognized by you both.” I had to add the curtsy, there was just no way to not.

“You don't have to hate us for calling it the way it is. I can't believe that this was what happened to you after I left. Mind you it isn't that hard to believe you did talk an awful lot about doing nasty things with boys in grade five before I left. Ever since we were taught at the beginning of grade five about sex and stuff you couldn't shut up about wanting to experience it yourself.” Jessa said

“Oh I see Jessa, you think I'm some sort of slut. But look at the girl beside you, in the last month she's been with what ten, fifteen different guys? Emelie, if I'm a slut what are you? A mega-slut?”

“Please it's all lies. No one can prove it unlike with you.” Emelie said with a toss of her hair

“Right because Austin, Rory, Henry, Pattrik, and oh you know my ex Raymond aren't proof of it. They were all within the last week and a half was it?”

“Ya but she wasn't with three different guys in the last twenty-four hours was she? No, didn't think so. You on the other hand have. First it was Raymond, then the new Justin hottie, and now this guy.”

“Fist off nothing happened between me and any of them and second I don't give a fuck to what you think you know.”

“Really? You kissed Raymond all the time, probably slept with him too, yesterday you kiss the new guy and disappear the rest of the day as did he, obviously you took him someplace to fuck him, and now here you are with some other guy. Showing up for school late with a guy means one thing that-”

“He's my friend and I slept in.” I cut Jessa off.

“No, that you two fucked this morning instead of coming to school.”

“Ha. Oh Jessa my dear, you are so unbelievably...hmm nicely put, stupid. You think you're right and are the perfect little detective and yet you forget I knew you a long time ago and I know your secret.”

“What do you mean? I have no need for secrets and these people all know it.”

“Hmm if you say so, but don't forget what happened that summer.”

Without giving her a chance to reply I walked away. I knew exactly where to go, our spot. By that I mean mine and the guys' just so we're clear. I knew they'd be there because that's always been where we hang out. What I did not know however was that Cam would be there due to the forbidding his little girlfriend decided to place on him. Still I walked towards them, Cam can decide if he's going to stay or not, if he's going to obey or not.

“Hey guys.” I said

“Hey sleeping cutie.” Nick said teasingly

“Oh shut up, I was tired. It's not my fault either; it's all yours and Niall's.”

“What? Ki-” Cam stopped suddenly. His gaze was locked on something over my shoulder.

I was curious so I looked, but soon wished I hadn't. The bitch queens were there. That explains Cam's sudden stop. He wants to talk to me but he won't if Jessa or her puppet are around. “I see, you can talk to me when she ain't looking or around. Go wouldn't want to keep that mermaid waiting.”

“Kiki-” Cam caught my little meaning behind 'mermaid' (that they are beautiful but evil creatures.)

“Don't. Just swim back over to your mermaid, you'll choose her over everything after all right?”

With one last sad look in my direction he took off running. I could hear Jessa's angry voice from across the front yard. She was asking Cam why he was even in remotely the same area as me. Her annoying shrill voice shattering the yard's calmness, and of course adding fuel to my already raging anger. Who the hell is she to tell Cam that? Sure they're together but I still can't believe it. He chose her over his friend, guess he isn't quite who I believed him to be.

“I'm surprised he doesn't stand up to her, had it been anyone else he would have.” Justin's voice is close to me.

Turning my head I almost collide with Justin. “Mother of all fuckers, give me a heart attack why don't you.”

He just chuckles at me. Soon enough the others join in too. Jack tries to speak through his laughter but can't. It looks like he's going to say something that will either upset or anger me further so I flip him off. I turn towards Nick and glare at him, which he just smiles at. I can't help but crack a smile too. “Nicky!” I yell and run at him.

He easily catches me when I jump. He smiles at me “Kiki!” he says with just as much excitement. “Been a while hasn't it?”

“Much too long.” I giggle when he tickles me. “Nick stop. Nickolas I said stop!”

“Kiki you know I hate it when you call me by that.”

“But Nicky it's your real name.” I pout.

“Well if you can call me by my real name I'll call you by yours, deal?”

“You wouldn't.”

He smirked “Kikianna.”

I swat at his chest “Don't call me that.”

“Don't call me Nickolas then.”

“Fine. And why did you leave me at home?”

“You fell asleep in Niall's arms Kiki, we weren't going to wake you up just to have you fall asleep in class.”

“You fell asleep in Niall's arms? What were you two doing?” Justin cut in

“Nothing!” I shrieked “He and nick were at my house last night and I had the job of waking them plus two other kids up this morning.”

“I thought you only had one brother.”

“I do. His girlfriend ended up staying too. That reminds me Toby's dating Leanna Bodelle.”

“Wait is this kid related to Jessa?”Justin asked

“Yup, sisters they are.” I answer

“And you're ok with that?”

“Ya, Leanna is a good kid, besides they've sort of had a thing for a while apparently. It's kinda cute. They skipped yesterday too.”

“So you had a party without me?”

“Aww Justin I'm sorry. But not much happened at that 'party'. The best part of the day wa-ahhh” I started to say but was interrupted by a falling.

I fell on my ass, hard. I think Nick disn't just drop me but put someadded force to the 'fall'. I think I let out a small strangled noise due to the pain. I can't believe he did that to me. Ok maybe I can, I was going to say the best part was that he and Niall shared a steamy kiss. I think just as Justin asks me if I'm ok.

“I'm fine.” I say. I just sit there legs spread out in front of me with my arms between them looking through my lashes at Nick. I guess you could say I was innocent looking at this time. “Why'd you drop me?”

“ getting heavy?” He asked more than stated.

“So I'm fat?”

“No, it's just I'm...”

“Weak.” I finished


I beamed up at him “Nicky?”


“Pick me up, I was comfy.”

“Fine.” He said and then picked me up and I wrapped my arms and legs around him again.

“I see you're wasting no time finding another guy to add to your long list. But do please leave the school before doing anything, we don't want to watch a slut and one of her boy toys get at it.”

“Jessa, what a pleasant surprise to see what both shit and a real slut look like all rolled into one., or in better words you.”

“You have a lot of nerve.” Jessa said

“Oh really? Why's that? Please do enlighten me, I'm a stupid emo/scene slut after all.”

“You are an insignificant little bitch. I'm so glad that my family is not connected to yours in any way, shape, or form.” She huffed

I laughed “You don't know, do you? This is fantastic.”

“What are you going on about Kiki?”

“Mmm nothing.”

“Kiki just tell her.” Cam said

“Oh Cam you actually spoke to me even though she's here? Wow you do have a back bone?” I said. And I feel bad for it too, he didn't deserve it.

He just looked at me sadly. And of course Jessa's new bestie had to butt in. “You make Jessa sound like some controlling freak maniac thing.”

“Ah Emelie, following her around like the bitch you are I see. So how's life wuth Raymond now that you're not trying to ruin a relationship? Or did you just forget about him because it's no fun to play with something that has nothing to hide you from?”

“Fuck you.” She said

“Babe forget about her, she's nothing.” Raymond appeared out of no where, snaking his arm around her waist.

“I see you're pretending to be happy with her. Your new girlfriend I presume?” He nodded. “So does she know that just yesterday you were proposing to me? Saying you wanted me and loved me?”

His eyes turned to daggers when I said that. “Emelie she's a liar don't believe her. She does it all for attention. She has a pet wolf, which gives her attention, she makes big scenes to get more attention, she creates a web of lies for even more attention, she's just an attention seeking whore, babe.” He said placing kisses on her neck.

“I think I'm going to be sick.”

“Shut up, the lot of you. Kiki is going to tell me what she meant when she said I didn't know. So what did I not know?”

“I already told you it's nothing.”

“Bullshit. Now tell me before I...get Cam to beat your ass.”

I snorted at this, even Cam was trying to hide his laughter. We both knew he wouldn't win. It's not that he's weak it's just that I'm strong and I use claws and teeth like a natural cat. We used to joke that I was a neko, you know a person with cat ears and tail? Ya well we used to joke that I was one of those.

“Why are you laughing, slut?”

“Oh Jessa, darling, you and I both know Cam wouldn't do such a thing. Even though you forbade him of speaking to me he's still my friend, and I'm still his. He wouldn't hurt a friend.”

“He's not your friend!” she shrieked in such a high-pitched shriek that it hurt.

“Fine but even if he would try he wouldn't win. Cam knows it himself, I have cat-like reflexes and I use every known move to win fights. I kick, punch, scratch, bite, I use it all and Cam though he's strong can't take it.”

“He can and he will if you don't tell me what the hell you know that I don't!”

“A round of applause ladies and gents, the great high and mighty Jessa Bodelle just admitted she does not know everything.” I say in a circus announcer voice.

“I said tell me, you little bitch.”

She lunged at me but Cam caught her. Holding her there in front of him he chanced a glance at me and cracked a smile. I knew that his smile meant that even though we weren't to talk he would never let ssomeone even lay a finger on me. Even if I could easily handle them he wouldn't let them touch me.

“Cam what are you doing?”

“Not letting you touch her.”


“I mean not letting her touch you, you wouldn't want to catch some slut disease do you?” even though I know he didn't mean it his words still hurt.

“You're right I don't want to take the chance.”

“You really do want to know don't you?”

“Obviously, insignificant bitchy slut.” she muttered

“Leanna is dating Toby, my brother.” 

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