The String of Moonlit Tragedies

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Friends, enemies, wolves, powers, elements, and other magical or mythical beings. Add some blood, hidden pasts, and lies, don't forget a little bit of confusion and fighting, and what do you get? You get Mariea's string of moonlit tragedies. It's summer in her hometown of Treenasie when seventeen year old Mariea Flower gets her life changed. This rich girls life seemed perfect but then her best friend has to move. Throw a party in her honor and have a few more surprises added to you're life Mariea. Hmm what will happen to her perfect life? Read to find out. I know it doesn't all that good but I'm not good at these description things. And also at first it doesn't seem fantasy-like.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The String of Moonlit Tragedies

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



Chapter one

A seventeen year old girl was flipping through a magazine as she sat on her bed. She would be starting grade ten in a month and a half, in her town you didn’t start school until you were six or so. She was excited to begin school, she would get to be with her friends more often, she didn’t see them all that much during the summer. Ya there was the parties and get-togethers, but no time to really talk. Although she was excited, she wasn't sure she wanted to go back because of an unfortunate turn in events, or what she thought was one. Her best friend Serena was moving from their small town of Treenasie to somewhere different. Serena’s family was moving to New York in the World of Wonders, as the two friends liked to call it. Although she had many friends she felt that Serena Clare was her only best friend. She knew that going back to school without her best friend would be hard. It was going to be difficult to find someone to be as close to her as Serena, she also knew that no one could ever replace her best friend. No matter what they offered or what they were like, they would never replace Serena.

She thought most people wanted to be her friend for a few simple facts, ones that involve her and her family. The first that came to mind was to become popular. That always seemed to pop into her head because after people became popular from being her friend they would no longer speak to her, she sometimes wished she weren’t popular. Life might be easier if she wasn’t. The second was because her family was rich, which is why she couldn’t be anything but popular. People seemed to believe if they were friends with her she would give them money to spend or would take them shopping, something she barely like doing herself. Yes she loved her clothes and all but she hated hanging out at the mall, to her shopping wasn’t a treat. It was something her family did often so it didn’t matter. Third was they wanted to go in her family’s mansion, it was one of the best furnished places in Treenasie. People always asked to go to her house, have parties there, and tried to be there all the time. It got really annoying and Mariea just didn’t understand what all of the hype was about, it is only a house after all. The fourth that came to mind was her clothes. Her closets were full of brand name clothes, she didn’t care if her clothes were brand name or not but others did. In her opinion brand names were there just to separate the rich from the poor and it wasn’t right. She didn’t care about the brands but she cared about what she wore, if that makes sense.

Mariea, a short, green eyed girl with waist length natural black hair, reached for her room phone. She decided she would call Serena and ask if she wanted to go to the beach, as they only had a few days left to be together. They both weren’t looking forward to Serena’s leaving but they had no control over it. Mariea had already asked if Serena could stay with her family, but Serena’s family said no. Serena’s family still said no when Mariea promised that the two girls would not have parties or go to any and they would even sleep on opposite sides of the house. Mariea felt as if her life was shattering, how was a girl supposed to make it through school without her best friend?

She dialled Serena's number. Serena picked up the phone a few seconds later with her usual cheery greeting "Hello, hello, hello!"

"Hey Serena, I…just wonderin' if you wanted to come to the beach with me…if not it‘s ok." Mariea said.

"I can't right now, I have to finish packing. I can go in about an hour or so…if thats ok?" Serena asked.

"Oh, ok, Ill find my stuff, then Ill get a lunch ready for us and then Ill clean my room, go on the computer or both. Maybe Ill-"

"Mariea, stop the longer we're on the phone the longer it will take me to pack and anyways you'll find something to do! You always do, but promise me one thing, no boys! we can get my brother to drive us to the beach since you left your car at your beach house. Sound good?" Serena interrupted.

"Hey I wouldn’t invite a boy over just to pass the time! And what if we go to the beach house instead? Oh...and I'm sorry for babbling on and on. Bye, see you soon!"

"It's ok and thats a great idea, Mariea! But you and I both know you would invite some guy over. But whatever, bye." Serena hung up before Mariea could protest.

“I would not invite a guy over just to pass the time!” Mariea said to the dead line. “What makes her think I would? Oh well, she’s my best friend and we don’t have much time left. She’ll be leaving me all alone this year. And my car!!”

Mariea had almost forgotten that her car was at the beach house. It seemed like it had been years since she had driven it but it had only been a couple of days, a week at the most. In Treenasie people got their licences at thirteen, the town likes to have happy people and getting licences early makes people happy. Mariea, for example, had been so happy when she got it, her parents had even bought her a car. She loved it so much that she was shocked when Serena reminded her of the car sitting at the beach house with no one to drive it. Her parents gave it to her as a birthday gift with one exception, she was not aloud to drive it to school until she was seventeen, which made her excited because she was finally aloud to drive her car to school.

Mariea looked around her room, it was only one of her six floors, but to her it was just an everyday thing, not extraordinary. She could not help but love how her house had an elevator to get to any room she needed, she didn’t think that spoiled either. The walls of this room, the one she slept in and called the main room, were a deep purple. The four-poster canopy bed was made from Wilk Drewno, also known as Wolf Wood, a dark glossy wood from the Idealny Drzewo, known as Perfect Tree. The covers, canopy and pillows were all different shades of purple and green. On the white bedside table there were two phones, one for her room the other her cell phone. She had a Holographic Komórka, meaning Holographic Cell, the phone was like most others it could take pictures, videos, receive texts, calls, and all the normal stuff.

What made it unique was that it was able to do those things ordinarily or show them as holographs. Another unique trait was that you could pick outfits using the fun clothes app. Looking at clothes on the phone allowed the user to have them in seconds as long as they paid either by trading or with money. Not many kids had these special high-tech phones, they weren’t ever coming out, so no one Mariea knew had one. Mariea had had it only because her mother was friends with the creator, and he had decided that people wouldn’t like this phone. Mariea didn’t even know where it was created, the only thing she knew was that she loved it.

She decided she should look for her beach stuff, not using the Holographic Komórka, she enjoyed looking for the clothes without using it. "I think I’ll check the closet in here.” When she did not find any of her beach stuff, she looked in some drawers and found her red bikini, the one she thought she got rid of when she could not find it two months ago, only a few days after she had bought it. She had bought it on her Caribbean cruise and only worn it once. Now the bathing suit didn’t appeal to her.

"I don't want to wear this old thing! I don't even want it anymore. It is so two months ago, I wouldn’t want to look stupid. Anyways red is not a fabulous colour, not this month for me. I'll give it to Serena as a moving away gift, thats if she'll take the outdated thing." She joked.

Mariea laughed at the thought of her friend’s words, "I won't take this, it's yours!", she would get it or at least tell her what to do with it. Serena would probably tell her to donate it to charity, sell it in a yard sale, or something.

"I guess I'll go check a different closet."

Mariea walked gracefully over to the elevator, leaving both phones on the table. She got in the large mirrored elevator a button. The elevator started moving up, she didn’t bother sitting down on the comfy red leather seats after all she knew it would be of no use. The ride was short. When it did stop she got out and walked to the room across the hall. It was where she kept her blue and purple bathing suits, she had different rooms for the yellow and red ones, the greens and oranges, all the colours imaginable. The rooms were painted to match the colours of the bathing suits so she would not forget what room the bathing suit was in, she remembered by the room’s colours.

"Now I have to make a decision on what bathing suit to wear." She said aggravated.

She looked through the blues and purples, before deciding on one. The bikini she decided on was Safire blue with very thin straps and black buckles attached the front and back pieces of the bottoms. The buckles were small, round, and very, very reflective. When they were held up to the light just right they looked as if they had mixed cut sapphires hidden within. Only because the black had little specks of blue.

"Now, here's a cute bikini. The colour is fabulous and so is the design, the colour and design are so this year!” she said to herself. “Now I have to go make lunch for me and Serena. I dont want us to eat the food at the beach house, it's better to have some of the stuff here, our cupboards are overflowing. Although I know the beach house keepers keep the food fresh at the beach house, we could use a snack for the ride there."

She went back to the elevator and pressed another button. The one she pressed would take her to the family kitchen. She knew that her family would be in there, it seemed like the only place they liked to be on a Friday in the summer. Knowing her family would not like it if she were not smiling at them she put on a fake smile. The one she had been fooling them all with for years. Not one of them had figured out it was a fake.

"Hey mom, dad…” she paused and rolled her eyes at her siblings. “Troy, Anna. I'm going to the beach house with Serena, so I'm packing a light snack for the way there. We'll be there the rest of the day...probably."

"Yes we know, dear. Tell Serena that we'll miss her and her family and we'll have to get together over the break or next summer."

"How did you know? Troy were you listening to my convo' with Serena, again?" Mariea asked angrily.

Troy wined "I had to, I needed to know! I needed to know what and where you were talking about. Then I would call Max and we would've got his brother to follow you two, and I knew he would say yes because he wants to tell Serena something. Max and I were gonna' spy on you guys. Now I can't, thanks a lot Mariea."

"Your welcome! That's what you get, you know, for listening to other peoples convo's."

Their mom interrupted, "Stop, both of you. Mariea you can go to the beach house, Troy you are coming with me. Anna and I are shopping, for school supplies and I‘ll take you to the Gamez Shop."

"Ok," Mariea said as she grabbed a armful of snacks and drinks, she sorted through what she wanted to take, and put back the extra unhealthy snacks. "Sounds good to me."

Troy said "I'll go shopping with you as long as I can get that new game I want, Big Bad Builder, BBB! You have to promise me, promise?"

"I promise to buy you that game, Troy. I don’t know why I have to make that promise since I told you I would take you to that game store you love. Go get ready please." Their mother promised.

Troy ran to his room as Mariea decided on apple juice and granola bars from the healthy stuff she had not put back. When she looked at the clock she realized an hour had passed by already. Did I really spend that much time choosing a bathing suit? She looked out the window, to see her drive pulling into her driveway. She ran outside and by the time she got out there they were just pulling to a stop. She walked up to the car and hopped in through the open door.

"Hey Serena how are you? Thanks for the ride Jack."

"No prob, this is your and Serena's last day together , I think. I don't know and I don’t want to waste your time. And anyways I’m heading out that way, if I weren’t I wouldn’t be driving you anywhere."

They kept chattering all the way to the beach house. Serena's brother dropped them off, and left as soon as the car door was shut. I wonder where he’s going that he’s in such a rush? Mariea thought. When they saw the calm, gentle waves lapping at the shore, the beautiful blues all mixed together, it made the two girls feel like they would be together for the whole summer at the Flower beach house even though they knew that it could not be, Serena's brother was picking her up at eleven that night. The Flower's beach house felt like a second home for them, even though they could not stay there with each other forever. They especially felt this way when the water was calm and sparkling, as it was that day. The water seemed to say that worries and problems will disappear with one small swim.

It was a hot day so they wasted no time getting into the water. As soon as they were in they felt refreshed and that the day would last forever. They started splashing each other and giggles escaped from their mouths. Their giggles were loud enough to be heard on the beach next to theirs and on the walking trails, the ones that connected the two beaches.

On the trail closest to the Flower's beach there was a boy that looked about the same age as the girls, sitting on a rock. He watched the girls splashing each other with water, he was new in town and was feeling like a stalker at that precise moment. He was tall, blond haired, blue eyed, funny, and a good listener, when he felt like it. He could be considered sexy and possibly a player. Of course he won’t tell anyone how much of a player he is. He had gone on a walk to think about how lonely his summer was going to be, you know with no fuck buddies in the area. Then he heard giggles and the splashing of water, he stopped and looked for the cause of such happiness and noise. Then he saw them, two girls, one short the other tall. They tiered of swimming and got out of the water, he thought he should continue his walk, but could not bring himself to get off the rock and leave the beautiful girls behind. His brain started to form plans on how he could get them to fall, into his bed, for him.

"That was fun! You know what we should do now, Mariea?" he heard the tall girl say.

"No, Serena, what should we do?" asked the other girl, Mariea.

"We should throw a party, we could have a bonfire and we could invite our other friends. It would be like a party to celebrate making it into the last year of high school and I guess a going away party for me."

"That sounds great. The beach house has lots of food, a party stereo, and I have the hottest, newest music too! And if we need more food I can go get it now!"

"Yay! We are going to have the best party ever! I can't wait for it to start!"

" Let's go get changed, we can talk 'bout the party while we are! It will have to be the best or we may be crowned as rich losers"

"Never! You have-" he could not hear the rest because their words were cut off because they were in the house. He sat there for about twenty minutes and imagined himself going to that party. He wanted to meet new people, have a great time and find someone to take home with him. He was evaluating how good the girls would be when he was suddenly tapped on the shoulder. His eyes flew open and he saw who had tapped him, it was the short girl named Mariea.

"Hey girls. Sorry if I am in your way, I sat down wanting to know where those two beauties from the water went. And well as you can see I closed my eyes for a moment to think more clearly. And what should happen when I open my eyes? I am staring at the two beauties I seen and so badly want to get their numbers now." he managed to say with the sexiest grin the girls had ever seen, a grin he has perfected since, oh who knew? He's been using it for as long as he could remember.

“Mariea Flower” she said blushing and sticking out her hand, but dropped it when he didn’t take it immediately “Dont worry you're not in my way. I’d love to give you my number and, I know this is weird, but my friend, Serena, and I would like to invite you to our party tonight. I know it’s such short notice, but would you like to come uh.."

"Connor, Connor Barrett, and of course I'll come I'm new in town and don’t know anyone, this would be a great way to meet people. Plus I wouldn’t miss the chance to get to know you, Mariea, and your friend, Serena. There is no way I could ever say no to two gorgeous girls like yourselves."

She gave an awkward smile and a giggle. "It starts at nine. See you later and here‘s my number." She said scribbling on a piece of paper.

"Ok. I'll be here, even if I have to sneak away, who would want to miss a party where there are two gorgeous babes?!"

"I know of one person that would miss a party. She just so happens to be my twin sister, Anna, ugh!" she said.

"Well I better get going, bye Mariea and Serena" he said, taking each of their hands and kissing it sweetly “it was really nice to meet you.” he practically purred.

"Bye Connor." both girls squealed.

"He was cute!" Serena told Mariea when Connor was out of earshot.

"I hope he can come to the party tonight! He is…" Mariea trailed off.

"Yah, I guess you won't be so lonely when I'm gone anymore. And why didn’t you agree with me?" she said with a twinkle in her eye “he's mine tonight."

"Serena you can't call dibs on someone! And I did agree, I just couldn’t find the right word. I probably mean something like sexy. And it doesn’t matter I have eyes for someone else." Mariea said laughing at her friend.

"Stop laughing at me! We have to go set up for the party and you have to tell me about this mystery man you have your gorgeous green eyes on." replied Serena.

“No! Anyways one of us better go buy more food, me or you?"

"You, I want to set up for the party! It has to be perfect and anyway you need to go and pick out your party outfit, then stop by my house to choose mine since your fashion sense is better." Serena pointed out jokingly.

"That is sooo true!" Mariea continued "luckily my car is here, I can drive it into town to pick the stuff up then I'll tell my parents not to wait for me to come home tonight because I'll spend the night here! See ‘ya." she yelled as she got into her yellow convertible, unaware of what type it really was. All she knew was that it was one of the most amazing cars ever.

A little over half an hour later she returned. Mariea held up two long strapless dresses, the same dress except one was green and the other blue, "The green is for you, the blue for me! Green and blue are the two best colours this year! Plus you lok way better in green then I do, you know with your blonde locks and ice blue eyes. The blue dress would just make your eyes blend, while they make mine Pop! Do you like them? The diff' colours make them look like different dresses."

"I won't wear the same dress as you, but yes I like them."

"With my fashion supplies in the beach house, I will make them so different you won't believe they were ever the same dress, it will look great and it will be fun! Please Seri"

Serena caved because of the old nickname trick. They set up for the party and then worked on the dresses. Mariea worked with lightning fast speed. By the time she was done her dress was short with layers, a silver chain, to hold the layers in place, not that anyone could tell, the layers were dark and light, they were dark near the top they got lighter as you got closer to the bottom. The green dress was still long but not as long as it had been, and it had skinny straps, the kind of dress Serena always liked but never had.

"Mariea they look wonderful! They don't even look like they were ever the same dress, they are...Wow!" Serena gushed.

"I know! I told you I could change them. Now I don't know about you but I'm not wearing shoes tonight, they'll just make my feet hurt after awhile because they will keep getting stuck in the sand, are you going to wear shoes? Not to cloud your opinion or anything, but wearing shoes at a beach party is something that is so not fabulous these days!"

"Why would I wear shoes, I love the feeling of sand between my toes and I dont want to be not fabulous at a marvellous party!"

They got straight to work redecorating the beach house, they didn’t like their earlier job. They put out the food and drinks onto tables, and got the music stereos set up. When they were done they thought the house looked amazing. It didn’t look like a little kid's birthday party, but like a night club. Almost like one of their favourite ones. Flashing lights, loud music, the food and drinks, the bar, at which Mariea's butler was going to be working, looked just like the things they seen at Flashing Gem, their fave club.

“I wonder if in one day you can become a professional party organizer , a designer, or, even, a interior-exterior designer.” Serena said when she looked around.

“Don’t be silly, Serena. We both no that I won’t become anything like that.”

“sure you could, you could be an actress on the side or have the other job on the side.” Serena negotiated.


“Why not?”

“Because without you I would not be able to plan parties, design clothes, or decorate houses.”

“Sure you could, I have faith in you.”

“I don’t care if you have faith in me or not! I will not be part of someone else’s business. Why would I want to?”

“I don’t know, because you enjoy all of that stuff. And anyways who says you have to join a business?”

“Well then I can’t do any one of those jobs. I say this because I will not join some business. And what can I do if I don’t want to join a business? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.”

“That ids not true.”

“Is so.”

“Nuh-uh. You can open your own business.”

“But I don’t know how to run one.” Mariea protested.

“That’s why you ask someone” she sarcastically added “Genius.”

“Hey! I can be a genius, I just choose not to be. And I guess I could open my own business, but I don’t think I will.”

“And just why not?”

“Because you won’t be here to share my success, if I succeed, with.”

“Sure I will. I will stay here if I must.”

“No, you have to go to the World of Wonders. I asked if you could stay with me but your fam said no.”

“No fucking way, I can’t believe them! I’m not going there, not if you’re here.”

“You have no choice in the matter, it is up to your parents.”

“I don’t care what they say, I’m staying. It would just be easier if they agreed I could stay.”

“Your going.”

“Nope, not unless you promise to save me from that world when you become famous.”

“Ok, I promise. Now come on we have a couple more things to finish.”

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