Chapter 1: The Picture

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It was late. About 2:30am to be exact. I was doing janitorial work in Kirkland Valley Hospital. Not a soul in sight as I was slowly making my way down the 3rd floor west corridor. Many times before, I’d sworn I’d heard noises, sometimes even people talking. This night was no different.

About halfway down the hall, there is adjoining hall that leads to a pair of elevators. On the walls of this adjoining hall were two photos. Both were on some type of metal, and had a picture of someone that I can only assume had some sort of significance to the hospital’s past.

The one on the left, a picture of a man named Franklin March, the right had a picture of James Smithton. Each picture had it’s share of fading, March’s picture having more than the other, which makes me believe that it was the older of the two. As I walked by, I could’ve sworn that I felt someone watching me. However, I had things to do, so I didn’t think much of it.

I walked right past the hall and made my way to a section of offices to get my work done. At about 4:00am, I was all finished with my duties and got my equipment back together. I returned back to the other end of the hall toward the elevators that I’d originally come from.

As I passed the aforementioned adjoining hall, I swear I heard my name. This caught my attention, and I turned toward the hall, half expecting a nurse to be needed my assistance with something. But there was no one there. I laughed it off and turned back toward my destination and began walking.

Then, I heard it again. This time it was much stronger. It was the deep voice of a man. I turned and looked down the hall again, but saw no one. However, something drew me to the picture of Mr. March. It appeared that his facial expression had changed. Originally a professional looking smile had become a look of anger.

I walked a little closer to better inspect the picture. That’s when it happened. Total darkness.


I awoke what seemed like only minutes later. I looked down at my watch, but it seemed to have died. I looked up and noticed that both pictures were gone from the wall. The tile on the floors was completely different, and the walls were now covered in white paint, rather than the green that I had come to know.

I climbed to my feet and looked around, but saw no one. I made my way down the hall to the elevator that I had used earlier in the night. I pressed the down button and the elevator opened seconds later. However, there was a stool in the corner with a little woman on it. “Floor number?” she asked me.

“Um, two please,” I responded. “Could you possibly tell me the time?”

She peered down at her watch, which looked like one of those old school ones that you’d fine at Walmart, or a pawn shop. “Four fifteen, dear,” the sweet lady responded.

“Thanks,” I said. The elevator reached the second floor and I took my equipment to the storage room in which it was kept. Everything looked different. The floor was complete cement instead of tile, the walls paint instead of the grainy wallpaper that I had come to know. I put my equipment away and closed the door to the storage room behind me.

I decided to take one last stroll up to the 3rd floor to see what exactly was going on. I got on the elevator with the old lady, asked for the third floor, and then felt the need to ask her the date.

She responded, “why my dear, it’s March eighteenth, nineteen hundred and thirty two.”

I stepped back in shock. “Nineteen thirty two?” I said. She nodded. We arrived at the third floor, I thanked her for her time and stepped back off. Now, it was time to find out exactly what the hell was going on.

Submitted: March 29, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Raymond J. All rights reserved.


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