The Saga

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 14, 2013



The chimeras were closing in. Then paused. They advanced slowly, unsure of what to do. At first they weren't scared-what could be so dangerous about a girl with a stick?-but then they saw the man behind her. Recognized him. Saw the look in his eyes. The chimeras hesitated, suspicious of the man, fearful even. Why is he here? Wasn't he dead?


  He turned, facing the girl. Pointed to her sword to indicate his intentions. The girl looked at him. For a moment he thought she would do as he wants, and hands over the sword. Then the girl shooked her head and managed a shaky smiled.


"No, sire. You had just woke up. You are in no condition to fight. I know of your reputation as the Kra Ragash, sire, but right now, you are weak. Pardon me for saying that, sire, but we both know its the tr-" she stopped short as he snatched the sword away.

"Sire! Please!"

He looked at her, wanting to speak but unable to. He stared into her eyes for a few seconds and saw that she really wanted him to live. More than that, her eyes shows that he had to live. They were practically screaming out for him to run. But in her eyes, he also saw something else. A glimmer of hope. Sure, the girl wanted him to live, but that does not mean she wants to die. He knew, and she also knew, that if he ran and left her, she wouldn't stand a chance against the chimeras.But if he stayed, she might have a chance of survival. If he was so strong, having the reputation of the Kra Ragash(whatever that means), could he not just protect a girl?

  Ignoring Eliza's cries, he turned to face the chimeras. He moved closer. Suprisingly, the chimeras, backed away. He continue to advanced. The chimeras backed away, making growling sounds, like they were talking. He stopped, waiting for them. Eventually, one of the chimera advanced to wards him, but stopped about not far away from his position. To his suprise, the chimera began to speak.


"Kioi khar dor mas, Kra Ragash?"

The chimera spoke with a low, growling voice.

He was shocked that he was able to understand the chimera's words. The chimera had asked,"What do you want, Kra Ragash?"

He remained silent, not only because he does not know how to answer the chimera, but also because his throat was so dry he could not speak.

The chimera repeated it's question.

He did not answer.

The chimera growled. "Tor uo."

That means "Very well". He became aware that the chimera plan to attack.

The chimera stood still for a few seconds, then leaped at him.

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