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This story portrays a crew of a 22nd century star ship on a maiden voyage testing their new vessel when they are attacked without provecation , leading to a strange series of events

Chapter 1 (v.1) - deepstar

Submitted: March 04, 2007

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Submitted: March 04, 2007



Chapter one, “Trial by fire”


From out of the cold dark void of space comes a leviathan of metal as cold as the space surrounding it and as black as the devil’s own heart. Silent and smooth in motion.

As it passes through the Praxis minor system the Praxis star illuminates the only visible writing that could identify its origin and purpose …DEEP STAR 1 the Alliances newest deep space star ship, bristling with the best technology and crew that the 22nd century had to offer the human race in its unending exploration of space and all that God has placed before them.



“ Captain … I have completed this mornings sensor sweeps of this system, nothing major to report”

“Huh! Not surprising” The captains tone spoke volume’s to the science officer.

“ Why Starfleet sends out to these already charted systems for these test runs remains the greatest mystery, don’t you agree? don’t you think that we should be taking this unknown ship to an unknown system to really test it .?”

The young officer froze. Not quite sure how to respond

“ Well sir ….I believe that…”

Captain Edward’s laughter cut him off.

“Relax lieutenant Grissom” He patronized “I may run a tight ship, but I like my crew to loosen up a bit, When the moment is right of course. sooner you learn that the better you will fit in and operate aboard my ship …ok?”

“Ok…. I mean ok Sir”

“Very well Lieutenant, you may return to your station, Son we have a long mission ahead of us”

“Yes Sir!” A slight grin on the Captain’s face told the young man all he needed to know about this man before him, and with a small grin of his own he turned to leave.

Just then the Turbo lift doors opened to reveal a powerfully built, dark haired man of somewhat middling years. Piercing green eyes stared out from a face set in granite; there were not many female hearts that did not flutter at the sight. Only an ugly scar running under his left eye detracted from his male beauty and what would have made him a true Adonis.

Captain Jonathan Edwards gave a slight nod of his head in acknowledgement of his first Officer in command; David Randall. Indeed this man with the cold stare was one of the greatest assets to his fleet, and any other. Quite possibly one of the finest Officers to graduate from fleet command officer training academy.

In less than fifteen years he became a fully-fledged Commander who unfortunately passed the opportunity to command his own ship and crew so that he could serve with the famous Captain Edward’s and his crew.

Edward’s smiled to himself, knowing he had a grand feather in his hat, for he too wanted to serve along side the son of the man who had on many an occasion saved his own life, now an Admiral in charge of Earth Defence command known simply as Terra 1.


“Quiet morning sir?”

“The way I like it number One, nice quiet mornings so I can at least enjoy my tea it’s the only thing that keeps me together in my old age…” Suddenly the ship rocked violently, throwing the bridge crew before the klaxon wailed into life.

“REPORT!!!” The Captain bellowed, before there was a flash of sudden activity as everyone regained their stations. Ensign Chung took his position at the Helm and began to stabilize the ship.

“Two Carathan war birds de-cloaking off our Port side Sir!”

“Shields up! Damage reports…Ensign, evasive action. Get us out of here!”

“Aye Sir, Captain…. They are charging their main weapons. Coming around for another pass!! Sir”


Edward’s sprang into action.



“Vent plasma from the main drive, take the main inertial dampeners offline, evacuate all none essential decks then cut power too those decks. Make us look sick …bring them in” Slowly the ship began to list and bleed into space, shutting down so as to resemble some giant creature’s life ebbing into the darkness of it’s own demise.


“Charge main weapons, load all torpedo bays …bridge to C.M.O…”

“ Yes captain” Came the well educated voice of Dr Linda Calavor. .. .

“Prepare for trouble”

“I knew that the moment I joined the fleet Sir.”

Another volley of hit’s rocked the ship just then, cutting off whatever else she would have said.


“Shield’s holding Sir”

“Reduce power to the shields”

“ Sir!!”

You heard the captains order …carry it out”

The first officers voice showed no fear or excitement ,no emotion at all .just the stern training that makes a fleet officer who & what he or she is , a pillar of strength for the crew that serves and respects them and a formidable advisory for any who foolishly engages them .

“yes sir lowering power to shields ” .


Randall approached the captains chair

“Big chance playing dead dog sir .. ?”

“If you wear that uniform then you must know chance is what we live for .”

Captain Edward’s smiled secretively.

“Target both ships primary power coils ..stand by to fire on my order”

“Aye captain, targeting both ships.”

Slowly the two predators stalked their quarry splitting up into two so they could flank their prey and kill in one strike …predators seldom show mercy or compassion to their prey … or their enemies .


“Targets in range sir… what are your orders sir?” Captain Edwards sat back in his chair

“Are you targeting their primary coils Ensign?”

“Yes captain …awaiting your order sir”

“Program torpedoes to detonate 500 meters of their hull …blind them then fire phasers and knock out those coils”

“Yes sir”

The Captains demeanour changed to one of utter concentration.


Four photon torpedoes were sent screaming from the aft torpedo bays, blazing a trail of fire and light towards the unsuspecting vessels. Two detonating 500 meters in front of each vessel, to late for them to react the shock of the blasts knocked them out of their flight paths and blinded their sensors for a moment …but that moment was fast fleeting for Edward’s .


“Fire phasers”

Two beams of multispectraled light came roaring from the ships main cannons hitting their targets with deadly speed and accuracy, targeting the engine room of both ships and destroying the coils and any chance of retaliation .


Ensign chung franticly checked his screens his eyes blazing left and right.

“Sir.. enemy ships disengaging, primary coils have been destroyed They have just gone to full impulse, we’re clear sir no other vessels in the area , now starting a full scan …just encase I am wrong sir”

“Very well chung ,carry on. Track there course & Bring all systems back online .maintain red alert ”

Turning to his first Officer the Captain spoke in a soft voice .

“Commander, how did we fair on our first battle ?”

“Well we have minor hull damage and only three casualties, no fatalities, damage control is onto the repairs looks like the boffins at fleet command designed the hull armour well , it performed exactly as expected ”

“Good, Ensign Goddard patch me through to fleet command “

“Yes sir.”


Deep in his thought’s Edward’s knew the shit was going to hit the fan , there security was compromised , but how & by whom.





























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