The Sick

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John Carter was your average joe. Average house, average wife, average job. But things are about to change. When the CDC anounces a zombie epidemic, he must do whatever it takes to save his wife and get to safety.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Intro

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



It started out as a normal day, just like any other. He took a shower and grabbed a quick cup of coffee before heading out of the front door and waving good-bye to his loving wife. He jumped on board the bus, sat down, turned on his ipod, and promptly entered his usual day-dream state. His name is John Carter. He is an average 25-year-old american living in downtown Los Angeles. His wife of three years, Karen, was currently unemployed. She was more focused on her art rather than the normal nine-to-five. They lived in a typical two story house in a typical meighbourhood in a typical suburb.

He was an only child, his father ran out when he was young and his mother died only a few years ago. The thought stung his eyes. They were always very close, having only each other for so long. Her memory brought up the notion of kids. She had always teased to have a grandchild or two, maybe her passing was a sign that it was time to settle down. John provoked this new found curiosity. He pictured his life with kids, and he liked what he saw. He relaxed and let his mind wander to places he had never really explored.

He eventually arrived at his office building, headed up to the 10th floor and arrived at his desk to see a huge pile of paperwork. He sighed and got started. "You look excited..." She said playfully. Jennifer Phillips. Her voice was soft and bright, and she strutted into the room like she owned the place. She had pale blue eyes, long blonde hair, and curves that could melt a man.

"Good morning, Jenny. Is it really that obvious?" John replied, with just enough sarcasm.

"Oh yeah!" She chuckled, "But that coffee stain on your shirt doesn't help."

"Well, not everyone can look as good as you at seven in the morning."

She brushed the hair from her face, blushing. "John, i'm not sure your wife would appreciate that..."

"I'm only kidding, but if you could copy these statistics for me that'd be great."

"Sure thing." She reached for the papers, stopping momentarily to straighten John's tie. She turned and left a faint aroma of expensive perfume surrounding his desk. It was no secret she had a little crush on John. He himself had sometimes thought of what they might be like together. His loyalty to Karen would never allow anything to happen of course, but he always tested the boundaries. It amused him, their back and forth. It was pleasant and he had grown fond of it over the years. He forced himself to focus and got back to work.

A scream coming from down the hall broke his concentration. He considered going to see what it was, but the thought quickly passed. Probably just another hysterical secretary overreacting to a spider. It wouldn't be the first time things had been over exaggerated in the office. Jenny returned and placed the copies on John's desk. They chatted briefly until their work pulled them in different directions. Just as he started getting back to work, something else grabbed his attention. He peered out of the window into the street below, and to his astonishment, saw a scene of utter chaos. People fighting, even killing each other, for seemingly no reason.

By this time, some of his co-workers had gotten up from their desks and joined him in staring out of the window. "John, you gotta see this!" Jenny called from the common room. He went down the hall to where Jenny was standing. The common room was crowded with people and he could barely see or hear anything with all the commotion.

"Something crazy's going on..." she whispered. "I only managed to pick out the phrases 'psycho virus' and 'destroy the brain'."

"Psycho virus? Destroy the brain? Sounds like Dawn of the freakin' Dead!" He yelled.

"Yeah, it's nuts! We've got to get the hell outta here! I'm gonna get my purse, then meet me by the elevators and we'll go."

"We're in a fucking zombie apocalypse and you're worried about your purse?!?" He said, surprised.

"My car keys are in there, and I don't think the bus is gonna cut it." Jenny snapped. She ran down the hall to her desk.

At this point, John felt himself entering a state of mild shock. It was obvious that whatever was going on was serious, and that a significant percentage of the population were going to be wounded or killed over the course of the next few days. His thoughts quickly turned to his wife. Was she okay? What if these maniacs were near their home? He took out his cell phone and tried to call her. He dialed the number, but immediately got an error tone. He tried several more times before giving up. John was annoyed with himself for wasting time. He should have known the phones would be overwhelmed. He then decided that he would go home and make sure that she was okay.

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