Blade's Military Travels: Korea And Beyond

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Personal Documentation of my Military Travels

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blade's Military Travels: Korea And Beyond

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011




Soldier's Freedom


Richard McClellan

Standing in the trenches,

The sweat running down my face,

I adjust my steel pot

and increase my marching pace,

The day is hot,

steamy across the land,

you can see the heat,

on the distant sands,

My M-16 rifle is beside me,

I carry it so,

because the enemies of freedom,

are endless across the land,

They want to enslave us all,

under a blanket of their inept ideology,

However their army of misfits,

Will fall one by one.

Until freedom is boundless, prevalent, and wall-to-wall,

this soldiers job will never be done,

An endless struggle of epidemic proportions,

For freedom of the mind, heart, and soul suffers defeat,

Without the soldier's devotion to protect freedom and liberty for all!

Razorblade © 2011

A New Life For Me

On twenty four July of eighty five,
a Trailways bus I did ride,
the destination of Jackson [Basic Training],
a new life for me,

walking step by step,
running everywhere I go,
marching in unison,
a new life for me,

shining my shoes,
they sparkle in the light,
subject to inspection,
a new life for me,

carrying my weapon,
cleaning the firing pin,
to the range I go,
a new life for me,

riding cattle cars,
like a herd in summer heat,
shooting 300 meter targets,
a new life for me,

As I walk through the valley,
a evening prayer, Psalm's 23: 4, I now pray,
resting before morning inspection,
a new life for me,

my journey, life direction a new,
physical training, much to do,
walking, running, marching,
is all a new life for me,

in 10 weeks,
a new bayonet I be,
soldier of fortune,
a new life for me!

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