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I stepped into the old, grubby inn behind Gar Hulland and the girl. The whole city was so astonishingly magical! The architecture was amazing- Buildings leaning on each other on purpose, buildings cleverly stacked on top of each other to fit into the massive, tall, mountain, and there were levels of houses that built into the conical shape of the hollowed-out mountain. I turned around to see where my companion, Miera was.

She had on her dreamy look, which I loved seeing on her very much. She was looking at the sign above the inn. She was so pretty like that. "Oi! Miera! Hurry up! They're already inside!" I called to her. Miera broke out of her trance and looked my direction. "Hurry UP!" I yelled, annoyed. I've only known her 50 something hours, but she's been getting on my nerves! And she's really pretty. And nice. And smart.

I hurried in, not stopping to wait for Miera to waddle over. Inside the inn, there was a long stretch of bar, and behind it were rows and rows of coloured glass bottles which I assumed to be some sort of alcohol. Several men and women were lodged at the bar, two or three of them smoking a mini hookah-looking thing.


I wandered into the inn. There was something odd about the sign of the shop. It had a stamp on it- a sort of sun with five points, and curves on the tips of the rays. I noticed nearly every shop had one of those stamps; or at least the ones that seemed not dodgy. This was a very curious city; one I'd enjoy exploring. But I'd better get inside quickly! Ralph's looking very annoyed.....

"So my friends. Let's begin by telling me who you are and where you come from! Anyone like a drink?" Gar Hulland asked merrily, with a glint of kindness in his eyes. "Yes please, I'm parched!" grinned Ralph. I was pretty thirsty myself and decided to say yes too.

Gar Hulland came back with four bottles of liquid, a red for all the kids and a blue for himself. "So, what are your names?"

"Miera" I said confidently. I didn't stop to think twice about who this man was or what he was. "R-Ralph" hesitated Ralph "We come from... Earth, if this still is Earth."

"Oh of COURSE this s EARTH" said Gar Hulland as if this was as Earthly anything could get "This is the unchartered island of Chickawulu. The name doesn't suit it, but this island is the heart of the three surrounding islands; Gardrome and Hevidell!"

"Hevidell is a medieval island twice the size of this one, and Gardrome is I think they call it 'Steampunk'... But it's half the size of ours right here. Hevidell has been in war with us and Gardrome since time began! Hevidell was the most modern island by far, but when the rest of the world went through the Medieval Period, they liked it so much it sort of stuck."

"The others were chartered by the Queen, so they're not counted anymore. The set of three islands (Hevidell, Gardrome and Chickawulu) are in the Bermuda Triangle. The reason no-one who goes in and never comes out is because these three amazing islands are the home to the world's best cities and architecure in the world! Nearly everyone whose ship or plane wrecks did not get swept away and drowned by the terrible weather, like the islands so much they stay forever! If you have any questions feel more than welcome to come to me. I decided not to live in the city because I wanted to be able to talk to the villagers and also greet the newcomers as they come to Chickawulu. Did I mention that the people here don't speak English?" He gestured to the Girl "This is Hiljea. She found a suitcase a yesterday." The Girl cluelessly stared at Gar Hulland, then moved her gaze to the two of us. "She thought it was an alien! Haha.... But back to the point. I assume you have your ears pierced young lady?"

I just looked at him for a few moments, not realising he was addressing me. "Oh! Oh, yes I do!" I replied in a frenzy.

"Thats handy. I brought these stones here. On my trip to Hevidell, I picked up a cartload of them." He pointed at a bunch of jewellery he had taken out of the many folds of his robe. The Jewellery was made out of shiny black-grey stones that were so enchanting it was hard to tear my eyes away from them! They looked very similar to hermitite. "They help you understand every different language of the world, and I thought it would be useful for you if you had these instead of having to figure it all out (the language of course)." He handed to me a pair of finely made earrings and he gave Ralph a sort of ring thing.

"So that's a quick briefing of Chickawulu and surroundings. It's about 592,000 years old. If you have any questions feel free to come and ask me (as I have mentioned), the guards will direct you to my house. Any questions?"

"Yes!" I coughed "Excuse me!" *cough* *cough* "Sorry. Um... Well can we I mean- How do we communicate with other people in Chigawulkoo? The stones help us hear, but we can't communicate."

"Ahh, smart girl. The stone has limited powers but I believe it should work with communicating. Who knows! Play around with it! I talked to the innkeeper, your room is ready. You'll be staying here till I can get you some better lodging, then maybe we'll look at how to get you back home. Have a good time! I'll come around tomorrow to say hello and show you around. Oh! And here is some money for food and any extra clothing. You're dressed in rags! Well, goodnight, sleep tight."

He smiled and we thanked him greatfully. As he walked away (with Hiljea firing questions at hime) and his long, old, silver beard followed him, the kindly innkeeper said something to me in Wuluian. I held out a hand to say 'Just a second' and slipped on the earrings.

"Come this way Gar and Garina. Your room ths way."

I was confused why he said Gar and Garina to me but I figured it must be a way to address someone here.


Sorry if this is too confusing and you give up right here right now! This was a diffiicult chapter to make sense with and I hope you understand it!


Submitted: June 20, 2008

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bit confusing but pace is good....

waiting for next chapter....

Fri, June 20th, 2008 5:05pm


hahaha yes im sorry! i didn't have much time to write it and i whipped it up in an hour or so. did u understand it went through the minds of both the children?
maybe i shouldnt do that anymore.....

Sat, June 21st, 2008 2:03am


It isnt tat comfusing but I REALLY REALLY want u to write more.

Tue, August 12th, 2008 10:41am


hahahah yes i will ;)

Tue, August 12th, 2008 4:13am


kinda confusing but stil readabla and addictive more more more!!

Sun, September 28th, 2008 9:31pm



Sun, September 28th, 2008 4:09pm

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