Soaring on the Wings of Hope

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Natalie grew up virtually alone, relying on her own talents. Alex was passed from relative to relative, each more ignorant than the last about raising a child. Thrown together by circumstance, Natalie and Alex must work together to salvage the family left.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Wings of Hope

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011





Chapter One

The purple sky was breathtaking. The picture I painted wasn’t anywhere close to this creation of God. How long had I been there? I know I’ll be missed. After all, I had been raised by the island animals. I am their family. Well, I do have a mother and father, but they aren’t here very often. Mostly they’re away working, but I don’t mind. After all, its for my own good. Besides, I like being on my own, It’s nice to not have to worry about what other people think, and social standing. I’ve already had ten years of schooling. My parents bring me school books and the such, and I get to teach myself. Not to mention the fact that I’m a whiz with the Internet so I can get any information I need. This time, I’ve asked for some new books and art supplies, which should be coming soon, delivered either by my parents or one of their colleagues. I hope it will be my parents, I haven’t seen them for almost six months.

Three days later...
The mail boat came today along with a very strange letter.

Dear Natalie, July 21, 2011
We should be home by the 10th of August, and we’ll be home until the sixth of January 2012. Not only will we be there for your birthday and Christmas, but we’ll be bring some one for you to meet and who will be living with you from now on. I hope this finds you in good health. Much love!
Mom and Dad.

“What’s today’s date?” I mutter to my self. I find my calender and start searching through it, until I come across August. “Good morning” I mutter absentmindedly to the sugar glider who lands on my shoulder. “Oh my gosh!” I should, startling Rue right off my shoulder. “I’m sorry,” I apologize to the little animal, “But my parents will be home tomorrow! Today is August 9th, I have to make the bed, and dust their room and clean the bathroom and get the spare room ready! We have a guest coming.
I spent the rest of the day in a cleaning frenzy, unable to believe that I would finally have a friend who was always with me here on the island. Animals are great and everything, but you can’t really talk to them very well. You start to feel like you’re going crazy.

The next morning I'm up early and on the beach, searching for the helicopter with my binoculors. On the horizon, I see a dark spot slowly growing bigger, until it's almost on top of me.

Suddenly, it’s a race between me and the helicopter to the landing pad. It has to go round robin hood’s barn, but I can use the island paths. I win, barely.

“Mom!” I practically attack her as she gets out of the helicopter. “I’m so glad your home! Did you bring everything I asked for?”
“Of course honey. You know we always do.” said my mom.
“Natalie! Come give your old Dad a hug!”
“Dad! You’re finally here! I have so much to show you!” I shout.
“Whoa. Calm down there Nat. I know your going to have a great time.” he says with a huge smile.
As he steps out of the helicopter, I can tell he’s used to a very different life. His clothes speak of arrogant wealth and an easy upbringing. His hands are white and have escaped use. But his face is so sad, I know his life wasn’t all fun and games. While I’ve been studying him, he’s been looking around his new home with a disapproving eye.
My first thought is he’ll be no use to me and my chores, but then I see the fear in his eyes, and know I’ll make an effort to welcome him to my home.
While we’ve been studying each other, my parents have been standing by silently, waiting for us to make the first move. When it’s clear that neither of us is going to do anything, my mother steps in for introductions.
“Alex, this is my daughter, Natalie. Natalie, meet Alex. He’s going to live with you while we’re away.”
“Hi. It’s nice to meet you Alex. I hope you’ll be happy here.”
“So do I. Excuse me a moment. Mr. and Mrs. Pearce. Natalie.” With that, Alex is gone.
“Natalie, before you judge him, you should know that he has never stayed in one place for more than a year. He doesn’t know what it’s like to have a family that never leaves.” my mom tries to convince me of something I already know.
“I know Mom. I’ll do my best. I don’t how willing he’ll be to accept me. Like you said, he’s never known someone who won’t desert him.”



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