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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Tragedy Strikes the Snider Family

Submitted: August 18, 2008

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Submitted: August 18, 2008



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Tim never went back home after he left Luke’s house. He just went walking around town. Thinking about what he did to Luke, and what he said to him, and also think about what he said and did to his father. He felt bad that he shut his father down, when he’s been having the same exact feelings lately. He knew that trying to pursue Luke was a dead end, because Luke loved Ken, but he couldn’t help it. He had always been attracted to Luke, ever since he first met him at Starbucks.

That’s when he first started to really acknowledge his gay feelings. He didn’t plan on making a move on Luke, it just happened. He only went only went on the double date with Rachel because he Luke asked him to, well technically it was Ken, but Luke wanted it too, and he just was mesmerized with Luke the minute he walked into the Starbucks.

After he cleared his head, he decided to go back to Luke and tell him how he felt. He knew that nothing could come of it, but he needed to get these feelings officially off his chest. Yes, he had told him already, but that was while there was a lot on his mind. So, now that he was clear and level headed, maybe it would be a little more serious.

“So, have you had enough time to think about what happened earlier?” asked Luke

“Yeah, and I can’t take anything that I said back.” said Tim

“What?” asked Luke

“Yeah, I’m gay. I just haven’t really been up to admitting it until recently. I guess you could say that ever since I met you I’ve had a little crush on you, and that’s what kind of made it a little easier lately to start to accept that I was gay.”


“Why did I blow up at my dad and you?” asked Tim

“Yeah” answered Luke

“With my dad, I guess it was because I blamed him for my sexuality, and I think blowing up at you was maybe an extension of that.” said Tim

“Wow, that’s not what I expected.” said Luke

“And something else that I want to say that I know that nothing can come of my crush with you. I understand that you love can and that will never change, and I accept that. I will get over it.” said Tim

“Well I hope you do, because I don’t want you to get hurt.” said Luke

“Well, thanks.”

“No, I’m serious. I don’t want anything like that to happen to you. You’re a good guy, and I’d like to think that we’re friends.”

“Well, we never really hung out or anything.” said Tim

“Yeah, but you know, we go to the same school, we live on the same street, we’ve gone out on a double date before.” said Luke

“Well, that pretty much just makes us acquaintances, but I guess if you want to be friends there’s no problem with that.” said Tim

“Well, good, now are you sure you’re okay? Are you going to go back home?” asked Luke

“Yeah, hopefully my mom has cooled off and let my dad stay at home.” said Tim

“Well, if you want a place to sleep just to get away from drama if there is any, we have a guest room that you could use.” said Luke

“Wow, you really need to stop doing that.” said Tim

“Doing what?” asked Luke

“Being so nice, it’s just making it harder and harder to forget about my feelings for you.” said Tim

“You’re probably right. I’m sorry about that, but the offer still stands. I know what it’s like to not feel at home at home.” said Luke

“Well, I guess that’s sort of comforting to know, but don’t expect anything okay.” said Tim

“I’m not, it’s just a friendly offer.” said Luke

“Okay, well I think that I need to get going.” said Tim

“Okay, call and tell me how everything comes out. I want to know, okay.” said Luke

“Okay, I will.”

Tim walked back to his house very slowly. He really didn’t know what to expect when he got home, and then he was still pretty shocked on how well Luke took the news of his attraction. He was expecting Luke to totally flip out, and that just wasn’t the case. He always knew that there was a greater reason for his attraction to Luke than just that he was cute. He knew that another reason that he liked him was because Luke is a genuinely nice guy, and it beams off of his person. He hoped that maybe his parents had worked it out so that maybe his father wouldn’t have to leave right away, because he knew that it was inevitable that his father would leave.

So, when he reached his house, he braced himself for anything that could possibly happen when he went through the front door. So, when he did he looked around, he didn’t see anyone. He called out for anyone to answer, but no one did. He went upstairs, looked into his younger brother, Drew’s, room and he was in there doing homework.

“Hey Drew, is anyone home?” asked Tim

“Not when I got home.” said Drew

“Well, how did you get home?” asked Tim

“Well, when mom didn’t show up, I asked a friend to bring me home.” answered Drew

“Why didn’t you just call me? I would have picked you up.” suggested Tim

“I didn’t know if you were feeling well enough to drive or not.” answered Drew

“Okay, well, if you need any help with your homework, just ask me. Mom and dad if they’re here are not really feeling well.”

“Okay, but why aren’t they feeling well? Did you get them sick?” asked Drew

“No they just wouldn’t be up to helping you with your homework, just don’t ask about anything else and I will explain everything later, so for now just do what I say.” said Tim

“Okay” complied Drew

Tim closed the door to Drew’s room and walked further down the hall. He stopped at his father’s office. He walked in to find his father on the couch with blood everywhere, and in a pool on the side of him. He rushed to try and see what happened. His father had a knife in his hand and a big slice in his throat. He yelled for Drew, and then Drew ran into his father’s office.

“Drew, call 911, hurry!” yelled Tim

Drew without even thinking rushed to the phone, and called emergency services. They got to the house as fast as they could, but it was too late, Greg Snider had taken his own life. Karen Snider was still nowhere to be found, and still not answering her cell phone. Fifteen minutes after the ambulance left with their father, their brother Jake arrived from home. There, Tim told him the bad news.

Three hours later, and they still could not get a hold of their mother, and Henry, the oldest brother, nineteen years old, was away at college. Tim didn’t know what else to do, so he called Luke. He took his two little brothers to Luke’s house, and they stayed in the living room while Luke, Tim, and Lisa talked in Luke’s room.

“So what’s going on, why do you want to talk to both of us?” asked Lisa

“Because this is important; my father killed himself tonight.”

“Oh my God, are you okay. Is there anything that we can do?” asked a concerned Luke

“Yeah, my mom’s no where to be found and Henry’s off at college, and the cops say we can’t stay at the house alone. I was wondering if we could use your guest room.” asked Tim

“Well Tim, this is a very big house for just the three of us, we have two guest rooms. If you want you could have both of them.” sad Lisa

“Wow, that’s really nice of you thanks so much.”

“No, it’s okay, you need it.” said Lisa

“Wow, is your whole family this nice, Luke?” asked Tim

“No, just when someone needs us to be.” said Luke

So the three Snider brothers moved into the two guest rooms available in the Wallace house. Tim and Drew were in one room, and Jake was in the other. As soon as they got settled in Luke called Ken. Luke was al messed up about what Mr. Snider did, and he wanted to talk to someone about it. Luke went to Ken’s house to talk to him about it, because he didn’t want to risk Tim hearing him tell his business to Ken.

“So, what’s up you said you needed to talk?” asked Ken

“Yeah, do you remember how we saw Greg Snider at that club with Jeremy Craig, and he admitted that he was gay.” said Luke

“Yeah, why what happened?” asked Ken

“Greg told Tim that he was gay, now I don’t know the whole story, but Greg took his own life today.” said Luke

“Oh no, is Tim okay?” asked Ken

“I doubt it, he’s putting a good front, but it might just be for hi little brothers. They’re staying at my house right now.” said Luke

“What’s wrong with their house?” asked Ken

“Well, Karen has disappeared. She’s not even answering her cell phone. The police said that they couldn’t stay at their house without any adult supervision so Lisa is letting them stay at our house in the two guest rooms.” said Luke

“Wow, this is a really messed up situation.’ said Ken

“There’s one more thing.” said Luke

“What?” asked Ken

“When Greg told Tim that he was gay, Tim was angry and came to me, that’s why he came to me and Lisa after they couldn’t stay at their house. Anyway, while he was at my house confiding in me, he kissed me Ken.”

“What?” asked Ken

“I pushed him off, but he said that that’s what he wanted to do. At first I told him to clear his and really think about what he did and then come back. I told him this because I just figured that he was confused.”

“Yeah because his father told him that he was gay. What did he say when he came back?”

“He stuck by his story. He said that he had had a crush on me ever since we met in the Starbucks. At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

“I know” said Ken

“He was actually telling me that he was gay. I mean, how many gay people are there on this stupid street?’ said Luke

“Apparently a lot.” said Ken
“Yeah” said Luke

“Just as long as he knows that you’re all mine and he can’t have you.” said Ken right he grabbed Luke’s t-shirt, pulled him towards him, and kissed him.

“Yes, I made that clear, but I’m not even thinking about that right now. I just hope that he’s going to be okay.” said Luke

“Yeah me to” said Ken

Ken led Luke to the bed and they laid their on the bed, with Luke resting his head on Ken’s chest. Luke ended up falling asleep on the bed along with Ken. They woke up the next morning in the same position. Luke had never felt happier than that moment when he woke up next to Ken and his smile. Good thing it was Saturday, because they would’ve been so late for school. But then, Ken realized that his mom wakes up early on Saturdays because she likes the quiet of being by herself.

“Oh, no; what are we going to do? She’s going to assume that we had sex.” whispered Ken

“Maybe I can sneak out without her hearing me.” suggested Luke

“You can try, bye.” said Luke right before pecking him on the lips

Luke left the room as quietly as he could. He made his way down the stairs, and then heard a voice. It was Jenny.

“Hi Luke, I know you’re still here you don’t have to sneak around.” said Jenny

“Hi Jenny” Luke as he went down the rest of the stairs

“Did you sleep well?” asked Jenny when he was in front of him

“Yeah, listen Jenny, nothing happened last night. I promise you.” said Luke

“I believe you Luke, I know nothing happened. I went in there this morning and you were both over the covers with all of your clothes on. You guys just looked so sweet together that I didn’t want to wake you.”

“I should get back home.” said Luke

“Alright then, goodbye.” said Jenny

“Bye Jenny” said Luke as he left the house

As Luke made his way back to his house, he was trying to think of a lie to tell Lisa why he was gone all night. But in the end he decided that the truth was best in a situation like this. Sp he walked in the house, and everyone was at the dining table, including the Snider brothers.

“Where have you been all night?” asked Lisa

“Can I talk to you in the living room, Lisa?” asked Luke

“Sure” answered Lisa in a suspicious voice as they moved to the living room

“I was at Ken’s last night, but Lisa, you have to believe me, nothing happened. I just fell asleep laying on his chest.” said Luke

“Okay, I believe you, what’s so urgent about this?” asked Lisa

“I just thought that if you knew that I stayed at Ken’s that you would assume that we did something and then be mad at me.” said Luke

“Listen, Luke, even if you did something with Ken, I know that you wouldn’t ever do anything with him that you weren’t ready to do. And I know that he would force you to do anything that you didn’t want to do and the same goes for him, so I would never, ever be mad if something happened between the two of you.” said Lisa

Luke didn’t expect this reaction from Lisa, but he was glad that it was her reaction. Luke was still waiting to wake up from this dream that his sister is so cool with who he is and what he does with Ken. He hoped that that would never change.

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