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Chapter 11 (v.1) - The Next Step

Submitted: August 18, 2008

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Submitted: August 18, 2008



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Graduation was growing closer and closer with each passing day. Luke knew that whatever Ken wanted to do after high school, he wanted to be with him. He didn’t care if they didn’t get into the same schools, if he had to, he would just enroll in the closest community college to whatever school Ken got into. He also knew that Ken was a lot smarter than him, and could get into a school that was impossible for Luke to get into, that is why he had this plan. He maybe also had another solution to help them stay together after school let out. He wanted to tell Ken about this at school. So, he waited until they were alone, at lunch time.

“Hey Ken” said Luke

“I was thinking, since graduation is getting closer; what’s going to happen to us?” asked Luke

“Oh Luke, I still want to be with you. I was just going to apply to the community college downtown.” said Ken

“But why would you settle for just a community college when you could do so much better?” asked Luke

“Because I know that you didn’t really have any plans for after school, and I don’t want to just leave you. We both know that a long distance relationship can’t work, especially between two college kids.”

“Then why don’t we live together.” suggested Luke

“When; after we graduate?” asked Ken

“Of course”

“Well, that’s a big move, but I don’t know. It might cost a lot of money. Well, I can get s job, and we can get help from Lisa.” said Luke

“Huh, I’ll have to think about it. You know it’s a major step. And one more thing.” said Ken

“Yeah” said Luke

“Does this mean you’re ready to take another certain next step if you know what I mean?” asked Ken

“Well, ever since Friday night when I really freaked out about thinking that Lisa and your mom would think that we did something, I’ve been really thinking that that wasn’t what I really was freak out about.” said Luke

“What were you freaking out about that then?” asked Ken

“I think it was just that I wasn’t really worried that something could have happened and it really made me realize that I would have been okay with it if it did.” said Luke

“Hearing that makes me really happy, because you know what Luke, I love you, and I always will, you’re the one for me, and I wanted to be my first, and I was beginning to think that you would never get there. It was beginning to make me doubt your love for me and now I love you more as ever.” said Ken

“I love you too.” said Luke

That afternoon, Luke had a doctor’s appointment so he couldn’t take Ken home after school. So that day Ken took his own car to school. Driving home, he was so happy that he sang along with each song on the radio, even if he didn’t know the lyrics all that well. When he got home he was even dancing and skipping up the walkway to his house. He walked in and no one was home. He went upstairs and began working on his homework. About twenty minutes later, his mother knocked on the door.

“Hey mom; isn’t it a wonderful day?” asked Ken

“What’s got you all happy?” asked Jenny as she walked in sat on the edge of his bed

“Well, let’s just say that I really think that Luke is thee one for me.” answered Ken

“Wow, that’s really fast. Don’t you think that you should be with someone else other than Luke before you make that decision?” asked Jenny

“The thing is, mom, I don’t want to be with any one else. That’s why I know that he is the one.” said Ken

“And does Luke feel the same way?” asked Jenny

“He’s been sending all of the right signals saying that he does.” said Ken

“Well, just don’t get your hopes up, you don’t know what he thinking twenty-four seven.” said Jenny

“I know, but can’t I just be happy for once in my life mother?” asked Ken

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, just in case he doesn’t feel the same way, and don’t be so forward, some people can’t handle pressure well.” said Jenny

“Okay, I’ll back off of him a little.” said Ken

“That’s sounds good. Well, do your homework and dinner will be ready in about an hour.” said Jenny

“Okay” said Ken

Luke had almost the exact same conversation with Lisa that same afternoon; except it consisted of Lisa being worried that Luke will do something before he is ready to do it. She was also worried that Luke would hurt Ken on the off chance that he was just telling Ken what he wanted hear. Luke assured Lisa that that wasn’t the case, but she was still a little bit worried. She didn’t want either of them to get hurt. It was, after all, both of their first serious relationships.

Luke had a lot of beards, but that’s all that they were; beards. He never reallywent out with any of them. So, she was sort of entitled to be concerned. She only assumed that this was Ken first serious relationship. She drew his conclusions on how he acted around Luke, like he had never felt what he felt like around Luke. He just seemed so new to relationships.

The next day, everyone at the Wallace house was having dinner, including the Snider brothers, when an unexpected knock came from the front door. When Lisa answered there were two policemen, most likely detectives seeing that they were wearing suits.

“Hello ma’am, I’m Detective Hobbs, and this is Detective Mendez. We’ve been lead to believe that a Timothy Snider resides at this here.” said Detective Hobbs as both the detectives showed their badges.

“Yes he does.” answered Lisa

“May we speak to him?” asked Detective Mendez

“Yes, please come in. You can sit on the couch in the living room. I’ll get Tim.” said Lisa. After she showed them the couch, she went back to the dining room to get Tim

“Tim, some detectives are here, they want to speak with you.” said Lisa

Tim didn’t say anything. He just slowly got up, and walked over, cautiously, to the living room. He sat down on the chair next to the couch. The detectives told him that they found his mother’s fingerprints on the knife that his dad supposedly used on himself. This was suspicious because she had never touched the knife that he used. He used his own personal knife, which she never approved of. They also told him that as of that morning, she was the prime suspect in his father’s death.

It was a lot for Tim to handle, but it explained a lot of why all of a sudden his mother went missing. They asked if there was anybody of legal age to watch over them. Tim told them that his older brother Henry was nineteen, but he was away, in another state, at college. Tim knew that it was either call Henry, or they would all be put into the system, and most likely separated. He called Henry, an obviously Henry understood the urgency of the situation. Henry wasn’t really messed up by hearing about his father dying, they never got along. It was safe to say that Henry hated their father, and their father returned those feelings.

But one thing that Henry cared about more than anything, were his brothers, and he wasn’t about to let them get separated. So he was going to get there as soon as he could. He needed to make arrangements, and he told Tim that that would take a few weeks, so it would be about that long until he got home. Tim asked Lisa if it was alright for them to possibly stay for a few more weeks. She was more than sympathetic, and was going to let them stay there as long as they needed to. Luke was all tripped about bout the whole situation. He couldn’t believe how bad things were going for Tim and his family.

After he finished his dinner, he went over to Ken’s to talk. He knocked, Jenny answered the door.

“Wow, we’re going to have to give you a key.” said Jenny

“Yeah, sorry for being here so much, I just really need to talk to Ken.” said Luke

“Come on in, he’s in his room.” said Jenny

Luke showed himself to Ken’s room. He heard the radio on pretty loud in the room, so he just walked in without knocking. He was at his computer, most likely checking e-mail or IM-ing Brian.

“Hey! Babe!” yelled Luke

“Oh hey, Luke; what are you doing here?” asked Ken who turned around in shock

“Can you turn down the radio?” asked Luke. Ken complied

“Sorry” apologized Ken

“I just wanted to talk is all.” said Luke

“Well, its kind of late, my parents are probably going to go to bed soon.” said Ken

“Well then I’ll stay the night.” said Luke

“Don’t tease me Luke.” said Ken
“I’m serious.” said Luke

“You really want to stay the night here…on purpose?” asked Ken

“Why not?” asked Luke

“I don’t know. Where are you going to sleep?” asked Ken

“Uh, on the bed, duh!” said Luke

“That’s awfully forward of you.” said Ken

“Forward? We’ve been going out for eleven months, that’s almost a year. I think I’m ready to be with you. If you know what I mean.” said Luke

“Well, not while my parents are awake. We need to wait until they’re asleep.” said Ken

“I’m okay with that.” said Luke

Luke wanted to have sex with Ken so bad. He was finally ready and he was glad. So, they waited until Ken’s parents were asleep. Then Luke slowly walked over to Ken, who was conveniently sitting on the, and bent over forwards and planted his lips on Ken’s. A shock of energy ran through Ken. He had never felt this exhilarated by a kiss from Luke before. Luke grabbed the bottom of Ken’s t-shirt and lifted it off of his body. Ken’s body was shaking head to toe, he couldn’t control it. Luke lightly pushed him onto the bed. Luke climbed on top of him, and began to softly kiss him. Ken pulled off Luke’s t-shirt. Luke went lower to Ken’s to take off Ken’s pants.

“I want you” said Luke
* * *

Luke opened his heavy eyes. He turned his head to find Ken’s head in his chest, and Ken’s arm around his stomach. He bent his head down to kiss the top of Ken’s head. Ken moaned and wiggled slightly in reaction to Luke’s kiss. Luke was the happiest that he had been since he and Ken first started going out, and now they weren’t just going out, or just boyfriends; they were lovers. Luke was surprised, but he was really okay with that. It was surprising because just a few weeks earlier he couldn’t even think about wanting to be ready to have sex with Ken, but now that he’s done it, he’s the happiest man in the world.

Within the next few minutes of lying there thinking, Ken also woke up, and he lifted head towards Luke and gave him an all teeth smile, the one that Luke fell in love with. They shared a soft and beautiful kiss with each other. Then Luke remember that he didn’t have any clothes on, so he decided to get up and get some boxers on, but before he could, Jenny walked into the room.

“Ken do you want some breakfast before you go to school? Oh…oh I’m sorry, I should have knocked.” said Jenny in shock

“Mom; go away, we’re not dressed.” said and embarrassed Ken

“Okay, sorry.” said Jenny as she shut the door.

“I can’t believe I was going to get up right when your mom walked in.” said Luke

“I know.” said Ken with a little laugh behind it.

“Your mother could have seen me naked.” said Luke also laughing.

“Don’t mention it, I don’t even want to think about it.” said Ken

“I’d better go home and get ready for school.” said Luke

“Do we have to go to school today? Can’t we just stay home and spend some alone time together.” suggested Luke

“You know Ken, I would love to, but your mom doesn’t work remember. We wouldn’t really be alone.” said Luke

“We could go to your house.” suggested Ken

“If you want, but I still have to go take a shower and change.”

“Yeah me too, I’ll meet you at your house in twenty minutes?” suggested Ken

“Okay, I’ll be waiting.” said Luke.

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