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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Graduation Party

Submitted: August 18, 2008

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Submitted: August 18, 2008



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Luke quietly left the house. Jenny went back to her bedroom, so she didn’t notice him leave. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She knew that her son was gay, but even with seeing him with Luke it didn’t really hit her until she saw them in bed together. Her son is gay. She went to her bedroom to think, think about how she was going to handle this. She didn’t really mind them being together, but she wasn’t sure if she was comfortable with them doing it in her house, with the kids running around and everything. Especially since they feel so close with Ken, they usually just go into his room without knocking. So she was thinking that she could’ve easily been one of the younger kids.

When she was finished thinking things over in her head, she headed over to Ken’s room to have little chat with him. She knocked, and when he didn’t answer, she helped herself into his room. When he wasn’t in there, she figured that he was in the shower, so she decided to wait until he got back. She sat on the edge of his bed. She looked around his room and thought what every mom thinks when she knows her son is gay ‘What ever happened to my little baby boy?’ As she was thinking this, Ken walked in with a t-shirt on, and a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Mom, what are you doing in here?” asked Ken

“I need to talk to you.” answered Jenny

“But, can’t it wait. I need to get dressed.” said Ken

“Ken, you’re my kids, I changed your diapers, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” said Jenny

“Mom, you’re talking seventeen years later here, I guarantee you it’s a little different than what you remember.” said Ken

“Oh, so Luke can see you naked, but your own mother can’t.” said Jenny

‘Oh, that’s what this is about.” said Ken

“Yes it is.” said Jenny

“Well, can you just turn away while I get dressed and then we can talk.” said Ken

“Sure, I guess.” said Jenny, and then Ken got dressed and sat next to her on the bed.

“So, you have a problem with me and Luke.” said Ken

“No I don’t have a problem with you and Luke being together, but I do have a problem with you two having sex under this roof.” said Jenny

“Well, where do you expect us to go? We don’t have our own place.” said Ken

“I don’t care where you go, as long as you don’t do it in this house.” said Jenny

“But mom, I don’t see what the problem is.” said Ken

“The problem is, I walked in on you this morning.” said Jenny

“I know and I’m sorry.” said Ken

“I know you are, but it could’ve easily be one of your little brother or your sister.” said Jenny

“Well, we’ll lock the door next time.” said Ken

“No; absolutely not. I don’t want any locked doors in my house.” said Jenny

“Well, mom, you’re not really being very fair here. It kind of comes across as homophobia.”

“No, this is not discrimination. I just don’t want any of your siblings walking in like I did this morning.” said Jenny

“You know what mom; I don’t want to deal with this right now. I told Luke I would meet him in twenty minutes half an hour ago.” said Ken

“Oh, so Luke is more important than your family.” accused Jenny

“Don’t twist my words around mother, ‘because you know that’s not true. I just don’t want to deal with your crap right now.” said Ken

Before she could respond to what he had said to her, he had left the room. He stormed out of the house. He was so shocked that his mother would ever treat his relationship with Luke that way, with such disrespect. He walked into Luke’s house without knocking at the door. He knew that Luke was the only one home, so he didn’t bother with it. He went straight to the living room, and sat on the couch. Luke heard the door open and close so he figured it was Ken.

“Ken, is that you?” yelled Luke from upstairs

“Yeah babe” yelled Ken

“I’ll be down in a sec” yelled Luke

“Kay” yelled Ken

It was only about two minutes until Luke came down to greet Ken

“Hey babe” said Luke as he walked into the living room

“Hey” replied Ken as he stood up from the couch to hug and kiss Luke

“Hey what’s wrong?” asked Luke seeing Ken’s down face.

“Oh, nothing; my mom was giving me crap about what she saw.” said Ken

“Sit back down, let’s talk.” said Luke. They sat and began chatting again.

“So, I bet that’s tough for you. You’re really close with your mother.” said Luke

“Yeah, and I just thought that she was okay with you and me being together, but today, it just seemed like she did a total one eighty in the negative direction.” said Ken

“What did she say?” asked Luke

“She said that she didn’t want us being together in my house.” said Ken

“Why?” asked Luke

“She said because she could’ve easily been one of my little brothers or sister.” said Ken

“Then we can lock the door.” said Luke

“That’s what I said, but she said that she didn’t want any locked doors in the house.” said Ken

“Well, she’s not totally out of place. It would be awful if one of your siblings found us together, and it is her house, she gets to dictate what happens in it.” said Luke

“Are you serious? You’re going to take her side in this.” said Ken

“No, I’m not taking sides, but I’m trying to see it her way and not be so quick to judge her like you’re doing.”

“I am aren’t I” said Ken

“Yes, and I know it’s because you love me, so I’m not totally disappointed in you but, you have to just try and see it from her side first.” said Luke

“You’re right. I feel lie such an asshole.” said Ken

They spent the rest of the day, just laying around and relaxing. Ken loved to cuddle up into Luke’s arms, and just be, just live. There was nothing more livening to him. As they were cuddling, and watching television, the subject of graduation came to the conversation.

“So, graduation is coming up; is Lisa planning a party for you?” asked Ken

“No, we’re all the family we have; both of our parents were only children, so this is it for us.” answered Luke

“Well, my mom is planning this big party with my entire family. There’s going to be like eighty people there. You and your family can come join us if you want.” suggested Ken

“I don’t know, I don’t want to intrude on your family time.” said Luke

“Come on, it’s okay. You’re practically family anyways. Tell you what; we can announce that we’re going to move in together at the party.”

“I don’t know.” said Luke

“Come on, it’ll be like my coming out to the rest of my family. You don’t want to miss that do you?” asked Ken

“I thought you were out to your family already?” asked Luke

“Just my immediate family, not my extended family, so what do you say?” asked Ken

“Okay, I’ll ask Lisa if she wants to go, when is it?” asked Luke

“That’s great, it’s gonna be blast see all of my family’s faces when they see me with you.” said Ken

“Yeah, it should be interesting. When is it?” said Luke

“It’s the Saturday before graduation day.” said Ken

“Okay” said Luke

Luke didn’t really want to show it, but he was really, really excited. He wasn’t excited to see the reaction of Ken’s family, but to meet all of Ken’s family. Meeting your lover’s family is another big step for them to take. Ken has already met all of Luke’s family, at least that Luke knows of. He could have some long lost great aunts or uncle that he doesn’t know about.

About two days later, Luke finally remembered to ask Lisa if she wanted to go. She sounded really excited to go, for the same reason that Luke was. She was excited to meet Ken’s family. She felt like Ken was her own little brother, and was really close with him, since he spent so much time at her house. She asked Casey and Amanda if they wanted to go, but they didn’t.

A week had gone by, and the day of the party had already arrived. Luke was full of nerves from the moment he woke up in the morning, and the party wasn’t until six o’clock. Ken knew Luke really well, and so he figured that he might be nervous. In making that conclusion, he decided to go over to Luke’s after breakfast to see if he could talk him out of his nerves.

“You aren’t nervous, are you Luke?” asked Ken

“No not in the least bit….Hell I’m a big wreck!” said a sarcastic panicky Luke

“What are you so nervous about?” asked Ken

“Um hello, I’m about to meet your entire family. What if they don’t like me, or worse, what if they don’t approve of our relationship?”

“Don’t even worry about that. If they don’t like you, that’s okay, all that matters is that I love you, and if they don’t approve of our relationship, so what, they don’t dictate who I see and who I don’t.” said Ken

Luke took a deep breath and released some tension “You’re right, I shouldn’t be so nervous.” said Luke

Ken went back home as soon as he was sure that Luke had calmed down his nerved. Luke was still a little nervous, but not as much as he was before Ken calmed him down. That was one thing that he knew Ken could always help him out with; calming him down.

Before they knew it, it was six o’ clock. Luke didn’t want to get there all early with no one else there, so he didn’t start to get ready until six, and the same went with Lisa. By the time that they were both ready, it was already eight o’ clock. They walked Johnston house, which even the front of the house was covered in decorations. The decorations were the school colors; red, black, and charcoal grey. They rang the door bell, and waited for about five minutes before someone answered. It was Jenny at the door.

“Hey you guys, glad you could come. Come on in.” said a cheerful Jenny

“Thanks for inviting us.’ said Lisa.

They walked in, and there was people and decorations. Tons of people saying hi to them, and they didn’t even know each other. Ken’s family was extremely, almost weirdly nice. There were tables everywhere; inside the house, and in the backyard. Lisa and Luke decided that it was best to sit at a table in the backyard, along with Ken.

They walked out into the backyard, and there were even more tables and more people and decorations. Luke spotted Ken at the opposite end of the enormous backyard. He felt happy seeing Ken so happy, laughing and getting along with his family. Lisa went to get something to eat, and Luke went straight to the one he loves.

“Hey, Ken” said Luke reaching in to kiss Ken

“Wait, not yet.” said Ken as he stopped Luke from kissing him.

“Oh, okay, sorry.” said Luke as he just shook Ken’s hand

Ken was talking to his step aunt Franny Johnston

“Introduce me to your friend, Kenny.” said Franny

“Oh, sorry Aunt Franny; this Luke, and he’s not my friend.” said Ken

“Then what is he?” asked Franny

“He’s my boyfriend” said Ken as he grabbed Luke’s hand and held it in his.

“Oh…what?” asked Franny

“This would mean that I am gay, aunt Franny.” said Ken

“Since when?” asked Franny
“Um since I was born.” said Ken

“Oh my God, does your mother know?” asked Franny

“Since I was fifteen.” said Ken

“I know this is a lot to take in um, Franny is it?” said Luke

“Yes it is; but why are you hear?” asked Franny

“He’s here to celebrate our graduation, Franny, and he’s my boyfriend, I think he’s got a right to be here.” said Ken

“Why to shove your homosexuality in your mother and Ray’s faces?” asked Franny

“My mother happens to like Luke very much, she even let him stay at our house for a while.” said Ken

“What! Why would she do that?”

“Look, I don’t want to get in the middle of this family conversation. I’m just going to go sit down with my sister.” said Luke

“Yes I think you should do that.” said Franny

“No, I want you here.” said Ken

“I’m not here for you to rub this into your family’s faces. I’m here to support you. So, come find me when you’re finished here.” said Luke, and then he gave Ken a peck on the cheek. Lisa got a table that was with two more of Ken’s aunts, and their families. He sat and more questions were thrown his way.

“So, your sister tells us that your neighbors.” said one of Ken’s aunts

“Yes we are neighbors.” responded Luke

“Why are you the only neighbors here at the party?” asked the other aunt.

“Well, I guess you could say Ken and I are more than just neighbors.” said Luke

“Oh, are you best friends?” asked the first aunt.

“No, we’re boyfriends.” said Luke
“Ken is gay, and so am I.” said Luke

“Oh my God, does our sister know?” asked the first aunt

“Yeah, she knows.” said Luke

“Does she know that you two are . . .” said the second aunt

“Dating?” said Luke
“Yeah…that.” said the second aunt
“Yeah, she knows we’re dating.”

“Wow my cousin is gay.” said Ken’s cousin, Charlie.

“Don’t say that word.” said his mother, the second aunt

“Why can’t he say it, do have something wrong with gay people.” said Lisa

“Don’t Lisa, its okay.’ said Luke

“No, Luke, I’m not going to let this lady insult you.” said Lisa

‘That’s not what I meant.” said the aunt

“Then what exactly did you mean than lady.” said Lisa

“Just drop it Lisa. I don’t want to ruin Ken’s party.” said Luke

“Maybe you’re right. I apologize ma’am. I didn’t mean to be so intense. I just love my brother, so much and just get kind of defensive when it comes to him.” said Lisa

“It’s alright, I shouldn’t have said what I said; it was insensitive.” said the aunt

Just then Ken showed up behind Luke

“Luke, can I borrow you for a second.” asked Ken

“Sure” said Luke, getting up.

“It’s time to make our announcement.” said Ken

“What announcement?” asked Luke

“We’re going to announce that we’re moving in together.” said Ken

“Oh, right.” said Luke

Ken got onto the highest point of the steps leading up to the house from the backyard, pulling Luke behind him, holding his hand.

“Excuse me everyone! Can I have everyone’s attentions please!” said Ken

Everyone soon turned to see Ken and Luke standing on the top of the stairs, and quieted down.

“If you haven’t met him tonight, this is Luke Wallace; my boyfriend.” said Ken in a loud toned voice “Yes, you heard me right; my boyfriend. I’m gay, and after we graduate on Thursday, we’re going to rent an apartment and move in together.”

A silence fell upon the crowd for just a second, and then whispers swept through them like a tidal wave. Jenny quickly made her way up the stairs to meet Ken.

“Ken, can we talk in private for a moment?” asked Jenny

“Anything that you’re going to say to me you can say to Luke.” said Ken

“I don’t think so.” said Jenny

“He’s my lover, there’s nothing that I want to keep from him.” said Ken

“Ken its okay, stop being so impossible. I’ll go back and save Lisa from all the questions from your aunts.” said Luke

“Luke, I thought you said you were here to support me.” said Ken

“I am, but I don’t like when you push your agendas on people.” said Luke

Ken for once, had to be talked down by Luke instead of it being vice versa. It took a few minutes, but Ken saw the error in his ways. He saw that shoving his homosexuality down his family’s throats wasn’t the best way to come out to them. So, once he realized this, he wanted to apologize, and he wanted Luke’s help. So, he went back up to the top of the stairs, and got everyone’s attention.

“Listen everyone, I know the last time I talked to all of you at once, and I was a little harsh with shoving my personal life down your throats. The truth is, last summer, I was lucky enough to meet someone that I connected with on all the levels that have ever mattered. And I don’t know if it was luck or fate that brought love to this relationship and the truth is, I love this person standing next to me. I love him so much that it hurts. It hurts me to know that our love isn’t accepted by everyone, and that possibly includes some of you. And you know what? I’m okay with that, because all that matters to me is that this person, Luke Wallace, loves me back. Now don’t get me wrong, you guys are my family and I love you all, but my mother has always taught me that no one should ever get between me and my happiness. So, I am going to love Luke for the rest of my life, and nothing any of you can say will change that.”

Ken looked over to Luke, and could see tears swelling up in Luke’s light brown eyes. When he saw this, Ken wrapped is arm around Luke’s waist and pulled Luke towards him. Their faces were barely an inch apart, and Ken kissed Luke so passionately that Luke could feel his heart actually beat faster and faster. When they stopped, Luke was so flustered that he actually began to blush. Ken had never kissed Luke like that, not even when they made love.

Ken’s family wasn’t proud of the way that Ken decided to come out, but they did accept him. Ken, and Luke, was so happy that they did. There is nothing worse than having family turn you away because of who you are. That was the last thing that Luke wanted Ken to go through.

Luke and Ken’s life, from the time they met, to the time that they moved in together, was filled with mystery, pain, and tragedy, but their love persevered through all of it. In the end they were as happy, if not more happy, than anyone their age could be. They had each other’s love, and that was something they didn’t want to take for granted, because if they learned anything from living on Daily Lane through that horrible year, it was that, at any time, all of their happy times could be interrupted and torn apart by tragedy.

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