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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Family Time

Submitted: August 18, 2008

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Submitted: August 18, 2008



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Casey Wallace was in junior high school. His normal ride was with a friend’s parents, but they had a family emergency and Casey didn’t have a ride home from school. He got out of school the exact same time that Luke did, so he called Luke up and asked if he would pick him up.

Casey didn’t mind doing this, but he also knew that Luke was also Ken’s ride, and he wasn’t sure if the awkwardness between them was totally gone. He also wasn’t sure if he was totally comfortable with them picking him up, together. He didn’t want people to get the wrong idea, but he had no other choice, home was too far for him to walk. One thing he failed to do was say that he waits in the back of the school for his ride usually, and they (Luke and Ken) waited for him in the front of the school.

“Did he say where he was going to b waiting at?” asked Ken

“No” answered Luke

“Did you try calling him again?” asked Ken

“Yeah, but he’s not picking up. He either has it off or he doesn’t hear it.” said Luke

“Well, maybe if we get off and look for him?” asked Ken

“Okay” said Luke as they got out of Luke’s car and met by the bumper

“You look around here, I’ll look towards the back of the school” said Ken

“Okay, be careful.” said Luke before they pecked on the lips.

Ken found Casey, where he was waiting at the back of the school. He brought him over to where Luke was. Luke actually saw them before they saw him. The first thing he saw was the two of them laughing together. It was a surprise for him, but a pleasant one. He was glad that Casey and Ken were getting along. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Looks like you two have been getting along well.” said Luke as the two walked up to him.

“Ken’s a cool guy, Luke. Why wouldn’t I get along with him?” asked Casey

“Don’t you think I know that already.” said Luke as he put his arm around Ken’s waist, pulled Ken towards hi, and kissed him for a good five seconds.

“Yuck, get a room. I don’t want my friends to see me around this.”

“Oh just get in the car and let’s go.” said Luke

On the way home, they all got along pretty well, which was a surprise for all of them, but mostly for Casey. He never thought he’d be laughing and getting along with his gay brother and his boyfriend. But overall, he was enjoying himself. He was actually glad that he was getting along with Luke again. Even though he was only not getting along with him for a few hours, but those were the most aggravating hours of his entire life.

Casey was always so close with Luke. When he was angry with him; he was a little angry because he never wanted a gay brother, but he was even angrier that Luke felt that he couldn’t tell him; this was much like Luke’s situation with Lisa. Ken was dropped of at his home, and then Luke and Casey made their way to their home. Luke walked in first, but Casey cut him off to run upstairs to his room. Luke went into the living room to find Lisa, reading. He didn’t expect her to be home. She usually isn’t home for another two hours.

“Hey what are you doing home?” asked Luke

“I just thought I’d take a day off for myself.” said Lisa

“Okay, we both know that that’s not the truth. What are you really doing home?” asked Luke

“I just thought that I would come home early in time to try and fix things between you and Casey.”

“Things are fine between me and Casey.” said Luke

“I seem to remember a little fight you guys ad over breakfast yesterday morning.”

“Yeah, do I have a story for you.” said Luke as he sat on the couch next to Lisa

“What” asked Lisa

“Yesterday, Ken came back to talk to Casey, and got him to forgive me.”

“Oh really, is that what he was here for?” asked Lisa

“You knew he was here?” asked Luke

“Well, he asked me not to tell you he was here so, I didn’t.” said Lisa

“Well, now he even gets along with Ken”

“So that’s why you’re all smiles today.”

“Yeah, I guess that is why I’m so happy today. You know, it’s just that Casey’s so important to me, and so is Ken. I’m just glad that they get along.”

“Why did Casey look so mad when he walked in?”

“He’s probably just embarrassed that Ken and I kissed in front his school and supposedly all of his friends.”

“Well, can you blame him?” asked Lisa

“Well, no I can’t say that I blame him, but I guess I just kissed Ken in front of everyone to make a point.”

“What point is that? That you’re gay, and you’re going out with another guy, and he and everyone else needs to get used to it.”

“No, but…”

“But that’s what it probably felt like o Casey. He’s just kid, he’s fourteen years old. He doesn’t see things the way older people, or the way you, or me, or even Ken sees things. He couldn’t possible know why you kissed your boyfriend in front of all of his friends, other than he’s your boyfriend and that’s what you do when you’re going out with someone, you kiss them. You have to think before you do things Luke”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” said Luke

“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to Casey.” said Lisa

“You’re right; I should just go up there right now and apologize.”

“Yes, you should.” said Lisa

Luke made his way upstairs to Casey’s room, knocked on the door, and waited for an invitation, then walked in.

“What are you here for?”

“I’m here to apologize for embarrassing you this afternoon by kissing Ken. It was a dirty thing to do and I’m sorry.”

“Do you think that I’m mad about that?” asked Casey

“Well, it did kind of seem like that was the case.” said Luke

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not mad, embarrassed maybe, but not mad.” said Casey

“Are you sure?” asked Luke

“Yeah, of course, you’re boyfriends; that’s what you do, you kiss.”

“Thanks Casey.” said Luke as he left Casey’s room, but he had an idea and went back

“Hey Casey, I was just thinking, that you know it’s getting hotter outside with each passing day, and me and Ken have always wanted to have some sibling time with each other, would you be totally against going to maybe the water park with
Amanda, and Ken’s brothers and sisters?” asked Luke

“No, that sounds fun. I haven’t been to a water park in a while” said Casey

“Cool, I’ll talk to Ken about it and see how his parents feel about it.”

“Okay” said Casey
“Hey Casey”

“Thanks for changing your mind about me. I really don’t think I would ever feel good about myself again if we weren’t getting along.” said Luke

“Well, I think that you have Ken to thank for that.”

“But you didn’t have to listen to him, you didn’t even have to let him in your room, but you did, so thanks” said Casey.

“You know you’re my brother, and we’ve always gotten along really well, so why ruin it because of something you can’t change.”

“See you at dinner” said Luke

The next day at school, Luke talked to Ken about having a sort of family and family trip to the local water park. Ken loved the idea. Like he had said he loves the idea of their two families getting to know each other better. He didn’t think that Kira would have been up to it. Ever since being raped the only places she goes is school, and home. She doesn’t even come with the rest of the family when they go out to eat at a restaurant. Ken would always stay with here whenever the rest of the family went out, because he was the only one that knew the reason why she was the way she was.

Luke was sad that Kira wasn’t going to be able to make it, but he was thrilled that Ken was even going to ask his parents about it, and he did. Jenny and Ray, at first, were kind of hesitant about the outing, but after some thought, they felt that it would be okay. Luke and Ken where responsible young men and they would never let anything happen to the young ones. Ken was ecstatic. He couldn’t wait until the weekend, he talked to all of his siblings and all of them were excited as well. After this he couldn’t wait to tell Luke, but he wanted to him in person so he walked over to the Wallace house.

Luke was certainly happy that the family trip was a go. So, he went to ask Lisa to then ask her if it was okay if Casey and Amanda went also. She was okay with it, but one thing she was worried about was Luke and Ken. In her opinion, Luke and Ken were moving a little fast for only have been going out for a little under a year. She was worried that they might take things to a serious point before either of them was ready. For example, them having sex just because their relationship felt serious, but in reality they’re just two people who don’t even know what they want out of their relationship yet.

After Ken left, he and Lisa fought over her opinions. Luke fought her, but deep down, he knew that part of her arguments were valid and probably true. Having sex with Ken did cross his mind once or twice, and he was sure that it must have crossed Ken’s, but Luke knew that they weren’t ready, and wasn’t even about to start thinking about bringing the subject up to Ken. So he reassured Lisa that subject wouldn’t come up for quite a while, and that he would try and slow things down with Ken. But he was just too happy with Ken that he really didn’t want things so slow down.

He really felt that he loved Ken, and he didn’t want anything to slow down their relationship, especially something that was so personal. So all he could do was hope that Ken didn’t bring it up and maybe just wait until he felt he was ready and see if Ken was ready at that same time. In the mean time all he wanted to worry about was planning the day for Saturday. He thought that before they went to the amusement park, they could go to the Spring-Summer carnival and get on some rides and play some games. Then after the water park, they could go to get something to eat, maybe some pizza at a parlor with an arcade or something.

This was exactly how this happened. The kids had the best time at the carnival. Luke and Ken didn’t really do much, except for watch over all of the kids and make sure they were safe. They had fun just watching them have fun. As they were waiting for the kids to get off one of their rides, they found the time to sneak some kisses to pass the time. The kids all knew what they were to each other, but the couple didn’t want to rub it in their noses. Holding hand was enough for them anyway.

The whole group of kids included four of Ken’s siblings, Emma who’s twelve, Steven who’s eleven, David who’s nine, and Mathew who’s seven, along with Casey who’s fourteen, and Amanda who’s eleven. Being the only girls, Emma and Amanda got pretty close with each other. After a few hours of playing around at the carnival, the kids were anxious to get to the water park. So they went. After changing, they each applied sun screen and charged for the nearest slide. Luke and Ken went on a couple, but after that they decided it was time to just enjoy the day. They walked with the kids to each slide hand in hand, and just enjoyed watching them have fun. Once they were done with all of the slides, Ken thought it might be good idea to get them calm before they went off to have some food, so they all went to relax in the lazy river.

There, they just relaxed and flowed with the. None of the kids didn’t know how to swim, so neither Ken or Luke were to worried about them, so they just relaxed and made sure that they kids were in eyesight at all times, Luke and Ken were in heaven. The both of them were close to their families, and their families were really important to each of them. So this day was like being in heaven for them. Either of them couldn’t ask more than their families getting along and actually going out together. After the kids all seemed to calm down, the got out of the river, dried, changed, and headed out.

This new pizza place had opened down town. It had a huge arcade and play center for the kids. So Luke thought it would be a good idea to take them there. Lisa gave him a ton of money for food and tokens for the arcade and whatnot, and Ken’s parents did the same thing. All the kids ate up most of the pizza, spaghetti, and breadsticks, then charged the arcade and play center. Casey was never a person to play video games so he stayed behind with Luke and Ken. As they were chatting, Brian and his family walked up to them. Brian had a big family also. He is the oldest in his family. He had two younger brothers, and two younger sisters.

“Hey guys, what are you doing here?” asked Brian

“Oh, we just came back from a trip to the water park, and the kids were hungry so we thought we’d stop buy and get some dinner. How about you?” said Luke

“Yeah, we just got here. It’s kind of packed, so it’s shocking that we even found a table.”

“Yeah, it was packed when we got here, but we found a table to. Hey, why don’t you guys join us?” said Luke

“No, we couldn’t. This looks like a family thing.” said Brian

“Well, you’re with your family; unless your family wants some time together.” said Ken

“Well, let me see if they want to, I’ll be right back.” said Brian as he went to go talk to his family, and then came back. “They said they would love to come join you.”

So they did. Brian’s family sat next to Luke and Ken and Casey, of course leaving space for the rest of the children. Then they ordered their pizza and other items, and the conversations went underway, mostly between Brian’s parents and Luke and Ken.

“So are you two best friends?” asked Brian’s mother, Kelly, to Luke and Ken

“No ma’am, we’re boyfriends.” said Ken

“Oh, I see” said Kelly

“You didn’t tell me your friends were fairies” Whispered Brian’s dad, Jack, to Brian

“Dad, don’t say that, these two are my best friends, I don’t want you talking about them like that.” Brian whispered back.

“So where are your guys’ parents?” asked Kelly

“Well, me and Ken thought it would be nice to take out our siblings together just so that way they could get used to being around each other and get to know each other. Ken and I have gotten more and more serious with each passing day, and we just wanted our families to feel like one big family, and we wanted to give Ken’s parents a break from all of their kids.” said Luke

“Funny, so what about your parents Luke?” asked Kelly

“Um, my parents are dead.”
“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.”

“That’s okay, you didn’t know.” said Luke

“So takes care of you and your brother and sister?” asked Kelly

“You shouldn’t pry into their lives mom.” said Brian

“That’s okay Brian. My older sister Lisa takes care of us. I’m pretty sure she’s spent the day so far with Ken’s parents. All three of them probably worried sick about us.”

“Well, I guess you can’t blame them.” said Kelly

“No, but I think Ken and I have done a good job with the kids today. They’ve been getting along really well, and we’ve made sure that they’ve been safe all day.”

“Well that’s very responsible of you; I can see why your parents and your sister decided that it was okay to have you two go a whole day without them.”

“Well thank you Mrs....I don’t even know your last name, I’m so sorry.” said Luke

“It’s Cook, but you can just call me Kelly.”

“Well, thank you Kelly.” said Luke

Luke and Ken and their siblings stayed for about another hour, and then thought it would be best to go home. The kids had all seemed pretty beat. They got back, and all of the kids pretty much just went to their rooms and plopped on their beds, they were so exhausted. Luke and Ken felt so much closer after that day, and their relationship was never any stronger.

Luke was so happy throughout the day, that he had totally forgot that it was his birthday, and he also forgot that they didn’t celebrate Ken’s birthday because his birthday was the day after they found Kira. So, he decided to call Ken and see, if he wasn’t too tired, if he wanted to go celebrate each of them turning eighteen by going to a gay club that was eighteen and over in downtown.

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