The Man Who Never Loved

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'' Wait..Are you ..''

'' No.'' I cut him off, knowing what he was going to say

'''re in love with her '' Alfredo eyes widened

'' Shut the fuck up.I'm not '' I started making my way to the door

'' Why are you leaving then ? Look at you.You're so fucking in love with her you can't stand it''

'' I said shut up '' I barked angrily

'' Man..Who knew Justin Keller had a heart ''

'' I don't ... Love is weakness ''

'' Guess why they call it falling in love ? '' Alfredo said '' Because falling is not something you choose ''

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Man Who Never Loved

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



I jumped of a bridge.

Well,not yet but that's what people will say to explain how I died..

Suicidal ? Nope.Tired ? Yes.

I'm curious about death.

Maybe it's like going to sleep forever or maybe all that shit about heaven is true.

Don't get me wrong.I used to be a believer too but believing is like waiting for a train at the airport.

It doesn't matter anyway.I'll probably go to hell.

This bridge used to be admired by everybody.Now it's just old and ugly.

I don't want to spend 75 years running away from death.So i'll just let it catch me.



'' It's stupid '' I heard someone behind me say



Surprised,I looked up.He was probably 18.


He was a very good looking guy,holding a cigarette in his right hand.His arms were crossed and his body was pressed to the barricade of the bridge.


He was looking straight ahead.Not even trying to stop me.I was just staring at him ,a confused look on my face.What kind of person was that ?


'' Killing yourself.It's stupid '' He finally looked down at me,taking the cigarette to his mouth

'' Who are you ? '' I found myself asking 

'' I don't know but I can tell you who I'm not .A savior '' He ran his hand through his hair

'' What is that supposed to mean ? '' I mumbled,looking down at the water under my feet 

'' You can jump.Don't worry,I won't try to stop you '' 

'' You won't ? ''

'' Nope. Its your life.Its your choicearrow-10x10.png\" to end it .I'm just saying it's stupid '' He replied

'' Why ? '' I asked 

'' You'll die when you'll be old and sick.It's stupid to kill yourself when you're young and healthy '' He simply said,licking his lower lip.


Dang..He was good looking. 

'' I don't want to spend my entiere life knowing every breath i take is a breath closer to my last one '' 

'' Life is short.You'll be dead soon enough.So just enjoy the ride '' He smirked

'' I've got nothing left to live for ''

'' Sure you do.You have legs.You can run.You have eyes.You can see the world. But go ahead,kill yourself if you think it will make things any better.If heaven exists,could you try to convince god not to send me to hell when I die ? '' He looked right into my eyes,half-smiling because he knew how hypnotizing he was.Then he started walking away.

'' Wait .. '' I yelled.


He turned around ..


'' Can you help me ? '' I couldn't believe i had just said that.

'' Sure gorgeous '' He smirked,helping me climbing on the bridge again.



I looked down to the edge i was standing on the second before. I had been so close to dying and i was just realizing it now.



'' Thankarrow-10x10.png\" you '' I stuttered,feeling my heart beat faster.

'' I did nothing.I just told you the truth.'' He smiled at me one last time before he left for good.


Wait...Did a ''Not-Savior'' just savearrow-10x10.png\" me ?

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