Chapter 2: Foreign place!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I decided to just go with it...I mean whats the worst that can happen, really randomly I cut my hair a lot shorter than it was before I thought that since long hair gets in the way of house work why not cut it. Mom got angry, nagging about how long and shiny it was, such beautiful hair must not go to waist...I really don't care what she says anymore. Its a good thing I'm a pro in house work. I can clean, cook, do everything a house worker can do or what my mom calls it a (house-maid). The appointed day was a Monday which I hate the most, one of the worst days of the week... and so early in the morning too.(4:32 am) ugh I can't stand this...i know theres gonna be a lot of drama once I arrive there. Okay get this, I arrive in London...and guess what ride awaits me? A LIMO a friggin LIMO can you believe the look on my face right now, well not like I know what kind of expression I have on right now.

“Miss Tachibana I will be your chauffeur for the evening”. Smiling while saying that kinda annoys me.

“I didn't know you British know Japanese”. Looking at his face, it kinda contorted after I said that...maybe I shouldn't have said “you British” ugh I feel stupid.

“Hey can you tell me what the boss is like? I looked at the foreign man curiously.

“Hm, well master is master do not call him “boss” it is not appropriate in the Oakwood home”.

“O-Oakwood? Is that the last name of BO- I mean of our master”. I hesitated for a bit.

“Correct, for your information though you may have not been informed yet, the master has 3 sons...” He stopped and corrected his posture. “ You will have a chance to meet the masters sons once you arrive at the estate , once the introductions are over another maid will show you to the maids living quarters, there you will-” I tuned out for a while, hearing all this new information really is hurting my head, damn now I have a migraine.

I tuned out for a while longer hoping that he would stop soon. Though once I herd that the “master” has 3 sons I got chills down my spine just thinking about it....ugh great now I have to care for some foreign kids, ah the life and times of a Japanese maid. I'm only 15 whats a girl to do ah well not that I care anymore.


“Miss Tachibana we have arrived”. I looked out the window only to discover some house no castle that looked like it came out of a painting, it was huge big enough for maybe 300 people or more I couldn't believe my eyes. The front garden was awesome lookin too...the grass was cut so clean and it was so green, greener than other grass I've ever seen before. But other than the grass the door to the castle was humongous such detail in every small part of the door stood out. I really am in a foreign country. 

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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