Chapter 3: Beauties!?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 A small, petite young woman stood near the door waiting for me...she was so cute. Her face was small but bright red splotches covered both her cheeks bright like cherries, her nose was small but pointy and her complexion was as white as snow. Curled bronze colored hair hung down both sides, cutting of till her shoulders.

And of course since almost all foreigners have; ocean blue eyes popped out from all the rest.

“Miss Tachibana? I am Marilyn I am the head maid, it is very nice to finally meet you”. Ah her voice was so cute and sweet sounding even she made my heart skip a beat.

“He-hello” I wanted to blush, compared to my voice I sound like a broken record.

“No need to be so formal, feel free to get comfortable while your here...the master is out for the day but you'll be able the meet his sons very soon, during the remainder of our time I will answer any questions you might have”. She smiled at me with joy, I couldn't help but stare at her pretty.

“well...” I hesitated for a while, making sure to think about my question thoroughly. She looked at me with anticipation.

“well, about the masters sons...what are they like”? She stopped for a minute, took a breath and exhaled while continuing our walk.

“well the young masters are...nice”. Her face blushed and twisted at the word “nice”.

“Ho-How are they nice?, what are they like”? We continued the walk, until she spoke again.

“Their very kind once you get to know them...”. Suddenly she changed the subject.

“So moving on, the maids quarters are down the south hallway everything is there...we have our own kitchen and shower/bathrooms. I'm pretty sure the water and bathing systems are a lot different here than in Japan so it will take a while to get used to”. She giggled a bit after she said that. Uwah she really is cute.

“Down the east hallway is the butlers quarters, their a bit naggy so bare with it if you can. And the north and west hallways is masters and young masters rooms, the ball room, dinning room, exercise room, shower/bathroom, living room/day room-”.

“uh Marilyn-San can you slow down a bit, its hard to keep up with all that information”. Great my migraine just got a whole lot worse.

“Hm perhaps, ha ha my apologies Tachibana. I'll explain it all little by little we have a lot of time to get to know each other. Just so you know when you see the master never ask for his name”. She grinned.

“I would like to ask why but...I'm thinkin I really shouldn't ask”. I gave her a smile in return.


We walked down the south hallway in to the maids quarters. I had my own room though I was sharing with someone.

“Excuse us, Luciana were coming in”. Once we walked in, a tall woman stood before us. She was a beauty(not as pretty compared to Marilyn-San) but a beauty at that, she was tall though like a model. Her hair was a brunette color ;wavy tied up with a small black ribbon. Instead of blue eyes she had light chest nut colored eyes, how marvelous they were.

“Hello there. I suppose you are my new room mate, am I correct”?

“uh, yes I am new here. My names Tachibana Reia but um Tachibana or Reia is fine”.

“Reia what an unusual but very pretty name, may I call you Reia”?

“Um...sure...ok”. I looked up at her again.

“Alright then”. She then smiled and laughed at me. Ah such pretty girls I feel like a sore loser compared to did such high class beauties become maids...thats what I'm wonderin.

Submitted: April 23, 2012

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