Chapter 4: First young master!

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The next day it was my first day of work. And you can't believe what I have to ware for the job. The traditional foreigners maid outfit, it was a deep black ankle high dress the buttons; 3 in front and 7 in the back. To give it a whole maid feel to it, a white apron covered the black dress completely with frills that covered both shoulders...leaving no room to show skin, which I thought was stupid, such a stupid design for a dress. I felt weird in it really weird. And um for your information the outfit had a few flaws to it as well. Like the socks, it was thigh length socks (black) of course and...ew I don't want to say it...gar-garter belt. Ugh I felt like a skank but if thats how its gonna be then fine I'll accept it, if every one else is gonna ware something like this then I'll just go with it. I arrived at the maids kitchen were every one was eating their lunch.


“Ah, you look absolutely stunning in that maid outfit”. Marilyn-San said this to me with a smile on her face, I knew she was lying but she was really trying her best to look happy while saying this to me.

“Well, thank you for the complement”. I smiled while saying this, only to show that I too was trying real hard. After the lunch all the maids and butlers got together to form a sort of plan for the day.

The head maid spoke first. “Everyone first off I would like to introduce to you the new addition to the family...Reia Tachibana, she has transferred from Japan to work here at the Oakwood main Estate. According to the information I was given, Reia was sent here for personal reasons so please if you may do not ask Reia if she does not wish to speak about it”. Argh dammit she's really so nice, I can't help it it's a complex why does she have to be so cute and nice and-and ARGH. I stood up and bowed thinking that they would ask why I would “bend at the waist”. But they accepted me so I think I'll make it through for now.


“Alright back to official business, so for todays lunch and dinner me and the kitchens staff have came up with a wonderful selection. Since each of the masters sons each have a unique sense of taste different from the other, I think this food selection shall appease them all even the master”. Now this was a Marilyn I didn't know, she was so detailed and so straight forward...the total opposite of myself which I do deeply agree to.(laughs)

Soon after that marvelous speech from the head maid everyone was like all mechanical or somthin maids on the right side were running with cloths and bed sheets, maids sure are fast when it comes to things like this.

On the other side the butlers were shining and cleaning silver ware knives, spoons, forks you name it it was kinda like an assembly line almost like. Luciana then pulled me aside from all the chaos and gave me some folded clothing, the idiot I am I have know idea what to do. So I look a Luciana with curiosity.


“He he I knew you do that. Well these cloths are for the eldest of the young masters. His room is down the west hallway were the young masters rooms reside. Just ask a maid if you get lost I'm sure there are lots of them running around the mansion”. She then laughed after she said that.

“But-but I don't know what to do, what do I do once I get to his room, do I dress him, uh do I help him with his clothes”? I was so confused I've never worked with foreign children their probably all snobs.

“Hes a bit of a hard one to deal with but I'm sure you'll be fine, however if he does need any help with you know how to tie a neck tie” ?

“Uh, yes...yes I do but how does that-”. She stopped me mid way. She then patted me on the head like a dog(though it felt nice) and gave a large grin and ran down the south hallway. I have no idea what I'm am suppose to do. Oh well as I always say just go with it or I'll just wing it or somthin like that.


So I walked down the west hallway, yep making my way down and now I'm really confused...there were so many doors that I had no idea which one was the eldest young master in. The idiot that I am stopped a maid while she was actually sprinting down the hallway, and asked her which door was the eldest.

She pointed to the one at the very end of the hallway. I just realized that the hallway ended way far off. At the very end there was a large window and by that window was the door I was lookin for.



The door at the very end looked almost different than the others in the hallway. The wood design was somewhat more detailed and well furnished then the others. I took a deep breath made sure that my posture was ok and knocked on the door lightly. “Y-young master? May I come in I have your change of clothes”. I said with a well kept tone not the tone I would use normally. You see I kinda have a kansei accent because I was around my father too much...long story short. A deep but surround sounding voice echoed from the bathroom(at least that's were I thought it came from)


“Thank you just leave it on the bed”. The voice was so nice sounding that even I was enchanted by it. I then wondered what the eldest looked like....then I thought again maybe he's using some sort of radio voice changer like I read in a manga, story: little boy uses fake older male voice to seduce a woman on the phone. Thinking about that I became more aware of the situation, what should I do if it really was a kid... I would really feel stupid to fall for such a stupid trick. I kicked the side of the bed hurting my toe(ouch) in shock the neatly folded clothing was tossed all over the floor. I soon realized and started to pick the clothes up. Suddenly, the door the bathroom opened. I was bent over on all fours analogizing to the foreigner for doing that to his lovely clothes....oh now I'm gonna get it.


“Oh, it is alright its just clothes right”?. A kind sounding voice came on top of me. I looked up slowly only facing what you would call “A super lovely scene”. What I thought that I was going to face, a kid turned out to be a man about 185 cm with a super fine head of hair, it was a cool blond not too blond but almost gold it was curled too. And his complexion was light tanned but kinda pure white. Oh but his eyes like pure honey colored, such a beautiful color.( I'm even asking myself why I pay attention to too much minor details about a person).

“But I'm so sorry to have dropped them on the floor, ah now theres dust on it. Eh now I have to wash it again...ah I'm terribly sorry young master”.

I looked back up again to find a small grin appear on his face, though some maids say that hes always so straight faced. He picked up the pants that were lying on the floor.

“well a little dust wont hurt anyone right so please it is alright”. I was so shocked, I wanted to run out the door screaming and yelling out what was in my head.

“Alright then, I'll just fold your clothes young master-”. He then grabbed my arm lightly and tugged me up towards him.

“To be honest, I really don't like to be called that”.

“Ah, I-I'm so sorry you-, uh then if you do not want me to call you by that name, then what would you like me to call you”? He looked at me and I looked at was like boom “lovely scene” again.

“Ha ha know ones ever asked me that question, well then I guess your the only one that can address me as Richard...uh but don't add in young master, just Richard”. He was so straight faced I didn't know what to do so I just said.

“Um, alright then I'll call you Richard, I'm sorry I'm new to this and I may be confused about some things so I guess I should leave you to change yes?” once I started to walk out the door he stopped me for that one moment.


“You know my name, then what is your's”?. I really, really wanted to scream to the heavens.

“Uh, my name is Reia”. I almost blushed at the sight of his reaction towards my name.

“Then Reia I hope that you'll do fine, and don't worry about the clothes. Though there is one thing. Every one else does not address me by my real name(they know my name) Your the only one that might address me as Richard but only when or if you might talk to me. But when every one is around I think It would be best to call me young master”. He smiled at me to make sure I understood completely. I wondered how old he was; so profound sounding he was. When he was done talking I lightly bowed and left the room. I breathed in deep and exhaled loudly walking down the hallway. I thought again about the scene I was just in, and remember what I missed. If I remember correctly he just came out of the bathroom right, so that nicely built body before my eyes wasn't a dream huh.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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