Life in Symmetry

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Lucy and Natalie are twins. On the night of their 17th birthday, Natalie gets kidnapped and is never found. Lucy tries to continue her life as normal, yet she has strange dreams. Natalie is forced to live out her life with her kidnapper, and even though they are miles apart, the twin connection is made stronger...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life in Symmetry

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



My name is Lucy Henderson. On the night of my 17th birthday, my identical twin, Natalie, was kidnapped. That was the last time I ever saw her alive. And this is my story.


First I should probably tell you about myself. My name is Lucy Marie Henderson and I was born on 23rd July 1994. I have an identical twin sister called Natalie Elizabeth Henderson, and we are as different as can be. I have a short, pixie hairstyle which is dyed purple, while Natalie has long blonde hair. When we were younger, our parents made us do the whole dressing in identical outfits and having the same hairstyle. No one could tell us apart. Then, when we started secondary school it changed. We both decided that we wanted to be in different classes, to be separate from each other. Natalie started hanging around with the "popular" people, while I was alone. Natalie had always been the strong one out of us, so being on my own was difficult at first.

But in time, I got used to it. I made my own friends, even had a few boyfriends, but I wasn't part of the same group as Natalie. My friends were the misfits. The people who didn't really fit in anywhere. Natalie was in the "popular" group, the group that went out every Friday night to get drunk, the group that hated my friends and I. But even though we were part of different groups, every night we would sit up and talk to each other about everything and everything. At the end of the day, we were still identical twins, and we could always tell when the other was in trouble.

On the night of our 17th birthday, Natalie was getting ready to go out to town with all her friends to get "smashed". We were in our room, and I was lying on my bed, reading while she was putting her make up on. I looked over and noticed her dress; it was red and strapless. It began just above her breasts and finished just below her crotch.

"You do realise Mum is going to have a fit when she sees how short that dress is?" I said.

"Do you really think I'm that stupid to go downstairs wearing this?" Natalie replied as she finished her make up.

"Good point," I laughed. "So what's the plan?"

At this point she leaned over and grabbed her black school skirt and a white blouse, and started putting them on over the top of her dress.

"I told Mum that we're going out as school girls." She smiled.

"Ahhh clever. But be careful, please? I know you've done this before, but I still worry." I confessed.

"Don't worry about me," she said as she came over to kiss my head, "I'll be fine. I have to go, Mary is here."

And with that she left her room, and I heard the muffled voices of my parents telling her to be careful. I then heard the shutting of the front door, and the growls of Mary's car as they drove away.


We got the news the next morning. 8am, and the doorbell rang. Two police officers were at the door, telling us that Natalie had been kidnapped. She had been with Mary, and this man had just grabbed her and pulled her into the back of the van, hit Mary across the face when she tried to help, before driving off into the distance. Mum cried, while Dad just sat there in his chair. Marcus, my 10 year old brother ran out of the door, followed by Harvey, my older brother who had been staying with us for the week. I just went up to our - no, my room. I lay down on Natalie's bed, curling myself up beneath the covers, breathing in her smell reliving that last conversation I had had with her.

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