Thirsty Rose

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A lonely guardian lord becomes fond of a homeless oren. As she learns to live a normal life, their affinity grows stronger.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Thirsty Rose

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



Ch.1 Close Quarters

Only four brownies left, as Beckett finished off the sixth, he started on the fifth. Still concealed beyond the vending machine just on the corner of the only mini market of the neighborhood, Sasha struggled at the luscious aroma of the dark fudge chocolate.Her tongue whipped across her nose, collecting the drool exceding pass her lips.

It's been a while since she laid eyes on Beckett, she had a strong admiration of him which was unlikely for her, having a timorous nature of people. Only two brownies were left now. She felt her stomach moan in protest as she stayed put, battling her shyness.

Beckett stood up and walked around to the side of his truck, daunted by his height, she crept further behind vending machine. Beckett revved the loud rig and turned the radio on.

Sasha was familier with country, but the truck's substance was nausiating....diesel.

The sun was just about setting and the store had another four hours before closing time. Two woman came out of the store. One was holding a large Pepsi.

Seeing the popular beverage, Beckett decided he should get one himself.
He shut the driver's door and entered the store. The two lonely brownies still sitting on the napkin just on the curb.

Sasha hadn't been in a normal life, but she also knows not take things not in her own possession. After a couple of minutes, Beckett came back outside proudly carrying his own Pepsi. He claimed his all time favorite treat he left unattended.

Thunder rumbled in the near distance and the threatening, dark clouds snuck closer as the breeze tripled its mph. Beckett gazed at the sky as the wind upset his long, heavenly - blonde hair.

Knowing these kind of storms, Sasha knew she had to go back to the old shed she discovered in the field a little ways down the road. She could smell the chubby rain as she watched the clouds swell in vain.

Before she went, she watched Beckett hop into his truck as so did another customer from inside the store. The big grumbly Ram reversed out of the parking space and sped down the road leaving fumes of diesel in the atmosphere. Same direction she came from.

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