Dear Diary- Volume II

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: November 01, 2008

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Submitted: November 01, 2008



Monday,7th March. Martha Bradshaw's Academy for Girls. Under the stairs, level three.

I think Katharine Hepburnsummed it upwhen she said- 'Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then.'

Interestingly, that's one of the very few quotes I remember.

All that fear and concern I had about Kepperton Senior teasing me over the past?

Not needed. He was completely and utterly professional. In fact, he's so professional, his maths tutoring is more like a meeting with a financial advisor.

It just went so...WELL.

He asked me what I was struggling with, and wrote notes on a little notepad. He gave me a few simple exercises to start off, and surveyed me with just a hint of a smile. And sure, there were moments I got a little tense, but perhaps I was over-reacting (how surprising). Like when he broke out of his reverie and asked me (as I doodled flowers rather than answers in my book),

"How are things with you and Adam?"

Because, um, NO-ONE has ever asked that. They haven't NEEDED to ask that. After all, EVERYONE has seen us make-out. But rather than let it confuse me, I brushed it off with a reply generally acknowledging the perfection of the situation. This shut him up.

As I got up to leave, he tapped me on my shoulder and I turned to face him.

"You're impressive, Nina."

I sort of just stood there, stunned. I know- that's about all I can do. But what do you say to that? Luckily, Gerard saved me.

"You know, you really have a flair for Maths. You just have to let it out."

I nodded, half smiling. If there was ever a LOAD OF CRAP said, THAT WAS IT.

Anyway, I left the session feeling rather confident and pleased with myself, a welcome change from the usual. But just to make everything go back to normal, Adam appeared. He found me walking back up to my dorm. Taking the few books I had, he pecked me on the cheek and smiled.

"Whaaaat?", I questioned, my suspicion disguised in a smirk.

He shrugged innocently and replied,

"Nothing! You just look beautiful, is all!"

I laughed, conscious of the impending drama.

"What do you want, Adam Kepperton?"

He moved closer and whispered,

"You. If you'd have me."

I nearly fainted at the sexual connotations in his comment. Not to mention, I already have him, so I knew there was something more to the message.

"Please, Adam. Confess!"

Again he smiled that deadly smile and he grabbed my hand with his free one.

"So how was tutoring, hmm?"

I slapped him gently.

"Don't evade the topic! You obviously mean something! And it was fine, by the way."

It was then that it all spilled out. I don't know what my face looked like, but I'm sure it was quite comical. You see, Adam has a habit of making you feel like eyes are watching you from every direction. And when he told me what was really on his mind, the subject of his implied messages, I felt my skin burning with unexpected embarrassment.

"Nina, I-....I need you." He was all seriousness now, as he pulled me close with his free hand. There was no doubt about it- Adam Kepperton was struggling with words.

"You know just how much I love you...I want you to trust me..."

I stroked the hair from his face, unsure of what else I could do.

"Nina, my love..", he started, staring into my eyes. By now, I was lost. "Nina...come to me tonight. If you will. I just..I can't...God, Nina Preston, I can't restrain this any longer." He kissed me softly and waited for my reply. It probably wasn't what he'd expected, but he wasn't disappointed.


I KNOW, I KNOW. But when have I ever been one for prophetic or moving statements? Come on, I was under pressure here, people!

So Adam, relaxed by my agreement, released me and carried my books back to my dorm. I kissed him in the doorway and as something fluttered excitedly in my stomach, I whispered,

"Meet me at the stables at eight. There's a little river-"

"I know, my love.", he replied, squeezing me and running off. It was then Bridget ran up to me and started questioning me about the last hour. I don't even know why, but I told her about my plans for tonight. Her reaction made me realise why I was so comfortable with telling her.

"Omigod!!! You are such an ADORABLE virgin! Well, Adam loves you...omigod, that is soooo ROMANTIC! ..Wait...what are you gonna wear?!"

That stumped me too. My cutest lingerie was currently drying in the wash-room. I'd have to go down there to grab it. There was no way Adam was seeing me in a pair of white undies and an old Adidas sports bra. Bridget seemed to be more freaked out than I was. She got into a frenzy over an emergency beauty regime I'd have to implement for tonight. Apparently, shaving my legs was the least of my worries.

There is something quite comforting about having Bridget Kent for a best friend. No matter what, you feel completely assured that EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT. Not only that, but you'll go down like a SUPERSTAR doing whatever it is you're doing.

So I guess that explains why I'm under the stairs here. I just got my pretty, black lace lingerie from the wash room, and I needed somewhere to write in privacy. I am honestly bemused about everything. I mean, I know I am losing my virginity tonight, but this Adam we're talking about. I'd probably be just as excited if he'd asked me to elope with him in Paris. And I'm a mature individual...I can handle this.

Uh-oh. Someone's-- Crap, Gerard Kepperton's seen me. Gotta go!

xoxo.Nina Preston.

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