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Closing his jouranl, absently wiping his tears away and Despite that his mother avoid him and despite how his father beat him. Alec got up and walked into the bathroom, staring at himself in the mirror. He punches it and yelled " Damn it, why do you hate me !" he cried himself to sleep. Waking up everymoring with cold water over you,eating burned oatmeal.Alec thought. Why, is I'm such a burden on them. he grabs his black jamsport bag, brush his magenta hair and said" I am a malediction to everyone in the fucking town." He walks out of the house, skipping breakfast and started walking towards his shcool. being in highschool is tough for Alec as he approaches his locker and took out his books. he can feel a group of peple staring at him. So he had enough, enough of the beating, the name callings and he sins that they brought him. He grab his bag and ran, he ran towards the woods where no one dare to go in. Alec knew he felt a sharp pain where a student stab in. He was losing too much blood as he slumper against the tree and sleep. He began to hear voices.*he's hurt?* * my lord should we treat him* * let take him to Avalon, i am sure his people wont miss him* *of course, sir Ambrose.* Alec did not open his eyes, he can hear a man talking to another * Sir Gareth, do you think he's the missing prince?* Sir Gareth said * maybe if he is clever and sharp as an elf.* *Ambrose! Ambrose where are you?* Alec eyes snap open as he looked up at a face, it had amber eyes and black raven hair that touches his face. the face smiled and said " My lord, you finally awoken." Alec sat up on the soft white bed and said " w- where I am? who are you?"

The face said " this is Avalon. home of elves,feys and you name it." Alec nod and said " human here....if not then what am I. why are the humans in the towns are scared of me when I done nothing wrong? I don't understand..." Alec hugged his knees and cried between his lap. the face as Alec describe took a step back and gave him a hankerchief. he said " my name is Ambrose....I am not an elf or a fey but one of the 13 angels. the last of the angels have been missing for thousand years. he was a prince of avalon, he was the founder after the war. he just vanish. some say that is in a slumber or hidden in human form." Alec said " and what does that got with me? do I look like this missing prince...." Ambrose said " the reason why the humans hate you. it because they know something. do you wonder why you have a choker around your neck. It is there to supress your powers and your wings. that is how we know you are the prince and the last angel." ALec said " if i am who i am, then how come I don't remember?" Ambrose said " at the will remeber...."

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