She'll Never be what you expect...

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 06, 2009



Chapter 3: Surfer girl

The alarm buzzed in my ear and Josh groaned, throwing a pillow at my head. “Turn it off… too early…” He moaned, digging back into the blankets. I grinned and got up, grabbing my togs* out of my drawer.

As I walked past his bed I shoved Josh’s head, waking him up again. He mumbled some choicest swear words and I boxed him over the ear. “I’m going to the beach; I’ll be back in time to get ready for school.” I told him, tiptoeing to the bathroom so I didn’t wake anyone up.

I changed into my black and white striped bikini and put on a pair of boardies and a singlet, deciding that would be enough. It wasn’t that hot today, but it shouldn’t be so cold to need my wetsuit.

I examined myself in the mirror, feeling suddenly self conscious. It wasn’t as if I was ugly or fat or anything, it was just a natural instinct. I had some nice curves, my breasts slightly bigger than average and being naturally slim only accentuated it all. I shrugged and grabbed my board, which was in its case, and slung it over my shoulder.

I decided momentarily to leave my glasses on the bathroom bench. I’ll be alright without them, I assured myself. I slipped out of the house silently, easing it shut before I started to jog down the street. It only took me a short time to reach the beach, and when I arrived I whooped with glee as I spotted the good waves, glancing around to see if anyone had seen that.

But all the surfers were already out there, and there must have been around 20. I was late. I pulled my singlet and watch off, throwing them into my surfboard case. I tugged my hair band off my wrist and tied up my hair, grabbing my board and diving into the waves among the others. I quickly caught on, revelling in the feeling.

I felt like a goddess, swerving back and forth along the surging waves, dodging all the rest and taking charge quickly. Some cheered and booed, seeing who was forcing her way through. I was known on this beach, known for being fierce competition. I was quickly soaked but I only got dumped a few times, none that badly.

When people started to disappear, heading back home to get ready for work and school, I gave up because the waves were fading anyway. I climbed up the sand dunes and spotted one of my school mates running towards me, his surfboard under his arm. “Hey! Olive! I haven’t seen you around here for ages; you haven’t lost your touch.” He yelled. I raised my hand to shade my eyes to the sun behind him and grinned.

“Yeah, how were your holidays Husky?” I had always wanted to swap my name for his, I mean seriously, how cool is the name ‘Husky’? He was lucky I had recognised him though, not wearing my glasses. He was the only one from school that had realised I was the mysterious female surfer.

The only female surfer on this beach. “Oh alright. I got to go to wet and wild* so that was fun. How about you?” I shrugged half-heartedly. I enjoyed chatting with Husky; he was easy going and didn’t judge anyone. Plus, he was a hot Goth boy. My style. “The normal, taking care of my brothers and sisters and working. Lucky bastard, I’ve never been to a theme park.”

His jaw dropped comically as we walked up the beach together towards the showers. “Are you serious? Wow, that’s weird.” I shrugged again and frowned, making him shake his hands out suddenly, apologising, “Sorry, that’s not what I meant. I mean, it’s just strange, you never having gone to a theme park or anything. No offence.”

I grinned again and he visibly relaxed. “No harm done. Just messing with you.” He smiled again and ruffled my hair before jogging away, “I’ll see ya at school Olli.” I waved at him vaguely and lay my board against a pole before untying my hair and turning on the beach shower.

I was ringing out my hair as I saw another person jogging up the beach. “Ouch.” I breathed silently, talk about nice. I hadn’t seen that one around here. When he finally became visible to me I spun back around to face the shower, letting my hair drop over my unique and easily identifiable eyes. It was Lee, my new next door neighbour. I glanced over my shoulder as he passed right behind me, only my blue eye showing.

He winked at me and smiled flirtatiously, obviously not knowing who I was. I smirked however and returned to washing the salty water off my body. When I was finished I slipped my singlet back on and had to run all the way home.

When I finally ran through the front door I found a thunderous ma and Josh in the kitchen. “Olive Elizabeth Peterson! Where have you been all morning!” She ranted, shoving peanut butter sandwiches into lunch boxes and bouncing Rya on her hip as he bawled. “I’m sorry ma, I was talking to a friend down at the beach.” I took Rya from her and ran with him upstairs, sitting him on my bed and slamming the door shut.

I pulled my singlet and boardies off, realising just in time that the curtains weren’t drawn. I pulled it shut instantly, praying no one had seen me, least of all Lee. I changed into my light blue and white school polo shirt and shorts, picked my lip ring out of its solution and slipped it in, changed Rya’s nappy and grabbed my books and bag.

All within ten minutes.

I brushed my hair quickly; making sure it would be to one side when it was fully dry, though it was already pretty much dry. I picked up Rya again and ran down stairs with him, wiping his nose on a tissue on the way. “Snotty little brat.” I cooed. He giggled and swung back, making me loose balance halfway down the steps.

“Whoa!” I groaned, pulling him back upright. “OLIVE! Where is RYA!?” I heard my mother yell and winced, knowing I had been a nuisance. “Here.” I murmered, coming up behind her. She jumped a foot in the air and almost dropped her handbag. “Oh god you gave me a fright Olli. Go put him in his seat.” I did so and watched steadily as Emily, Reese, Haley and ma piled into the car. The younger children got lifts where Josh, Kit and I had to walk to high school.

“C’mon guys! We’re gunna be late!” I shouted into the house. “You’re one to talk!” Kit yelled back, walking out of the house with Josh following close behind. He locked the front door and hid its key in the mouth of a gnome that sat beside the door. “Come on.” He muttered, leading the way.

When we finally came to the gate the bell was only just ringing, signalling that we had five minutes to get to class. New students were running around like headless chooks, trying to find their classes, older students were greeting each other civilly, younger students were squealing and yelling to get each others attention. It was crazy to say the least.

Josh and I dodged the crowds, trying to find our homeroom. When we did, we were just in time. The teacher had just walked out, slightly balding and short, though he could only have been in his mid twenties. I was taller than him! “Come on in!” He yelled over the noise, making every one quieter as they filed inside. I spotted Husky and as our eyes met he grinned, winking at me.

He knew my secret, but he wouldn’t give it away. No one else knew I was the surfer girl. Then I spotted one of my thirds – no offence to Josh of course – and ran and jumped on her back. “Miiiiillllliiieeee!” I chirped, dropping back down to the ground as her back buckled. “Hey Olli, what’s happening? How were your holidays?” She asked happily, her icy blue eyes travelling over my appearance. My hair was slightly curly after drying naturally and my eyes were bright and wild beneath it.

I just shrugged however, taking my seat up the back with her. Another person walked in and I yelled out her name, “Keviiiiiiii!” I chimed, making her jump with excitement. This was my other third. Together we were a whole. “Millie! Olli!” She yelled, catching attention from the teacher. She skipped towards us and I grinned.

Millie had black scene hair that flared all over the place, tan golden skin and two piercing beneath her lips. Kevina had an olive complexion, cheeky brown eyes and red and black hair that reached to her shoulders, falling around her delicate features elegantly.

I grinned at her and patted the desk beside me. She jumped across the desk and I pulled the chair out for her. She jumped into it and threw her arms around me, squeezing the air out of me. I laughed lightly, pulling my timetable from my bag. “What do you have Miss Olivia?” Millie asked, pulling her own timetable out. “Olive.” I corrected with a scowl, pointing out my next lesson. “English? Awesome Olli! I’ve got that too!” Kevi cried excitedly as Millie slumped with disappointment.

“Damn it, I’ve got Sose. Jesus. You doing art again Olli? I’m doing Home Economics and ICT, God curse me for choosing those bloody subjects…” I grinned and shoved my timetable back into my bag. “At least you don’t have to do my science. Feel lucky.” I had been in the same classes as everyone else until grade nine, half way through which I was moved into the next grade up in science.

Now that I was in year eleven, I was doing grade twelve biology. It was torturous, having to do such hard work when I was a year younger than everybody else. Still, I took advantage of it. Either way, I wasn’t the only one. There were two others in my homeroom who did the same biology class. Husky being one of them.

So later on that day, as I headed for biology after second lunch, I wasn’t surprised as Husky ran up on me from behind. “Hey! You still in B1?” He asked, referring to my classroom. “Sure, I guess you are too?” I asked, grinning as he smiled from ear to ear. He was just like a little kid. He and about four others sat with us during lunch and he was one of the few who I talked to.

So as we walked into biology, chatting away animatedly, he did notice my double take. “What’s wrong?” He asked curiously, wondering what had stopped me. “Oh, aah, nothing. Just, recognised someone…” I muttered, letting my hair swing forwards over my face as I took my seat in the back row, Husky beside me.

The teacher set us our work and I was talking with Husky about the bay's mangrove ecosystem when the person in front of us turned around. “Olive isn’t it? Fancy seeing you here. I thought you were in grade eleven?” Lee asked nonchalantly. I eyed him carelessly and Husky’s own black eyes narrowed.

“I am, I got moved up into this science class however. Same with Husky.” Lee turned and barely glanced at Husky, who looked to be bristling. “Is that right? Then you’re a smart arse too? I would have thought Josh would be with you.” I shrugged haphazardly, copying some notes down from the board. “We hang out at lunch and after school, but we’re not the joined at the hip type of twins.”

Lee raised an eyebrow. “Really. So how come you’re so chatty today?” He asked, pretending not to care. “I get to come back to school and see my friends again, why else?” Husky smirked and draped an arm carelessly over my shoulders. I ribbed him playfully and he jerked away slightly, grinning.

Lee watched the exchange with curious eyes. Then they flashed, as though he had just remembered something. “Hey, do either of you guys know a girl here that surfs down at the beach in the mornings?” He asked. Both Husky and I stiffened for a moment and Husky looked down at me inquiringly. I shook my head, meaning it for both of them.

“Nope. There’s only one girl who surfs at the beach and no one really knows who she is.” I said indifferently. Husky just had to put in his own bit. “I surf with her, but I don’t know who she is. Did you see her? Hot isn’t she, wish I could hit that.”

I elbowed him in the gut under the bench and he puffed out breath unexpectedly, gasping with silent laughter at my seething expression. Lee didn’t seem to notice, distracted as he was. “I’ll say. I’ve never seen a girl like that. Man, it’s a damn no one knows who she is. I’d nail that girl any day.”

Now I was just plain disgusted. “Ah, hello? Does anyone realise I’m still here? Will both of you just shut up and do your work!” I snapped. Lee smirked and Husky put up his hands in resignation, his grin still there. “Okay, okay. We were just discussing your-” I poked him in the ribs again with pursed lips, pointing to the board. “I’ll kill you. I swear I’ll kill you.” I muttered, only loud enough for Husky to hear.

He squeezed my shoulders. “If you meant that, you wouldn’t be blushing. Would you?” I hated it that my cheeks had burst into flames with every word he had uttered.

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