closer toghter

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - closer toghter

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



chapter 2


im sitting in front of the principle i know whats coming ive been here so many times in the past year i dont even have to ask why im sitting here i look at the prinicple he looks worried and seems to have some pity i hate the look hes giving me.

'' i now that your probably wondering why your here so im going to just get right to the subject'' the principle says

'' okay'' i say

'' its your sons ryan is on the basketball team he seems to be doing very well but as far as school goes not so much and then of course we have james they are having some serious trouble they dont get along and ya i get that siblings dont always get along but their getting to the point where they are hitting each other i think you might need to talk with these young man but i just want to let you know there will be a punishement'' the principle says

'' i understand its just been really hard for my sons they lost their mother and they blame each other ive tried everything to help them out but i dont know how to control them'' i say

'' we'll need a further meeting this week to figure out what to do about their futur at this school'' the principle says

i look worried i wonder if hes going to kick them out i sure hope not i dont think i could afford to send them to another school i guess i have to talk to them both tonight i dont know what i'll say but heck they better straighten up or else im going to have a panick attack.ive been having those lately stupid doctor tried to help me by prescribing some medication doesnt even work.

that night im sitting at the table i see that its quiet as usual how do you break the silence im not sure all i know is nows not the time to start a fight.i look at them both they dont even make eye contact they used to be really close know they caint stand each other i miss when they were childeren and they used to climb trees togher in the back yard.those were better days.know days are boring and my work seems longer some times we miss a meal cause the money is so tight.i hate that.

ryan is dribbling his basketball at the table its annoying i constantly have to tell him to stop bring sports stuff in the kitchen.

'' ryan'' i say

''what'' ryan says sharply

'' i told you not to bring your basketball while we eat dinner'' i say

'' dad sheesh calm down i need to practice for tonights game'' ryan says

''your not playing tonight or next week for a matter of fact'' i say

ryan looks at me in total horror as if i was telling him taht i was sending him to the military he doesnt say anything for a mintute just looks at me he must think i might  be joking.

''your kidding me what'' ryan asks

'' your grades are not so good and plus the prinicple says your doing alot of fighting with your brother it needs to stop'' i say

'' dad come on basketball mean everything to me'' rayn says

''you need to also pay attention to your future school is more important'' i say

''why poor ryan is going to die without basketball''james says sarcasticlly

'' you shut the fuck up you idiot''rayn says

''what your going to hit me again'' james says

there both standing up and i see their both going to start a fight oh no not again

''i could probably play better then you'' james says

'' okay you want to bet lets play right know''ryan says

i look at both of them caint they just for once act mutur and stop fighting its really annoying their still standing but im know standing if between them heck if i have to call the cops i will.

'' enough''i scream

''dad''james says

i cut him off

''dont you say anything else you hear me im sick and tired of this bullshit know dinner is done and your both going to bed and ryan you better shape up''i say

''you just dont understand''ryan says

''really your going to start a fight shut up and go to ure room i dont care about your stupid basketball trust me i totally understand''i say

'' i hate you''ryan says

'' i dont give a shit how you feel right know go'' i say

im a littel shocked about his last words but i know he doest really hate me ive learned to not take a fifteen year old to seriously they could be mad and crumpy but they alwas cheer up.



im sitting on my bed god was dad mad i get it i know hes struggling with his job it hasent been easy espically since mom died as soon as i get that thought i brush it away i dont like to think about mom its painful.i hear a knock at the door its ryan.but he doesnt look so friendly and to be honest a fight right know is not an option.

''what''i say

''nothing at all just want to let you know that your stupid even for one minutet if you think you can go into basketball and be better then me'' ryan says.

'' you have no idea what im capable of doing''i say

ryan laughs

''trust me i know''ryan says

''well big brother if it makes you feel better i'll talk to coach and i'll bet your fucking ass''i say

''go ahead''ryan says

''i will''i say

ryan turns away to leave but before i can go to bed he turns around and looks at me

''oh and just to let you know dont even think you'll get sara shes mine'' ryan says

i dont look at him as i shut the door hes going down im going to beat his ass in basketball and win over his girlfriend im not afraid of him.

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