closer toghter

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - closer toghter

Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Submitted: February 28, 2013



chapter 3


im walking inside the coaches office i wonder what it is this time but im guessing it has to do with ryan.i now coach pretty well he was my coach when i was in high school im guessing hes in his early fiftees although i caint be sure. i see hes reading his newspaper and he looks up at me when he sees me enter the room.

'' hello ben'' coach says

'' hey'' i say

'' do you know why your here'' coach asks

'' they want me to replace you as coach'' i say sarcasticlly

''nice try ben but aint gonna work please sit down'' coach says

''i think i know what it is let me guess its ryan'' i say

'' no its both of them i talked to the prinicple and we both agree that this whole thing with both of them is totally out of hand your sons are distracting the enter school its noting but drama and there constantly fighting'' coach says

'' its'' i say

but coach cuts me off before i can contiue.

''i get it okay they lost their mother but things like i said are getting out of hand their hitting each other yelling punching and their so much hatred between the two'' coach says

'' i know but ive tried everything'' i say

suddently the coach is looking at me and smiling i wonder why he is i dont see how this is a smiling situtation and to be honest i think hes getting some ideas which kind of scares me.

'' their is something you can do'' coach says

'' what''i ask

'' james will join the team'' coach says

for a mintute i think hes joking im not saying james is a bad basketball player could this be some sick joke i dont think this is going to work i can know imagine what it would be like on the basketball court i dont think they'll make it through the enter season.this doesnt sound good.

'' look i hear what your saying but this is not going to work'' i say

'' it will that way they will have to force themselfs to get along trust me ben'' coach says

'' i do i just dont think you guys will finish the season if you put both of them toghter'' i say

'' look i will give it a try lets say three weeks but i warn you if you dont make up your mind by thursday your boys wont finish highschool you hear me'' coach says

i nodd but the words wont come out oh god this will be intresting never mind the lectures i dont think i can talk to either of them they  never listen. as i leave i look up at the sky god how i wish i had mary here.i miss her so much.if she was here the boys wouldent be this way and i wouldent have to show up at the school three times a week.i hear the phone ring its my boss he doesnt sound to happy.

'' whats up with you'' james ask

'' well lets see my boss might fire me and i have to show up here three times a week because you boys caint straighten out your shit'' i say

james doesnt say anything and im glad i need the silence our drive back home is silence i sigh a sigh of relife i just want to go to bed.when we enter though i get a phone call and its not the boss its ryan.where is he.

'' ryan where are you'' i ask

'' where do you think'' ryan says

'' excuse me i picked up james and i was waiting'' i say

'' i dont give a fuck i was a the coaches office you know what he said'' ryan asks

'' yes i know james might be playing on your team'' i say out loud

''i hate you and my life thanks a lot dad'' ryan says

with that ryan hangs up i turn around and see that james is staring at me in horror i dont understand why but im guessing it has to do with the fact that he has to play with ryan.but its not a yes yet i havent made up my mind yet the more i think about it the more it seems like a really bad idea

''your kidding me dad'' james says

'' im thinking about it but no im not joking''

'' i told you im not ever playing with ryan'' james says

'' well guess what james this isent about you and what you want you both have to play or else say good bye to school'' i say

'' your mean'' james says

'' no im fourty five years old and im tired and im sick of you guys acting like small childeren'' i say

'' dad'' james says

''dont dad me grow up i know you like basketball''i say

''i do just not ryan'' james says

'' well thats going to change im sick of this bullshit drama'' i say

with taht i dont let james finish and instead go to my room and close the door i feel the tears coming out im crying know all because of the boys and not to mention all this freaking bills that never so overwhelmed.

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