closer toghter

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - closer toghter

Submitted: March 01, 2013

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Submitted: March 01, 2013



chapter 4

im thinking about playing basketball i dont think i can do it though not with ryan hes been really pissing me off for the past few days mocking me and laughing his head off.he wants to prove that im a wimp and that i caint play ball but i'll show him.theres the other part of me that tells me that theres no way that i want to play but i have to make up my mind quick i dont want to get kicked out of gym.

my dad hasent talked to me in two days i know hes pissed off i sit in front of him and try to see if i can make some eye contact but he doesnt look up from his newspaper.great i hate when he does that.

''dad''i say

''what''dad asks

'' i'll play''i say

''good you'll have to talk to coach today''dad says

''i know''i say

''and listen if you mess this up your getting kicked out of school''dad says

''i'll smart up''i say

''maybe this we'll help you guys get along''dad says

i dont say anything cause i know what the answer is to that no me and ryan dont like each other and dont have anything to say to each other im not playing because of him im playing because for my dad.

i quickly get ready and go to school i walk to the coach is office and i knock on the door

''what''coach barks

''its me james''i say

''come in''coach says

''sit''coach says

''thanks''i say

''so did you make up your mind''coach asks

''i'll play''i say

the coach smiles at me and hands me a jersey and shorts i walk over to a locker and thats when i see that ryan is already dressed up i try not to look at him.he gives me a dirty look and shoves me into the locker im ready to pound my fist into his head but i remind myself that i need to control myself so i take a deep breath.

''have a good time failing''ryan says

''im not going to fail im going to beat your fucking ass''i say

i expect ryan to do something but instead he just laughs and leaves what a waist of time i then realize that my palms are sweating i take another deep breath not even worth i get on the court the coach has us doing some excerizes i dont look at ryan i dont want to deal with him.thats when i notice sara shes talking to another girl i realize that this might be a littel hard i dont know why she likes ryan so much and that though bugs me.

''earth to james you there''troy asks

i look at my friend and roll my eyes

''yes im here whats your point''i ask

''do you seriously ever think you could have sara''troy asks

''i dont want her''i say

''sure''troy says saracsticlly

i roll my eyes at him again and start shotting some hoops when i notice some one is walking behind me i look behind me and see that its sara but i continue shooting hoops not expecting that sara would talk to me.but im wrong because she looks right at me.troy is teasing me crazly about sara and i shove him in a corner.

''hey james''sara says

'' h..hey''i say

''so you coming to the party tonight''sara ask

''no''i say

'' oh come on''sara says

''hey leave my girlfriend alone''ryan says hes got his arms around sara i want to throw up he makes me sick and hes got a dirty look on his face i dont care.

i look at sara

''maybe another time''i say

''okay''sara says

the practice is done for the day so i leave i can hear sara yelling at ryan and hes yelling at her back then shes running at me i wonder why this is the first time that its ever happend before.

''wait''sara says

''look i have to go and i told you that im not going to the party''i say

''look im sorry for the way hes been treating you okay he can be an ass wipe and things have been tough between us''sara says

''ya i agree with you on that one he is an ass wipe thats why im not going to the party i caint stand him he thinks hes better then everyone''i say

'' look how about we hang out the day after the party''sara says

''i dont think thats a good idea''i say

'' please''sara asks

''okay fine''i say

sara smiles at me and gives me a hug i caint help but be shocked as to why sara would want to hang out with me this is the first time shes ever talked to me.maybe shes shy shes not like the other girls thats for sure.know i just have to make sure that ryan doesnt find out or else he'll kick my ass.


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