Demonic Dawn.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Demonic Dawn Chapter 1.

Demonic Dawn is a story of adventure and fantasy. It bases itself around 7 assassins who are in the year of 2569. There are 4 main villages in the world and 4 cities, 3 lower rank ones and 1 main city which abduct people from there city and others to create 'Genetics' which are genetically altered human beings.

The 7 assassins aim is to destroy the system of the genetics along with the creator. Although experiencing hardships, romance and death along the way.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Demonic Dawn.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Morgan waited silently on the top of the pale white brick building. Her dark red hair swaying softly in the afternoon breeze. Down below was a race track, over two thousand children and teenagers were lining up at the start line, all of them wearing white singlets and shorts with black runners. On her right was Demetri and on her left was Evi.

On a podium below them were Kaya and Piper, further across Sonica and Levon. Everyone waited silently and watched the people down below. The entire running track was empty besides from the competitors and at the finish line where two people in silver armour and red capes, then there were a man and a woman both wearing black suites.

“When will they start?” Whispered Evi, looking down at the race track.

“Be patient.” Whispered back Demetri.

Down below on the track everyone was lining up, the younger kids at the front then the older kids behind them. The official looking man in the black suite held up a starter gun. The loud gunshot sounded and the kids ran. It started out that most of the younger kids were at the front but then the older kids got to the front.

The first five kids at the finish were three females and two males. The uniformed woman went over to the children and shook each of their hands. The man came over to the winners also and shook their hands while the armoured people went over to the large group of other children and brought them all back into a large huddle.

The woman went over to a large white tent set up a bit away from the track and came back with a silver briefcase. She put it on top of a small wooden bench and called the kids over one by one. The first child she called over looked no older than 15. She had dark brown hair that was tied into a high ponytail with pale skin. She was tall with a well built physique and light green eyes. The woman grabbed a large needle out of the suitcase and put it at the girl’s wrist.

“Now!” Shouted Levon.

Evi released her arrow; it pierced the needle perfectly in the glass tube sending black liquid through the air. The woman looked around in shock, the kids with the armoured people screamed. Kaya, Piper and Demetri all jumped off of the building and ran towards the armoured men, Demetri pulled out a sword and fought the first one on the right while Kaya pulled out two small axes and fought the one on the left.

Piper continued to run at the two people in suites. She jumped over the table and her hand lit up with a bright zapping light. It zapped and crackled, she slammed her hand onto the ground causing pieces of grass and dirt to fly up into every angle, she removed her hand from the ground which was just now a large crater. She ran forward and launched her hand onto the chest of the first man in the suite. His mouth open in a silent scream, his eyes rolling into the back of his head and his mouth foaming. He fell to the ground, a large black scorch mark going through his suite and into his chest.

The woman in the suite looked at her colleague then back at Piper, her eyes wide in fright. The shattered needle still clasped tight in her hand. The kids that had won the race were standing huddled close together. Morgan landed beside Piper; she was holding her two samurai swords. She looked at the woman.

“Leave.” She said.

The woman ran away, tripping and stumbling at times. She disappeared at the entrance to the running track. Morgan turned towards the group of five winners.

“We need to get you out of her. Now.”

Piper’s hand returned back to normal, Demetri and Kaya stood beside Morgan. They were all looking at the group of children. All of them looked scared and confused. Morgan walked forward and looked down at the female that almost got injected with the poison.

“For your safety you have to come with us. We will explain everything when you are all safe.”

The girl looked Morgan in the eyes then nodded. Morgan smiled at her then looked at the other four.

“Are the rest of you going to come with us?”

They remaining four looked at each other than a young blonde male stood forward.

“We will come with you but we expect an explanation first.”

“Fine, here it is. You stay here and be killed and be taken over or you come with us and be safe and alive. It is your choice.”

Evi had appeared in front of the group of kids holding her bow, her thigh length silky blonde hair shining in the sunlight. One of the younger girls squealed in fright at what Evi said. The other kids moved and revealed the girl with pale brown hair, a small and frail frame that is of medium tan and dark blue eyes.

Evi smiled at her and walked over to her, squatting down and looking at her face.

“Are you going to come with us?”

“I-I am scared.”

“There is nothing to be scared of. I will take care of you.”

The girl smiled sweetly at Evi and took her hand. Evi got back up and walked with the girl back to the front of the group.

“There will be many genetics here soon so we should move out now.” Levon said who was standing behind Evi.

Levon put away his sword then started to run down the track and out the entrance that the woman disappeared out of. Morgan, Demetri, Kaya, Piper and Evi were all following behind them along with the five winners. They ran down the abandoned streets and through alleys. There was no one in the streets which was lucky for the six of them. A fight would be something that they can’t risk.

Levon stopped at the large brick wall that separated the city from the forest beyond. Levon pressed his hands against three of the bricks which was now covered in cursive writing. Levon removed his hands and the bricks shuffled apart, revealing a hole large enough for a decent sized adult. Levon looked at the five children.

“Go, quickly.”

A siren had started to sound and red lights were starting to flash all around the city. The four children quickly got into the hole and waited a bit further down the hall waiting for the others. The fifth little girl shook her head and gripped Evi’s hand tighter.

“Evi, go with the girl and get the children to the other side.”

The loud clang of armour was becoming louder. Evi lead the little girl into the hole quickly. Levon went over and sealed it with the same technique before turning back around and finding several people in armoured suites looking at them, all of them carrying silver, ruby hilted swords.

Levon pulled out his own sword along with Demetri, Kaya pulled out her two mini axes and Piper’s hand light up with a crackle.

“We are one man down.” Said Kaya, looking at their numbers then at the genetics.

“We will be fine.” Said Levon confidently.

Morgan grabbed her two samurai swords and looked over all the genetics.

One genetic ran forward at Morgan but was stopped in its tracks by an axe lodged in its head. Kaya pulled a rope and the axe came flying back into her hand. Morgan looked over at Kaya, her blue hair in a high ponytail.

“If we don’t have as many fighters then we need to look out for each other.” Said Kaya.

Demetri chuckled. “That’s the spirit, Kaya.”

Three other genetics advanced, the first one in a white cape went for Levon, the second with a blue cape went for Demetri and the third in a yellow cape went to get Kaya but was slammed to the ground by Piper, light shining everywhere from her hand. The genetic fell limply back to the ground, its helmet rolling off and down into the gutter.

A loud growl sounded making everyone genetic and fighters alike. Morgan grinned.


A large wolf smashed down the streets jumping onto two genetics near the back and started to attack them. The other genetics advanced on the fighters, trying desperately to get away from Sonica. In a matter of ten minutes all the genetics lay on the floor. Levon put away his sword and went back over the to brick wall. The cursive writing reappeared and the bricks shifted, allowing Morgan, Demetri, Kaya, Levon, Piper and Sonica inside.

They went down a long cave where they had to hunch down because of the low ceiling. At the end of the hall there was a split three way path. Levon took the right path and stopped outside a dead end. He did the technique to move the bricks again then let everyone through.

Outside of the city was a luscious green pine forest. The ground was moist and leaf strewn, the air smelt of pine, the sky a magnificent blue. Levon led all the fighters deep into the pine forest, the smell of pine increased the deeper they got into the forest. Soon the blue sky was nonexistent. The tall pine trees blocked out the sky above. Leaving them in near darkness.

Somewhere around the middle of the forest Levon stopped outside a fairly old pine tree. It grew tall and strong, roots were popping out of the ground causing anyone who was not familiar of the land to trip upon its roots. Levon leant down and looked at one of the roots which was knotted and had a water filled deep groove in the root. Levon put his hand into the water filled hole and removed it again.

On the water surface appeared a face. This face was tanned, had sharp and rough features, the eyes were grey and the hair was midnight black. A long scar ran down his eye and another ran down his left cheek.


"Woodbaine." Replied Levon.

A creaking noise sounded and an entrance to the tree created itself on the base of the tree trunk.

“Welcome to Demonic Dawn.”






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