Love is Blind

Love is Blind

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Josephine is rich and powerful but all alone, she has no time for love or privacy at least that's what she thought until she met Melody. Melody Green is shy and forgetful but even though she is artistic and loves photography she has a secret that no one besides her brother Daniel knows. Every man that she's ever dated has left her in the end. Josephine falls for Melody but can she get past Melody's secret or will she too leave her?
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Josephine is rich and powerful but all alone, she has no time for love or privacy at least that's what she thought until she met Melody. Melody Green is shy and forgetful but even though she is artistic and loves photography she has a secret that no one besides her brother Daniel knows. Every man that she's ever dated has left her in the end. Josephine falls for Melody but can she get past Melody's secret or will she too leave her?

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I couldn’t get the girl out of my mind no matter how much I tried she would just pop in my thoughts without much of a warning. I had no idea how my coworkers dealt with me that day I mean I was basically in la la land and agreed with anything that was brought to my attention. Hell for all I know I probably gave my company to someone, I honestly didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I finished all my appointments and signed what was necessary but when I got home I just sat down and thought of her. I mean there was something about her that was just unusual. She seemed to be completely normal one second and the next she was shy and just forgetful. What was really bothering me was the fact that she seemed to just jump to the conclusion that I didn’t want to spend time with her. I fell asleep thinking about her and waiting for tomorrow.

The next morning I went to work and took care of some shows and the preparation and such for the new art work coming in. I really didn’t have much to do just organize the time and place as well as the decorations so I finished quicker than I thought.

I went home and got ready for my dinner “date”. When I got out the shower I didn’t know what I was going to wear. I mean yea I could wear my blazer and such but that seemed to formal so I just went with some black jeans and a red blouse that matched nicely with my straight black hair. I drove off and got to her house around 6:30, which was thirty minutes before I said but I didn’t think it mattered.

I was just about to knock on the door but before I could it burst open and there was a man walking out with a box in his hands and a yelling Melody who was right at his heels.

“You can’t take that you bastard those are mine!”

“I bought them not you.” The man said turning around to look back at Melody.

“I don’t care if you bought them you gave them to me so they are mine.”

“No, they are not.”

“I swear to you if you don’t give them back to me immediately I will call the police.”

“Call them, I mean who are they going to believe, me a well recognized art critic or you a well known lunatic.”

“I am not a lunatic.”

“Yes you are Melody, now this is the last time I’m telling you these are mine.” The man said holding some books before turning around only to come face to face with me. I don’t think he recognized me in the shadows but I recognized him perfectly fine.

“Look I don’t care who the hell you are but get out of my way.”

“You are not leaving with my books!” Melody said as she tried to pull the box away from him but the man pushed her and she fell on her ass.

I looked at his face and the sneer he had which I was about to wipe away in a second. However I was not about to use psychical violence just words.

“Mr. Gordon, if I were you I’d leave this place and return the property back to Miss Melody.” I said scaring him.

“How the hell do you know my name?” The man asked and at that moment I came out of the shadows and showed him who I was, which of course made him gasp. I mean seriously I had to chuckle I mean this was like so dramatic.

“Miss…Miss Valentine.”


“I didn’t realize you were here.” Mr. Gordon said trying to compose himself.

“So I noticed, would you be so kind as to return back her property.” I said indicating towards Melody who was standing by then.

“Oh yea, sorry Melody I didn’t know what I was thinking these are yours.” Mr. Gordon said handing Melody the box. I noticed how she seemed to praise those books so I saved that info for later.

Melody left somewhere and I didn’t really notice where because I was too focused in Mr. Gordon who was fidgeting. I looked at him and did admit that he was a handsome man with short black hair and brown eyes, but my question was, why was he here.

“Mr. Gordon, may I ask what you were doing here?”

“Um, I was …I was just…”

“He was stealing my property.” Melody said coming back and I noticed how Mr. Gordon looked at her with hatred at that moment.

“Now that’s not true, I was….”

“Oh save it for someone else John, you are pathetic.” Melody said as she looked at him. I think that her comment did it because at that moment he raised his hand and slapped her, which then led me to grab his neck and push him against the wall. My advantage was spending a lot of time in the gym and being an inch taller than him.

“Mr. Gordon if I were you I’d leave right now.” I said putting a bit of pressure on his neck, which of course caused him to cough and struggle some more. I didn’t realize I was putting too much until I felt her hand on my shoulder making me ease up.

Mr. Gordon began to cough and instinctively he grabbed his neck making sure he was okay. He stood up and looked at me with hate before looking at Melody and then turning around to leave.

I of course wasn’t happy yet so I had to add a bit more pain to his little ego.

“Mr. Gordon?” I called out and watched as he turned around, I made sure he caught my eyes as I caught his.


“You can make sure that you will no longer have a job in my company or anywhere in my property, you want to critic art make personal appointments with the artists because you are now fired for being an abusive bastard.” I said and looked at his shocked eyes before going into Melody’s apartment.

I hadn’t realized that she was gone again until she came back running and jumped in my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck, leaning her head on my shoulder before kissing me on the cheek and pulling away only to walk back to the kitchen.

I’m sure I looked like a complete moron at that moment. I mean I was just standing there stunned after what had just happened. I looked at Melody who was just dancing along with the music in the background and she seemed like nothing had just happened, I wonder who she really was because she really did act like she had multiple personalities.

“Hey Melody what was that for?” I asked as I walked towards the kitchen but she blocked my way and sat me down on the couch.

“Just because, I’ve never had anyone defend me except my brother but even he himself hurts me sometime” Melody said as she put something on two plates and got some glasses before heading my way.

First thing she did was bringing the glasses, which were set on the table in front of us, and then she brought some beers. Finally she brought the plates, which I could see had lasagna on them. She sat down but then she stood up again and went to get some forks and some napkins and she also turned of the music before putting on a movie.

“Hey I hope you like old movies.” Melody said as she looked at me and winked giving me some napkins and a fork.

“I sure do.” I said but I really didn’t because frankly I didn’t see movies. I ate my lasagna and just about choked at how hot it was. I did cough which cause her to look at me but did nothing until I finally drank some beer, which helped me calm down. I was sitting there finally relaxing and that’s when she decided to ask me something.

“Oh my gosh is my lasagna that bad?” Melody asked, as she looked concerned. I couldn’t help but lean my head backwards and laugh. I mean I just about die and she cared more about how good her food was.

“Your food is great, I mean I have had better but it’s great.” I said teasingly but realized that she wasn’t the type to be teased like that because she looked down and I could see that she was upset.

“Hey Melody, I was just playing.” I said as I scooted closer to her and took her in my arms. She just leaned against me and she seemed to be crying which really confused me I mean did she really care that much about her cooking. I looked down at her but she was hiding her head just like babies do when they hide from someone new against their mommy.

“Melody.” I said as I looked at her and rubbed her cheek gently making her look at me, well actually more like peeking at me.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt you hun, I was just making a joke, I love your food it was just too hot.”

“Okay.” Melody said jumping from my lap and into her side of the couch again and smiled. She got her plate and began to eat again while I just sat there stunned. I mean this as a bit crazy don’t you think I mean one second she’s sad the next she’s happy; I don’t think this was normal.

I took my plate and began to eat my food as I looked at the movie. It was that movie Footloose but the old one and to be honest it was kind off good, a bit crazy but good.

“So did you like the movie?” Melody asked as she turned the lights on.

“Yea, it was good.” I said finishing my beer.

“Really, that’s great, so what’s your favorite movie?” Melody asked me as I looked at her and smiled.

“I don’t watch movies.” I said.

“What!” Melody basically screamed and jumped of her couch running to who knows where. I waited a while before she came back with a box filled with something. It wasn’t until she got closer that I saw what was in the box, which where a bunch of movies.

“Okay these are some of my favorite movies and you are going to pick one and we are going to watch it, and then another and another.”

“Um I don’t…”

“No, you are watching them, you understand?”

“Okay.” I said and looked at her movies before choosing Zombieland.

“Okay this is one of my favorites.” Melody said and she out it on and then went to get some more beer before coming back but instead of sitting her side she came towards me and leaned against me but got my arm and put it around her waist before snuggling against me.

I looked at her and all she did was look up and smile before fixing her eyes on the movie. I was enjoying it especially when the grandma killed the zombie with the piano, which was hilarious.

By the time the movie finished I had laughed and even cried when he didn’t find the Twinkie but then I laughed again. I looked at Melody as she stood up and took the movie out before putting the next one I chose which was iRobot.

Again with this one I cried especially when they were about to take out the robot but then the doctor replaced him that was awesome. Again I laughed and cried along with this movie. My third choice was Kick Ass, which was hilarious. I mean that guy was just a wimp and come on what’s up with those costumes and of course just like the others I cried when Batman was killed and the daughter went to avenge his death now that was like too cool.

I thought we were finished but no, I had to choose one last one and it didn’t matter that it was already like two in the morning, no I had to chose one last one so I chose one and didn’t really notice which one though so when there came a part where the girls were kissing I basically jumped out of my seat, what had I just chosen.

“Hey Melody, um what is this?”


“Oh okay.” I said and looked at Melody to see if she was uncomfortable but she seemed perfectly fine.

“Hey Josephine?”

“Yea, and you can call me Joe by the way.”

“Oh well Joe, have you ever felt like you wanted to kiss a girl?” Melody asked me and looked up at me.

“Um all the time.” I said realizing she didn’t know I was gay.

“Really, me too but I’ve always dated guys.”

“Oh, how come you don’t kiss a girl?”

“Because I don’t just want to kiss them I want to feel them, date them.”

“Then why don’t you?” I asked curious as to why she hadn’t dated one.

“Because girls are smarter and like to inspect things more and with guys you just get fucked and that’s all.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I’m with a guy all they do is fuck me and that’s okay because they don’t care if it’s in the dark like I want it to be.”

“Why do you want that?”

“Just because.” Melody said as she looked at me.

“But why?”

“I’m not beautiful and I don’t want them to see how not beautiful I am.” Melody said as she looked at me.

“But you are beautiful.” I said as I reached for her but she pulled away and turned on the light. She stood up turned of the TV and put some music, I think it was the Phantom of the Opera. Anyways I honestly didn’t know what she was going to do until she stood in front of me and began to loosen her hair and take of her shirt, which I must add was also a long sleeved shirt.

However just before she took it off, along with a tee shirt she had under she made me close my eyes and I did. I waited until she said I could open my eyes and when I did I saw why she would think she wasn’t beautiful.

She had scars running down her left side and her left arm; her left breast also had scars on the left side more. I looked at her and even though I saw her scars I couldn’t look away. Not because of the scars but mostly because well she was a naked woman, a beautiful naked woman.

I looked at her, all of her and admired the beauty of her body. When I reached her face it seemed as if it were perfectly sculpted with her body but she was facing away from me. I stood up and walked to her, I touched her cheek and made her turn my way and I could see that she was crying.

I looked in her eyes and looked at her lips, this woman was beautiful and I wasn’t about to hide the fact that I was extremely attracted to her. I looked in her eyes as I leaned forward until my lips were on hers.

At first I didn’t move and neither did she, our lips were just together until I felt her breath out slowly and I knew that she was waiting. I moved my hands to her waist and pulled her closely to me, I did fell her scars but it didn’t matter to me, and she seemed perfect, even with her scars. I moved my lips against hers and began to kiss her softly and slowly; I could feel that she was crying.

Our lips were locked in passion and I could feel the tip of her tongue wanting entrance into my mouth but I denied it for a little bit until I let her in, I tasted her sweet taste and kissed her back our tongues locked in a dance and our breaths coming out slowly and ragged. I pushed her against the couch and leaned on top of her.

My thigh was resting in between hers and I could feel the heat radiating from her and the wetness as she pushed against my thigh. I put my hand in her hair and fisted her hair making her head lean back before I looked at her and then looked at her parted lips, her breath coming slowly before once again I leaned in to kiss her. Passion that’s all I gave to her as I kissed her. Her hands were pulling my shirt apart and buttons were flying everywhere. Her mouth was on my neck and I was moving my hand downward to touch her but at that moment the door burst open and Danny walked in along with another woman.






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