I Want You to Know- Book One

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In a world where you trust no one, young Unique Dreame give it all she's got just to find out the truth of her past. Becoming a vampire is no fantasy, it's more like a nightmare. Will she be able to prevent herself from killing the one she holds most dear? Or will she kill herself trying to stay away? Take a step into the darkside and find out.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Want You to Know- Book One

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Submitted: December 17, 2012




By, Kira
When I was first born I had a brother and two loving parents. My mother was making dinner when she suddenly went into an unexpected labor. 20 minuites later she was in the hospital giving birth to a girl named Unique, Unique Dreame. When my family and I got home, or the place where our home was, there was a fire. Everything we owned was burned, everything. My dad had lost his job 3 days before. We went on the streets untill my parents were mugged and shot to death. My brother grabed me and ran as fast as he could. He didn't know what was going on untill the police told him mom and dad weren't coming back. It was my birthday and he was 6. My brothers name was Kunie. He was so upset that he ran away from the police, but the moment he steped into the street he was hit by an ambulance and was killed. The police sent me to an orphanage where I have been living for 13 years. I never once celebrated my birthday.
"Nicky! It's time for school darling wake up."said Mrs.Price. 
She was the owner and the nanny for the orphanage. I went to a public school unlike most of the orphans. They said 'It would be better for her to get out with other kids'.
"Yes Mrs.Price."I said getting out of bed. 
I stood up and let out a long yawn. I put on a pair of jeens and a red shirt. I put my put my black boots on and grabed my bag. No one at school knows I'm an orphan. I walked out the tall doors and down the street. The orphanage once belonged to a millionair. He married Mrs.Price and died in his sleep. Thats when Mrs.Price gave it up and made and The Little Angel Orphanage/Adoption Home. 
I walked down the street for about a block than stoped at the bus stop. My jeans didn't give me much protection against the winter air. The bus came to a stop and I climbed on. The warm air made me shiver with delight.
There he was! Alex Lque, the boy I've had a crush on for the longest time. He glanced up at me from his book and watched me walk by. He was reading my favorite book, Vampirates. From the looks of it he was reading the first book. I've always thought vampires were interesting. I didn't want to sit with anyone else, so I sat with my best friend Tory.
"Good morning! How are you doing Nicky?"she asked. 
Everyone calls me Nicky because Unique is abit strange. The really strange thing is no one even knows my real name. They only know me by Nicky. I guess I like to keep a few secrets.
"Todays the same as any other day."I said. 
Tory is always such a happy positive person.
"Well than lets make it better! Happy 13th birthday Nicky!"she said. 
The whole bus turned and looked at me. She just let everyone know my birthday. Some people say I dont even have a brithday. The bus stoped at the school and I got off and ran out the doors. 13 years today my family died, I thought. Theres nothing happy about today. 
I went into the bathroom where the preppy girls were doing their hair and make-up. They looked at me and one said, "What are you doing in here Nicky?" She was kinda my friend. Her name was Mecca.
"I just wanted to be alone."
“Well your not going to be alone in here.”
“So I see...”I said walking back out running into Tory.
“Whats wrong? All I said was hap-”
“Never say that to me, ever again!”I said walking to 1st period. 
I walked into class and sat down.
“Whats her problem?”
“I dont know man.”I heard a familiar voice. 
I turned and saw Alex talking to his friend.
“Hi Alex.”I said.
“Hey Nicky. Do you want to talk to me for a moment?”he asked. 
Alex? Talk to me? I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach.
“Yes, of course.”
“I heard your parents recently passed away.”he said. 
I froze.
“No... my parents are happily at home.”I said feeling a strike of pain run through my whole body.
“Oh, okay. Well happy birthday. I heard that on the bus.”he said.
Of course he had to say something about my birthday.
“So are you having a birthday party?”
“No. I dont celebrate my birthday.”
“Oh your a jhahova wittness?”he asked.
“No. I just dont think the date of my birth is worth celebrating.”
“Why not?”
“You ask too many questions. Ones I really just can’t answer.”
“Oh. Sorry.”he said sounding a little deflated.
“It’s okay.”
“Hey, do you have a phone?”
“A cell phone?”
“Uh... no. My parents can’t afford it.”I said.
“Well when you get one text me.”he said handing me his phone number.
"No problem."
I turned to the front of the class and the teacher looked at me. 
"Nicky, may I please speak to you for a moment?"she asked.
"Yes mam?"
"I hear it's your birth-"
"I dont want to talk about it."
"I understand your parents died today but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun. You seem a little depressed so I decided to throw a suprise party for you! Class! Move your desk to make room. We're having a party!"
"What?!"I exclaimed. 
I turned and everyone was looking at me again. 
It was too late. The students moved their desk and the teacher began to get out the refreshments.
"It's okay Nicky."the teacher said.
"No it's not! I hate this! Put it away! Please!"
Tears were rolling down my face as I continued to plea.
"Nicky, your going to enjoy this. Trust me."
"No! I hate you and all this! I hate me! Just put it away!"I screamed.
"Just because your parents are... fine. I'll put it away. I'm sorry class."
"What's wrong with her parents?"asked a student. 
Alex looked at me. I ran out of the class room and down the hall. My whole life I've been running away. They don't know me. I really don't know me. I'm not like them. I can do things they can't. They don't have a name for me. I'm just strange. I can move things with my mind. I have an extream sence of smell. I can hear from a mile away. I can run extreamly fast. I don't know how or why.
"Nicky!"Alex said running to my side. 
I don't want him here. I got up and ran. I ran as fast as I could and with the blink of an eye, I was gone. He was coming around the corner. I steped into the janitors closet. He stood their, stumped. He turned and walked around the corner back to the class room. I couldn't do this to him.
"Alex..."I said. 
I heard foot steps and then he appered before me.
"Hey what happened back there?"he asked.
"I want you to know, but I don't know if I can trust you."
"You can."
"I don't feel it's right. All I can tell you is I'm not like most people. My life is different."I said.
"How did you run so fast?"
"I'll see you later."I said walking away.
I went to my other classes but no one said a word to me. Tory gave me a present. It was a cell phone. I took it of course. I got on the bus and it drove me back down the block. I walked in the doors but they didn't shut. I turned around and Alex was standing their.
"What? No!"I said.
"What do you mean? This is my home to ya know."he said.
"What? Your home? Your not an orphan."
"Yes I am. I was living with my grandfather untill he passed away yesterday."
"Oh. I'm sorry to hear that."
"So what's your story?"he asked. 
My blood ran ice cold.
"M-my parents... they,"
"Nicky I want to know."
"Thats my name. Unique Dreame."
"I thought it was Nicky?"
"Thats my nick-name."
"Well anyways, are you going to tell me about your story?"
"It's hard."
"It's okay."
"My house caught on fire, my parents were shot, my brother was hit by an ambulance. If you tell anyone about this I'll make you feel sorry you were born."
"Okay. I promise I wont tell anyone."
"Mrs.Price!"I yelled.
"Welcome back Nicky. Who's this?"she asked.
"This is Alex."I said.
"Oh yes, Alex. Welcome. I'll show you to your room. Come come child!"she said. Alex waved at me then followed Mrs.Price.
"Who was that?"asked my orphan friend Frenna.
"Alex Lque!"I said.
"That's the boy you like?"
"Yes... yes that's him."I said.
"Wow. You've never sounded happier."
"What are you talking about? I'm always happy, can't you tell?"I said.
"Alright don't get too cheeky now."
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling drianed of all my energy. I got up and went to go get a drink of water. I got a glass and poured the ice cold water in. I siped it but found I wasn't capable of swallowing. It tasted strange. 
My body felt weak. Sharp pains flooded into my head. My bottom lip started to hurt. I opened mouth and the pain stoped. I reached up to my mouth and felt two large K-9 teeth hanging down. What did this mean? I smelt something wonderful. It smelt sweet but it had a touch of bitterness. 
I folowed the sent to an open door. It was dark inside. I felt around for a candle and lit it with a match that was set beside it. I looked at the floor and saw a small puddle of blood. I bent down and smelt it. It was the same sent as before. Why does it smell so irisistable? 
I put my finger in it and lifted it up to my mouth. I tasted it and it was the most wonderful thing I've ever tasted. But it's blood, I thought. 
"This can't be right." 
Suddenly a net flew over my head.
"Let me go!"I said.
"Never you vampire!"
"I'm not a vampire! Who are you?"I exclaimed.
"I'm Alex Lque vampire hunter! Wow I'm going to be rich!"
"Alex let me go!"
"Nicky?"he said lifting the net. "What are you doing in here?"
"What are you doing in here?"I asked.
"No, I asked you first."
"I was thirsty so I went to get a drink and then I was just roaming around when I saw the door open."
"So what are you doing in here?"
"Well my book got me pumped about vampires so I decided to do a little hunting."
"Well they're is no such thing in vampires so just go to bed."
"But they do exisit! I know they do. I want to meet one and see if it tries to suck my blood. Hey maybe we could be friends! That would be crazy."
"Vampires don't exsist and even if they did, of course they would want to suck your blood!"
"Not all vampires are like that."
"You're just saying that because your reading Vampirates."
"You've read that book?"
"Yes, it's my favorite book."
"Mine too."he said. "So why don't you belive in vampires?"
"Because it's just silly. Blood sucking demons! That sounds so real."
"Shhhh! Trust me they're real. And they can hear us right now. Let's go back to my room."
"But that's in the boys quarters. No girls alowed."
"Oh what can they do? Kick us out? We dont have anywhere to be anyways."he said grabbing my hand. 
He lead me to his room which looked different than mine. He had boy things. I did have girliy things but I got rid of it all.
"Why am I here?"I asked.
"I just wanted to talk."
"About what?"I said feeling the thirst come again.
"How long have you been here?"
"My whole life."I said trying not to show my teeth.
"Really? Wow. I'm sorry."
"It's okay I guess."
"So how did that happen?"he asked. 
He was talking about my house catching on fire. The craving grew.
"I really should be going."I said.
"Please don't go."he said reaching for my hand. "Wow your hand is cold." 
I sat back down and quickly told him how it all happened. It's the first time I've told anyone.
"Oh now it makes sence."
"Why you don't like your birthday and all that. Thats a really sad story Nicky. Real sad."
"Yeah, I know."
"You sound mad. Did you ever get that drink?"
"No I have not,"I thought. "But I will if you don't let me go."
"What?"I said getting out of my thoughts.
"You got lost in thought for a moment there didn't you?"
"What were you thinking about?"
"Okay now your starting to scare me. Come on; tell me."
"No! I need to get out of here!"I said dashing out of the orphanage. 
I ran and ran untill I hit a car. I fell to the ground dazed. I felt no pain now. The tall slender woman got out of the car and ran to me.
"Oh my! Are you okay?"she asked in panic.
"Yeah I'm okay."I said sitting up.
"How are you alive? I hit you at 65 miles!"
"I'm perfectly fine lady."
"What are you even doing out at a time like this?"
"None of your buissnes."
"Well may I escourt you home? It's the least I can do."she said pulling at my arm. 
I got up and sat in the back seat of the car. There was a man and two kids in the car. 
"I live at the orphanage. Take a right and keep going straight."
She started to dive away when I had that strange disire. Pain flowed into my head. It was like a strange voice was in there saying "Do it!"
I sat up and watched her drive. I can't take it anymore! The others wont see it because they're asleep. I reached up and grabed the woman by the neck. She hit the break. 
"What... are... you... doing?"she asked. 
I leaned forward and moved her sleve. It was like instinct. My long teeth touched the bridge of her neck conecting to the shoulder. I bit down as fast as I could and blood quickly rushed into my mouth. I saw her skin turn a light pink to a pale white. Her eyes shut and her pulse stoped. 
I let go of her and the pain stoped in my head. I felt reborn. My teeth receded into my mouth. I got out of the car and ran back to the orphanage.
I saw Alex sitting on the top step. I wiped my mouth to make sure there was no blood left.
"Nicky! I'm sorry I didn't mean to push. I wont ask again."he said. 
He ran up to me and hugged me tightly. His warmth felt like a new sensation. I just stood there and let him hold me. I would let him squeze the life out of me if he wanted to.
"It's okay Alex."
"Where did you go?"he asked releasing me.
"Just around the garden."I said. 
Then I heard a mans voice in the distance. Alex couldn't hear it.
"Heather? Oh no what happened? Heather! Heather!"he said.
"Daddy, why won't mommy wake up?"said a child.
"Someone help!"he said. 
I could hear him running this way.
"Let's go back inside."I said walking to the door. 
I went inside and Alex folowed. 
"Let's talk tommorow."I said to him. 
He went to his room an I went to mine. 10 minuits later I heard a bang at the orphanage doors.
"Help,"he said. "My wife, she's been killed."
"Today on your daily news, a woman by the name of Heather Jane was stabed twice in the neck and found dead by her husband Drake Jane and two kids. To learn more tune in at 6:30 sharp. Only on your daily news."
"Wow. And that was right down the street!"Alex said.
"It must have been a vampire!"he said.
"Alex... vampires don't-"
"Yes they do! Look at the facts! The picture they showed she was bleach pale! And the marks! Vampire bite!"he said cutting me off.
"Maybe she just.... maybe..."
"See! You can't think of an explination!"
"Maybe someone draged her out of the car, stabed her, drained her blood out in the woods and put her body back."
"You just want to be complicated."he said. "Wow... first vampire attack last Friday night! Nicky you got lucky!"
"What are you talking about?"
"You were outside remember?"
"Actually... I don't remember much of anything last night."
"You don't? Thats strange."
"I am strange. Deal with it."
"Are you sure your not a vampire?"
"What?"I said spitting out the water I was drinking. "Why do you ask that?"
"You just kinda seem like one that's all. You could tell me if you were."
"No, no. Vampires don't exsist!"
"Okay, okay. Calm down Nicky."
I started shaking. What have I done? Will I have to do it again? How do I control it? I don't want to kill anyone!
"I can't calm down!"
"Tell me why then."
"I can't! I wish I could tell you but I can't!"
"You can trust me Nicky, with anything!"
"No, I just can't."
"Fine. But just keep me in mind in case you do decide to tell someone."
"Okay, thanks Alex."
"No problem, Nicky."he said.
He turned and walked in the other direction when he turned and said, "You still have my number, right?"
"Yeah, it's on my dresser."
"Cool."he said walking to his room.
I walked around the garden for a while when I decided to stop at the fountian. I looked at all the flowers surrounding me. They're are rumors that Mr.Price planted a rose for every second he and Mrs.Price were together. Other rumors say that there are roses planted for every day they loved each other. I'm not sure which to belive. 
I walked over to one rose and the color made me shiver. Blood red. I looked at it and it suddenly turned into a puddle of blood. I steped back and took a breath.
"It's only a rose Unique. Only a rose. You didn't do that. It was something inside you that did it."
"Did what?"
I turned and saw Alex standing there.
"What are you freeking about? It's just a little rose."he said gently pulling it untill it realesed from it's vine. 
He handed it to me. I grabbed it and looked at it intently. Again I saw blood. I droped it and cowered against the fountain.
"Nicky! Are you okay? Look if you don't like roses I wont give you anymore."he said steping on the flower. 
It only made it worse. Now I imagined Heather, that woman I killed, in her car dead and drained of blood.
"NO! No, no, no, no, no!"I said.
"Nicky! Calm down."
"I killed her!"I said.
"What? No you didn't you said you were in the garden."
"I lied! I killed her! I bit her and I drained her of all her blood!"
"So your a vampire?"
"I don't know! It just happened."
"Your a vampire!"
"I can't be! My parents are dead! If they were vampires than they would be alive!"
"A-are you going to suck my blood?"
"Sorry, it's just I've never met a vampire before."
"I'm not a vampire!"
"Okay lets test it!"he said. 
He picked up the rose he crushed and cut himself with a thorn. I found myself hypnotised to the drop of blood that fell to the ground. What a waste.
"What are you trying to prove by hurting yourself?"
"You can't take your eyes of it now can you?"
"Why does it smell different than other peoples?"
"I don't know... wait! You can smell it?"
"Yes? No?"
"Yes! You can! This is kinda freaking me out!"
"I knew it would! Thats why I didn't say anything! You said I could trust you!"
He took a breath.
"You can."
"So? What now?"
"We need to figure how to controll this."
"How do we do that? I don't know any vampires to help."
"We need to find one!"
"That's not gonna be easy."
"Well let's go out tonight and just observe!"
"We go out really late and watch the people that are out."
"Okay. But are you really willing to go out with me? A vampire? Late at night?"
"Of course!" 
My face flushed. No I can't. I'm not like him. I'm a vampire.
"What are you thinking about?"
"Something stupid."
"Were you thinking about us?"
"There is no us. It's me and you."
"But you were thinking about it."
"And how would you know?"
"I'm not really sure. I can just tell what people are thinking sometimes."
"Now who's the weirdo."
"It runs in my family!"
"Maybe what I'm going through runs in my family."
He was silent.
"I'm going out."he said.
"Don't know yet."he said. 
He turned and walk out the fence. At that time I felt alone. I was alone before, but now I just feel like I'm the only person in the world.
I was in my room. I had nothing to do. I was messing around on my phone when I realized; I still have Alex's phone number. I reached over and pulled it off my dresser. I typed in the number and sent a message.
"Hey Alex, where R U?"
He didn't respond.
"Alex? R U ok?"
"Yeah."he said.
"Where R U?"
"Why don't you tell me?"
"Look out the window."
I got up and did as he said. I saw him standing there beconing me to join him.
"I'll be right down."
I ran down the stairs and out the back door that lead to where Alex was. He had a bouque of orange and white roses.
"Who's that for?"I asked.
"You, of course!"
"What?"I exclaimed.
"Yeah, you don't seem to like the red ones, so I got you these. Do you like them?"
"Uh...yes. Yes I love them Alex. But why did you get them for me?"
"It's obvious ain't it?"
"No, not really."
"Ha ha ha."he laughed. "You'll find out later!"
I stood there with the roses in my hand. I smelled them and their sweet aroma flooded into my nose.
"So you went to get me roses?"
"Not at first."
"Where did you originally go?"I asked.
"Well... I don't remember. I have short term memory loss. It happens often."
"Oh. You really don't remember?"
"Not a clue."he said.
I found myself out of words to say. I just stood there looking at him. I looked up at the setting sun. It suddenly hurt and I had to look away. I walked behind a tree in the shade. 
Alex looked into the distance. If I was a vampire, why am I able to stand in the sun light? I looked around once more and the sun really did hurt now. Why is this all happening? It started on my birthday. The blood taking, the sun burning, the lonliness. Blood I thought. When will I need more? 
I could smell Alex. I smelled past his cologne to the natural smell. His blood smelled good, so good. No! I don't need it yet. But the craving grew stronger again.
"Alex, I think you need to leave."
"You just do."
"Oh no. Your having that feeling again aren't you?"
"Yes! Go now!"
He began to walk away, but I ran after him. I grabed him by the shoulder and twisted him around. I looked him in the eyes, but I didn't see fear. His green eyes now appeared to be whirl pools. I felt like I was being draged in. 
I looked closer. I saw something. It was a nurse holding a baby. The baby didn't move nor cry. I realized it was dead. It must have been born like that. Wait, those blue eyes look familiar. They were mine! I was dead in the nurse's arms. She looked nervous. She looked at the door as if someone was looking for her. 
Quickly, she lifted the baby up to her mouth and her appearing fangs bit into the babies chest. The baby began to cry and the nurse smiled. She walked out of the door and handed a man the baby. That must be my father. Standing next to him was a beautiful woman. We had the same brown hair but her eyes weren't blue. They were the same as her hair. My father had blue eyes.
"Here's your baby."I heard the nurse say.
"Oh Robert, what should we name her?"
"Let's name her Sarah; after her mother."
"No it should be a unique name."
"Thats it! Unique; lets name her that."
"Beautiful! Unique Dreame."said my mother.
"Mr.Dreame and Mrs.Dreame, theres something I think you should know."said the nurse. 
She lead them into the back room and the image faded. I found myself looking back into Alex's eyes again. I let him go and I took a step back. 
"What just happened?"I asked.
"You tell me! You just attacked me out of nowhere!"
"I'm sorry. I need to tell you something."
"What now?"
"I saw something in your eyes."
"Huh? What did you see?"
"I saw how I became a vampire."
"Great! Now we can find help for you."
"Lets go to the hospital!"I said grabbing his arm. 
We ran all the way to the hospital where I was born. We walked through the sliding glass doors into the cold air. It smelled like rubber gloves and baby powder. I saw patiants in wheel chairs and others with walkers. The hospital wasn't exactly a happy enviroment. 
I looked around for just a moment. I've never seen anything like it. The only places I've ever been were the orphanage and school. Not even a field trip.
"Excuse me? May I help you?"said a young woman. 
She had black hair tied up in a neat bun. Her pale brown eyes were fixed on Alex and I.
"Yes. Were looking for a nurse."
"One in particulair?"
"What's her name?"she asked. 
I looked at her. She was an inch or so shorter than me. Her skin was a faint pink. She looked sun burned.
"I don't actually know her name."
"Can I get an idea of what she looked like?"
"Yeah. She had long curly dark brown hair, really light brown eyes, and she's about 5'7."
"Does she have long eye lashes?"
"Yes, very long. And she was very pale."
"I know exactly who your talking about."she said.
 She walked over to the front desk and spoke to the man sitting at the computer.
"Elizabeth Sharron Hendall you have a request at the front desk. Nurse Hendall please report to the front desk."he said. 
A moment later a tall beautiful woman walked around the corner. She wore a white dress and black heels. Her hair rested on her right shoulder. Her hair was strait but I knew it was her. She had a beautiful figure. Not just her body but her head. She looked in her twentys. But I knew that was impossible. She was a vampire. 
The man at the desk pointed at me. Our eyes met for a moment. She knew who I was. I knew who she was. She gently steped forward. Then she ran up to me and gave me a welcoming hug.
"Unique! It's so good to see you!"she said.
"Who are you?"I asked.
"I'm Elizabeth, you can call me Lizzy."
"Your the nurse who-"
"Not here! Folow me."she said.
"What about Alex?"
"Uh, sure."she said.
We walked into a small room that looked like it was made for private meetings.
"Yes I'm the vampire who revived you."she said.
"I couldn't see your parents upset. They were very good friends of mine."
"You were?"
"Yes. I was your mothers best friend when we were teenagers. Untill I was drowned by my boyfriend. Thats when a man found me and gave me the kiss of life. Let me tell you, my boyfriend wasn't exactly happy to see me the next day! Ha. Well I went back to school and everyone was shocked to see me because they had a missing persons report about me on the news. Your mom was the only person I ever told what really happened."
"Wow. Can you tell me more about my parents?"I asked.
"Later. Lets talk about your birthday. When I was delivering you, you seem to have suffacated in the whom. Born dead, I took you in this very room. I gave you the kiss of life and a vampire baby was born. I handed you to your father and they named you Unique Vamply Dreame. Your a vampire thats why your middle name is Vamply, did you ever think about that?"she said.
"No, I never belived in vampires untill he came around."I said pointing my finger at Alex. They exchanged glances for a moment then she continued.
"Well I had to tell them what I did. I had to because, well, they're your parents. Your father compleatly freaked out! Your mother was greatful. I told them you will need blood in the future. They weren't compleatly pleased at that. But they knew that it would work out. You said that you didn't belive in vampires untill this boy came around?"
I nodded.
"Incredible. It's not easy to convince someone that vampires exsist. Your name was Alex correct?"she asked.
"Yes, Alex Lque."
"Come here for a moment."she said. 
Alex stood up and walked over to her. She looked into his eyes. Suddenly her expresion changed. They were both compleatly still; their eyes locked on each others. I saw a pale green light on Lizzy's face. It was coming from Alex's eyes. What the...?
Lizzy stood up, but their eyes still focused on each other. I felt a chill run up my spine and travel through the rest of my body. What was going on? The green light grew brighter and brighter. Finally I had to look away. The light began to grow dim now. All the lights in the room also began to dim. Lizzy blinked and at last, came back to regular concious.
"What... how?"she said.
"What?"Alex said.
"How did you do that?"
"I didn't do anything. You told me to come here and I did."
"But I saw it! Your eyes! I-I saw it!"she said.
"What are you talking about?"
"Your a Foraftbreacher! How?"
"What are you talking about?!"he exclaimed.
"You don't know what that is?"she asked. "What about you Unique?"
"I'm lost."I said.
"Let me explain,"she said sitting down once again. "A Foraftbreacher is what some call, 'The Gods of the Future'. But some call them 'The Demons of the Future'. The 'For' in Foraftbreacher stands for before. And, of course, the 'aft' stands for after."she said.
"Why do they call them 'Gods'?"I asked.
"They have a gift. The gift of the future and of the past."she said.
"And why do they call them 'Demons'?"
"For the same reason. But there is another reason..."she said. 
She stood up and opened a small cooler. She lifted a wine bottle out of it. I could already smell what exactly it was. She opened it and poured the thick red liquid in a small glass. She passed it to me then she poured herself a glass. 
I looked at the glass in front of me. It smelled so good. I can't do this! I suddenly felt weak and drained of all my energy.
"Drink it Nicky."Alex said.
"Drink it. It's okay."he said. 
He reached over and grabed my hand.
"I don't need it. I don't need it yet."I said.
"A little won't hurt."he said.
"But... I don't want it."
"Look, not drinking it's not gonna bring back the person it came from."Lizzy said.
"You don't care?"I asked.
"I only have a bottle a week. One short life gives me a whole eternity."
I looked at it again. Alex's thumb rubbed against my knuckles. I lifted the glass up to my lips and took a sip. I felt energized. I took another sip and set it down.
"Wonderful!"Lizzy said.
"You just began the process of accepting what you are. A vampire. Looks like you have a bit of a crush on this boy."she said.
"What?! No, no. It's not like that!"I said. 
I could feel my face flush red with embarassment.
"It was just a little joke."she said with a wink.
"Well enough with the jokes. Tell us why Foraftbreachers are called demons."
"Okay, okay."She said. "Well Foraftbreachers are kinda like vampires. But when you look in their eyes and you see your future or past, they drain your soul. They, what some call, 'feast' on souls."
"So I have to tell people their future in order to live?"
"Yes. But what some fail to understand is, you 'feast' on the pain the people keep inside. You release them of all the hurt they have been caused. So helping yourself, your also helping others. Look at me! I feel great now!"she said.
"Really? Cool!"he said.
"Very. Now back to you Unique. I know you must feel abit strange about all this. Your 13, the year of change. You will need blood, but I know someone who can help you controll it. I'll call her first thing tomorrow. In the mean time take this."she said handing me a flask that was filled with blood.
"Uh... thanks."
"I know it's odd. It will provide you with what you need until help comes. At least it's more humane than taking it from the source."
"Yeah, I guess so."I said.
"It was so great to see you! I know were going to be great friends. We should meet again but someones thinking about me. Got to go! If you want to meet up sometime than heres my number."she said pulling a sheet of paper out of a small pocket on her dress. 
She handed me the paper and walked out the door.
"This was interesting..."Alex said. He stood up and walked to the door. "Well? Are you coming?"
"Yeah..."I said also standing up.
"I wonder if I'm immortal."he said. "I'll find out sooner or later!"
When we got back I walked into my room. I took a big gulp out of the flask and hid it under my pillow. I couldn't drink it around Alex. It just didn't seem right. I sat on my bed thinking about everything I've learned today. I am a vampire. I feel so dark now. I hope tommorow comes soon. I hate what I am and I'll do anything to make it better. Suddenly I heard footsteps outside my door. The door opened  and Alex walked in.
"Hey."he said.
"What are you doing here? You gonna be in so much trouble if Mrs.Price finds you!"
"She won't know."
"Why do you say that?"I asked.
"Haha. You ask to many questions. Ones that I really can't answer."
"Don't get cheeky Alex. What did you do?"
"I made her some tea; thats all."
"Okay. I put some things in it that makes people sleepy. I'm a wizz in science."
"Nice."I said sarcastically. 
He walked over to my bed and sat down beside me. He reached over and held my hand.
"Nicky, I want to tell you something."
"What is it?"I said feeling elated at what I think he's going to say.
"Your a vampire, but, I can't help but feel the way I'm feeling."he said. 
My heart began to beat faster and faster. The moment I've been waiting for sence I first layed eyes on him.
"Really?"I said. 
He squezzed my hand.
"What kind of feelings?"
"The strongest of them all."he said. 
I heard something.
"Do you hear that?"
"It's getting closer."
"What is it?"
"Mrs.Price!"I said pushing him on the floor on the other side of the bed.
"Nicky, have you seen that boy? He put something in my tea!"
"No Mrs.Price. Did you look in the garden?"I said.
"Brilliant! Thank you Nicky!"she said running out the door.
"Clear?"Alex asked in a hushed tone.
"All clear."
He sat up and looked at me. I looked in his eyes and felt like I was being carried away. I saw a park. A simple park. It had only a sidewalk and a few benches. Alex was there. He looked terrified.
"They're coming for me Nicky!"he said. 
I could hear noises in the bushes. Three men and a woman steped out. I could tell by the look in their eyes that they were vampires.
"What did you do?"I thought. 
They came closer and closer. The image started to fade, then it dissapeared.
"What are you looking at?"he asked. "Wow! I just got a sudden burst of energy!"
"I saw something..."I said.
"Oh that's why I feel good! What did you see?"
"Uh,"I said. 
I didn't want to worry him but he should know. But that might make it worse. 
"It was nothing."
"Tell me."
"It was nothing, Alex."
"Ugh, I hate how stubborn you are."he said. 
Then I remembered what we were talking about before.
"Let's continue talking."I said. 
He looked at his watch.
"Oh dang! I'm gonna be late for try-outs!"he said getting up and running out the door. 
I looked out and saw that he stoped by front doors. 
"Whats wrong?"I asked.
"I'm never gonna make it..."he said. 
I could hear the dissapo

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