locked way

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
when u r used to be with someone , and that someone is gone u just wish if u can die to end your suffering

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013



It's so hard to wake up in the morning and look next to you and find noone .But you know that one day there was someone next to  you  to support you and hugs you when you're sad.It's even much harder to know that he's not even alive you know that he's under the grave while you are in this cruel world suffering wishing if you just can die to meet him and see his face again.That what happened with Ann when she heard about the car accident about her 'boyfriend' or let's say her 'true love' because if he was just a boyfriend she wouldn't be suffering so hard like that.

"oh my god.....my work.. I'm too late" Ann said

"Ann, come on we will never arrive in time" Emily Ann's best friend said

"I'm coming....just one minute" Ann said

"you are late in your first day work.....I don't think you will last in this job" Emily said

"Sorry.....I slept late yesterday" Ann said

"why?!..........oh sorry, I forgot... it was Mack's death memory" Emily said sadly

"No no ..it's okay" Ann said

"Ann, maybe this is a strange question but don't you think it's time to meet someone" Emily said

"What?!....meet someone!....his death memory was yesterday and you're telling me to meet someone" Ann said with an angry way

"It had been one and a half year......when will you meet someone?!" Emily said

"I don't want to meet anyone" Ann said

While they are walking or maybe fighting Ann fell and her whole coffee has spelt on her , she looked in front of her to see some guy. She just wanted to hit him on his face but the only thing which stopped her is that he looked just like Mack. She  was just staring at him but finally Emily talked and made this awkward moment disappears

"Maybe you should watch out..." Emily said

"oh sorry....I was in hurry.....I'm Patrick..let me buy another one for you ,please!" Patrick said

"Yes yes , you should buy another one for her....she is single by the way" Emily said happily

"what?!!.......shut up" Ann said with an angry way

"haha.....I think you should hear what your friend's saying...may be you should let me buy another coffee....and buy the way it's so good to know that you're single" Patrick said happily

"No no...listen..my boyfriend's death memory was yesterday...so I'm sorry I'm not ready to meet anyone" Ann said

"oh...I'm sorry...it's so hard to lose someone close to you , in fact my best friend Mack his death memory was yesterday , too" Patrick said sadly

"what?!.......your friend's name is Mack...it's so funny it's my boyfriend's name too , what is your friend's last name?!" Ann siad

"It's Mack Maguire" Patrick said

"..........sorry.....but I have to.......have to go" Ann said

"What?..why?........wait a minute......is your name is Ann?......you are Mack's girlfriend!!!.......he told me alot about you" Patrick said

"oh my god.....I can't believe I found someone to share his memory with me......you know that Mack was so lonely and calm.he didn't know alot of people" Ann said happily

"Yes , he was.......you are a very special girl to make him love you like that.......he gave me somthing to give you but I told him that I don't even know you and I didn't even meet you but he told me that I'll meet you very soon.......Sorry I'm very late....here ..take my number...to give this thing to you...It's a very small box but don't worry I didn't open it....see you later" Patrick said

"Okay okay.....buy" Ann said

The next day came and Ann was waitting for Patrick looking forward to seeing what in the box......He finally came

"Hey.." Patrick said

"Hey.....do you have the box" Ann said

She opened the box slowly

"Oh my god" Ann said

 "when did he give it to you  ?!...tell me " Ann said

"about one week before the accident ...why?!..can i ask you what is it ? " Patrick said
"It's a ring !...he was going to ask me to marry him !!?..why did he give it to you ?.why didn't he give it to me...it's not like he knew that he's going to die ! ,Right !?! ..it doesn't make since! " Ann shouted

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