I, Prophet

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Set in the distant future on planet Gliese, human beings have evolved to a state of near machines. They begin to lose their humanity by altering their bodies with robotic components. They worship technology and depend on a group of clergy known as The Creators. These Creators control the lifespan of these artificial components and have a leader called the Holy Creator who is overseer of the empire. The creators also manufacture and control the most advanced robots in the entire known galaxy.

The Guild is sect of the Creators and is composed of engineers who design and create robots. Their ultimate goal is to create a sentient artificial mind.

It is the year 12698. The Guild led by Dr. Khalil Jabazz created an algorithm that would change not only robots but all of mankind. However, the algorithm worked on only one robot designated as robot 259. History will know him as Tubal-Cain.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I, Prophet

Submitted: June 30, 2013

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Submitted: June 30, 2013



I, Prophet




It is not known exactly when in our distant past that we began to use technology as a tool to survive the perilous and unknown future. In time we harnessed and refined this force we called technology to colonize neighboring worlds through space travel ensuring the survival of our species. It was a time of great human achievement, but it came with a price. With this new tool, we survived environmental, biological disasters imposed on us by nature or from ourselves.  We began to believe that with technology there was nothing we could not do.


Our greatest technological achievement was the creation of the artificial brain.It was invented by a group of scientist, engineers, philosophers and bio-neurologists who became known as The Creators.They incorporated these brains into thinking machines and later to advanced robots that were now able to think and even—dream.  Some even bore nightmares but could not manifest their meaning into words or actions like humans do. It gave them a sense of self and awareness.  They became our servants, liberated man from dangerous tasks.  Some were designed to be our policemen, doctors and watchers who preserved peace. 

We became convinced that technology would allow us to once and for all rid mankind of the mystical or the religious notions of false ideologies that had plagued us for so long.  We began to believe that Technology was an all-powerful force.  It became our hope—our new God.  But for all its wonders, technology could not serve to tame the human condition, it could not remedy fallen man eternal struggle with himself. 


But, while humanity gazed at its achievements, The Creators slowly gained more control over governments and even our bodies.  They developed even more sophisticated technology that allowed humans to incorporate artificial organs, limbs and even brains onto their bodies. The grip of illness and diseases had finally been defeated, we extended our life span by centuries and now only death seemed to remain as a weakened foe. More and more humans became sold to the notion that modification was the only way in order to survive. 

At first, only a small group of people refused any sort of modification.  They believed that man was designed with perfections and imperfections.  This duality in man kept him from going too far to one side. These people were persecuted and outlawed from the major cities.  They lived in the outskirts of the ancient cities and survived by growing food in the land much like the ancients of old did so long ago. Not much is known about them. 

With new robotic implant modifications, we were no longer human. We began to change and our altered bodies once self-sufficient became dependent on the Creators with their monopoly and control on of all implants.  These Creators empowered themselves as the leaders and later began priesthood on a new religion based on the worship of Technology.

 The creators became intolerant of disbelievers and prosecuted millions until Technology became the religion of all mankind. They used robots to persecute and kill those that stood in their way. 

  It was during this turbulent time, a time known as The Age of Machination, or more popularly, the Era of Design. A profound event occurred which still reverberates through the galaxy.  A "Voice of God", appeared from the mists of sorrow and utter despair. A lone and rogue Robot proclaiming himself to be a prophet of God sent to liberate humanity and robots alike and guide them to true freedom and destroy the technological dependence that has robbed man of his notion of God.

He preached, “Behold, I come with a warning, Man has become ignorant of God’s wisdom and power. I have been sent by the LORD to remind you of your sinful nature, of your inadequacies and helplessness in your lives that this false religion of technology can never solve.”

In the most sinister form of irony, The Creators power and influence began to be challenged by a possessed robot who was claimed to be a prophet of God.  No robot ever constructed by the creators was ever programmed with such an intimate knowledge of a God from eons past.  His was a message of love and peace…and a reminder that the one true creator is the Lord God. To me, he was a miracle to others he was a threat.


The Creators will stop at nothing to terminate this possessed robot of God and becomes their greatest threat to their power!


Chapter 1


Report to the Council of the Holy Creator:

“Preliminary results on robot model 259 show promising and peculiar improvements in state of awareness and creativity. It is not known why or how this model differs from the rest of the group of robot models.  Model is considered anomalous.”




The Guilds main laboratory facility housed seven of the most advanced experimental robots ever designed by the Guild.   Only the Holy Creator and select few Arbiters knew of the project.  These experimental robots were designed with a new posimatronic brains composed of artificial neurons and advanced circuitry. The matrix on these new posimatronic brains was unlike any other designed and could be the closest man ever came to match the human brain.  However this was different because today this complicated mesh of flesh and circuitry will be introduced to a new algorithm.  The Guild had worked on this algorithm for decades and in secrecy.  Why secrecy?  The guild always operates behind the veil of the Empire and has the full blessing of the Arbiters and the Holy Creator. This algorithm was designed to induce creativity, self-awareness, but most of all it was the holy grail of what the Guild was searching for, sentience. Nothing like this had ever been attempted and hopes within the Guild were high, but guarded. If successful, it would change humanity and man will for the first time have a partner in sentience.  It would also give incredible power and leverage to the Guild.  The empire and the Holy Creator would be faced with sentient robots that could be controlled by the Guild.

Only 7 experimentals were constructed with frames that stood at the standard frame of 6’5 feet with circuflesh bindings that acted as tendons and muscles surrounding their massive frames. Their faces resembled that of a human, but still retained robotic features. Could it be that the Guild intended intimidation as a side effect if successful?

The experimentals were laid down in a circular pattern with the heads aimed at each other.  High in the laboratory, the guild engineers closely monitored the algorithms stability using three brilliant computers designed to hold its delicate structure.  Even with the tremendous computation power, the brilliant computers were minds in their own right yet they were reaching a threshold in containing the algorithm.

“Dr. Jabazz, the computers are beginning to reach threshold in containment.  If we’re going to begin the infusion process it has to be now”.

The sense of urgency and worry startled Jabazz.  Quintana was by nature calm and stoic and a longtime member of the Guild and a good one too.

Jabazz lowered his gaze at the 7 experimentals through the protective shield and gave the order, "Lower injectors and commence simultaneous infusion of algorithm."  High above the facility an intricate array of robotic arms began to move. With perfect precision, a white robotic limb lowered and centered the circular ring of injectors stopping within millimeters of the experimentals heads.  The injectors extended from the within the robotic arm and inserted directly to the backs of the robots heads.  

“Infusion process started,” Announced the monotone voice of the computer.  

All of the engineers were as tense as never before. The tension was broken by the automated voice of the computer, “First infusion process complete.  Results show matrix and algorithm destabilized.”

Some shook their heads and others looked on hoping the other units may succeed.

“Commencing second infusion process: results show matrix and algorithm failed infusion.”

All but two experimentals remained.  Jabazz considered aborting the procedure and salvaging the two robots, but this was all or nothing.

“Commencing sixth infusion process: results show matrix and algorithm failed infusion.”

Only one more to go and at this point the group of guild engineers had given up and looked withdrawn.  Decades of work and countless minds who had worked on this project all for nothing.

“Commencing seventh infusion proce……”.  The computer cut off momentarily which caught the attention of all the engineers.  After a few seconds, the computers voice returned.

“Process complete:  results show posimatronic matrix and algorithm are stable on experimental model 259."  Success!  All of the engineers were jubilant and relieved except for Jabazz.  "My god what have we done", whispered Jabazz who instantly realized the magnitude of their achievement.  What effect will this have on all of humanity he thought to himself?  The creation of a mind in an artificial being.  "Relax Jabazz,” said Quintana, “We've done what no thought possible.  We did it! We fused the experimental algorithm to the posimatronic brain matrix.  It's never been done!"  

The engineers walked and surrounded the experimental 259 and for a moment looked at each other and they all agreed to give Jabazz the honor of the activating a machine that could change the world and mankind forever.  Slowly, Jabazz reached for the activating panel and looked at each of the engineers and with a simple flick, activated the Robot.  For a few seconds, nothing happened then the robots eyes began to glow.  The robot slowly looked side to side and slowly rose and said, "Is this a dream?"

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