The Guardians of the Galaxy

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The year is 3019. The world has changed drastically, in the year 2058 world war three broke out and ravaged the world as we once knew it. Now, in a world of crime, corruption, and utter chaos one group of amazing men and women have stepped forward from the shadows to create light and return order to the galaxy. This is thier story...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



This is my first take on sci-fi action. To get started, the info you will need for the story is=


Shayne Skye- leader of the Gaurdians. With unknown powers ranging from Flight, to incredible strength. Believed to be from the distant planet of Venus.

ShockWave. A.K.A. Lucas Anderson- The twenty two year old is currently the oldest member and the second in charge. From Earth 267, he has the remarkable ability to control various kinds of Wave-energy.

Ghost- The mysterious hero has the powers to bend his own matter to an intangible state, and an almost crystal like form- but 1000 times stronger. His real name, and home planet, are unknown

Blayze. A.K.A Brennah Blaze- The only female member in the roster, Blayze has the stunning abilities to control flame/fire and manipulate heat energy. She is from the planet ReKarle on the outermost part of the milky way.

The Villians are-

Vengeance- the killer-for-hire is an enity of chaos. With the curse of enducing panic,fear,and pain into his enemies on command he is one of the most succsesful-and dangerous- hitman in the galaxy.

Marco Spellman- Controlling unknown cosmic forces, and and the lost art of true magic, Spellman is the leader of the inter-galactic order of villians that call themselves The Darkeners.

There are other minor characters that i will inrtroduce in the story wich will start in the 2nd chapter.

Please remember this is my first Sci-Fi Action, so go easy on me. Also please comment whether or not you like the ideas about the book so far and whether or not you think i should make it a novel (more than 20 chapters) or a short story/book (maybe 10 or 15 chapters). Thanks.

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