Consciousness Act One: The Substance of the Universe

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There is something more than the five senses can see. There are things that you just don't understand, somethings that lurk in the night, when you close your eyes, when you see what is not meant to be seen. The control, the creation, the logic, the door way to creation, these are the factors of Consciousness, the most powerful substance in the known universe. There is nothing else like it. Join me and My journey as to figuring out what exactly Consciousness is.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Consciousness: What is Consciousness?

Submitted: November 11, 2013

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Submitted: November 11, 2013



Consciousness is the fundamental of our existence. It is very thought process if perception to most, yet it is hidden by modern science. Science said it on the break through to solving even the most hesitated asked questions. What is real? How do you define real? Yet they can't comprehend the matters at hand.

So, as I heard from a great professor, consciousness is basic understanding of its own universe. If you have golf ball sized consciousness, then you'll have a going ball sized perspective of things. If you read a book, you'll have golf ball sized understanding, but what if you can increase your consciousness? What if you can open you prospective to the size of a basketball? Now, or may not seem like much but compared to the golf ball its mass is a huge difference.

We live in a world where there is everything and anything in possibility. You don't lose anything leave home because our consciousness is so powerful that in our minds we have been attached to this item you perceive. Humanity has developed something I call the Grasp Concept. Now in the Grasp Concept, humanity transferred their energies to a desired and treasured material and develops a connection. Humans are all connected by a force we call the sixth sense. This is the Grasp Concept. If you were to be alone at work or in a library and everyone left, yet there was one person hidden from you, you'd still sense that he was there, regardless of sound. These states of consciousness are so powerful if a human was to get lost, then he or she would instinctively know where civilization is. Our connection is grand and powerful so powerful that it cannot be compared to anything this world had seen.

What is real? How do you define real? If real is what you can see and what you can touch, then real is simply no more than electrical signal interpreted by your brain, so how are we to know if we aren't asleep somewhere or psychologically brainwashed into believing that we are a dominant species of this planet and star system, while in actuality we are simply cavemen eating crickets in a forest. Now, think of this, dear reader, if you are to believe in God, he exists to you, yet to someone else he does not exist. So with that in mind, if you believe in it strongly enough, it becomes real you.

This mental perspective can be thought of this as well. Think of a galaxy. Close your eyes and picture a galaxy. What did you see; a spiraling state of mass spinning or an elliptical one, perhaps?  Now if consciousness as some say allows us to balance and comprehend our universe, then we have just created a new galaxy somewhere out in our 3rd density of knowing.

Quantum physics had proven that our bodies are vibrating at a certain frequency and our duality, the yin and yang, the cosmic polarities of our vibrational anomaly, our mentality, vibrates on its own frequency. As your reading, you may be experiencing a slight pressure right above the eye brows in the center of your forehead. This as you may know it is called the 3rd eye or your brow chakra and in many belief structures around the world and such as my own (located at this is your direct connection with the spiritual world as they say. This 3rd eye opens to the stimulation of consciousness, meaning the wakefulness you feel every morning will be grander; your concept of life may be changing.

There are many forms of consciousness, and only until we achieve the proper notations of the world’s perspective, is when we can be able to go above and beyond the aspect of human establishment. We have been taught from a very young age to believe that what we see and what we feel, basically under the five senses, but we have not been taught about this 3rd eye. We have been restricted by the mainstream media to believe that reality is only physical, and that the mental perspective of things is actually just, as they say "a thought", but in actuality, thoughts are just as real, as the physical world. Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, thoughts can become real with enough belief. If you are to think of the most basic of ideas, and make them come to life by a drawing, and other carious tools to produce your most original creation, then thought is reality unmade, but vibrating at a much different frequency than this illusion of real is.

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