Consciousness Act One: The Substance of the Universe

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Consciousness 2: Some Errors in the System

Submitted: November 11, 2013

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Submitted: November 11, 2013



I once heard someone say that our reality is all an illusion, for if it vibrates it does not exist, but it exists at the same time. Now he also went to say “we are infinitely aware in our cosmic consciousness.” This can be because if you are to notice everything here in the five sense frequency, and as you look at this blurry image of red, and you start becoming infinitely aware of your surrounds, the blurred image becomes a brick, and then a wall, then a building, and a city, a planet, etc. You then see the complexity of the structure. But, as today would have it, our political leaders, whom are masters at this, take the liberty of making sure that there the public has been completely let astray of the “truth”.

I remember reading somewhere that they Holy Bible had been altered, but not for simple editing, and grammatical “dumb-downs” for the common American today; it was changed! What an outraged! This sacred document, the glorification of about 2.2 billion people, had been changed under the cover-up story that they were simply “editing it for its intense grammar and ill-moral thoughts.” At the time, I was a Catholic, but have converted into something that suited my needs better, and I was simply “OK” with the idea. I had to believe that there were reasons for their changing; mainly the only thought that kept repeating in my head was that people were not properly educated to understand the grammar that they used in the Bible. I was very gullible when it came to questioning some of the people whom were higher in power, and I was alright with that, even though I was aware that something was wrong.

I’m young, yes, but I’m not stupid, or crazy, as my formal rivals in literature have suggested, for my blasphemous suggestions and insane beliefs, though I was the one, who was Catholic at the time, done everything that a proper Catholic was supposed to do. I went to church and I prayed. I gave money out of generosity, but in the end, I was the one who was cast out, as I’ve normally experienced throughout my development as a child, and pre-teen years, just for the fact that I asked the questions. I simply questioned the fact that “what if?” I never changed anything, or tried to convert them away from the belief; I merely asked “What if there’s something more to the eye and yet we have yet to see what the real message?” After I was cast out from my church for “blasphemy”, I went about searching different religions and other beliefs from around the world, because how could the “most loving and caring, hoping bringing, belief structure in the world” cast out someone just because of a question that they asked.

Obviously, this part of the essay is supposed to get you to sympathize with me, as some psychologists have suggested, but through my perspective, I only used it to get you to understand a little better, not feel sorry for me. But why would I tell you this? Why would I bring up a past event in the situation in the middle of an explanation of something that is far more powerful to the mind than a belief in a higher being? Simply, because I know that most of the United States is either Christian or Catholic, and second, I know that you, the reader, if the THEORY, I can’t exaggerate even more, is correct, have established a belief in God. Most of you, in theory, will feel that the church I was at was not the real church of God, yet that’s what they all say. They offered me hope, and they told me to express myself in the way I thought was “most appropriate” for the subject. So I did, and yet, I got banished. I have been shunned and kicked out for straying away from the flock, and there was no way to get back in except to state the fact that I was wrong and God was all knowing, but what did I do wrong? I did nothing to disgrace my connection with “EL” and yet, BOOM, I’m an outcast. Wearing black and asking questions made me an outsider. I was shocked about it, simply dumbfounded of it.

I then began to ask my questions at school to see if people thought the same, because you wouldn’t just rewrite a sacred document that has been around for over 2 thousand years, that was until I found out what was really going on. I asked my friends, I asked most of my teachers, my principle, and they all gave me the same answer, or questioned my belief in God. They answered me “To make it more appealing to today’s audience.” After a few hours of research, I later concluded that the Bible, this sacred document, had been altered to many times to count for what I can interpret. I mean on this sight,, shows only a few times that it has been rewritten, though from what the written perspective maybe bias, and the fact that many things on the internet have been incorrect, especially Wikipedia, so I assumed books and old stories were appropriate on the subject. I began to think things on a deeper level. I saw the newer copies of the Bible, particularly the King James Version, and I’ve noticed that some were really miss leading to when it came to accuracy. In a thousand years, many things can occur, and corruptions have plagued the Catholic Church for some time now. So with that in mind, I couldn’t really keep a steady mind, especially with that I had read in the Bible. I began to question it many times before actually coming to the conclusion my freshman year of high school that there is no God; there is no America; there is no democracy. I learned that we don’t live in a country, maybe a world, of “opened-mindedness” and “ideologies”.

I learned that there are many reasons not to believe in this book, but that would be posted sometime later. I’ve pounded you enough with my ranting long enough. Now, as for what I was saying about the politicians, the government, those who lobby against it, or with it, have changed the Bible, and since some churches don’t change their copies for many years to come, often go on unnoticed, and without thought. I viewed my friends, and I saw how they blindly followed the religion, as if they knew what they were talking about. Not one of them had ever picked up that book and read from it, as a common storybook, as I have come to think of it. They merely went to the church and then listened to the sermon, neither asking questions, nor bothered to even glance at the book that they held in their hands to make sure that the saying was accurate or “appropriate” to the preaching of that day. With this, I have come to conclude that many people nowadays have been deceived, and yet I was the one whom was insane, for a mere question.

So I was looking up the conspiracy theories of the Bible, and I found someone who spoke of directly reading from the Bible. He goes by the name of David C. Pack, and he is the leader of the Restored Church of God, as he says. Though I don’t believe in God, I was still fascinated by the theories he presented. You may look up his work at: Now, as I’ve come to conclude he does present some reasons, but obviously, I don’t cave in that easily. I’ve taken many notes on it and I’ve seen and heard many ideas for the subject, and how David C. Pack was a fake, as the Bible had come to say. Now, why have I mentioned David C. Pack in a post that is meant to talk about Consciousness and Enlightenment? Simple…the reason explains why I have chosen this path. I’ve learned that Christianity is not the proper way for me, and I have learned, and proven by David C. Pack, that modern day Christianity is the most corrupt form of religion that they world has yet to see, filled with hypocrisy and intense judgment of the people whom have filled the world with this belief structure.

I have learned some more things about the Bible that was incorrect. I had learned that in 44 AD, according to David Icke, that the bible was altered and had had the reincarnation scriptures of the Bible. There are multiple places in the Bible that mention and demonstrates reincarnation, but that’s another topic of matter. Now, I have noticed that there are many branches of the Christianity, yet they say that all the others are incorrect, for example, the Jehovah Witnesses is one whom often claims superior knowledge of the rest of the Christian community. I tried their beliefs out, but I didn’t like the organization of it. Then I moved on the Baptist Church, and yet I still found their beliefs strange. I went to “Christian” Church, and yet nothing seemed to be correct. With this, I was led astray from Christianity and went looking for something more subtle to my likings, but I will discuss that in a later time.

I will conclude with this; Christianity is not what I have to learn, but consciousness only.

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