My Safest Dreams

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a ghost of a dead guy falls in love with the teenage girl Vanessa who discovers that the perfect shadow from her dreams is the spirit of a dead guy and so she goes on trying to find the secret connection between the world of the living and the dead…

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Safest Dreams

Submitted: February 02, 2010

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Submitted: February 02, 2010



chapter one

the pain

“But no matter how hard things got and no matter how hard are the days, there would always be… a holy shadow that haunts me through the day and holds me all through the night, and from the darkest shades of my soul, I tell you this…”

The doctor’s sudden presence almost freaked her out for she hadn’t been paying attention to the sight in front of her, instead she was taken by her hopes and prayers, “Mrs. Larsen” the doctor cleared his throat, she glanced up through her wet eyes, “I’m so sorry, I tried my best but….” His voice broke off at the last words, the middle aged woman sat back in her chair as if she heard nothing, as if the doctor never showed up in the waiting room, she swallowed looking away, then she exhaled loudly, the doctor stood uncertain of what to do, watching the woman’s bizarre reactions to the news of her son’s death, “yes you did your best… I know” she spoke almost to herself, gazing at the empty chairs behind the doctor, she stood up and shook his hand “thank you” and started walking, out the door, through the halls, and out of the hospital, leaving her son’s tortured corpse behind her, she never glanced back…

twenty years later...

Vanessa kept staring at Dan as he spoke automatically, “I’m so sorry Vanessa, I would have stayed with you, and you know I love you, but…” he looked away, “but she’s pregnant, yeah… you repeated that a million times!...” she finished for him composing a bored expression on her face, though he could tell from her burning dark brown eyes that she was furious, sad… torn maybe?, he thought to himself “I’m sorry” he whispered though they were the only couple walking in the street, “just go!... Dan, go to her…” she looked away and without a goodbye she crossed the street and took the shortest route home, tears filled her eyes as she walked under the burning sun of July, he pale olive toned skin turning red, her cheeks crimsoned with, the short deep red swayed hair shook in the air as she walked.

When she was finally at the front door, she decided to walk in through the back door, so that no one would be able to see how messed up she looked, she sneaked through the kitchen from the back door, the quietness in the house encouraged her steps, but still hesitant she walked lightly but tensely upstairs, she flinched at the sound of the bathroom door shut noisily behind someone, she launched herself in the same instant and ran to her bedroom upstairs, she shut the door loudly pushing it with her back, taking a deep breath she closed her eyes and two hot tears slipped burning their way down her cheeks, “Vanessa?!” a wary voice rose in the room, she blinked with surprise, “oh my God! What happened?”, she found her best friend Jenifer sitting on her bed in the center of the bedroom, she shook automatically, thinking she didn’t count the possibility of finding someone in her room as she sneaked in, however she ignored the presence of Jenifer and slipped her back pack off her shoulders then threw it away and walked in her bathroom, “how did you get here?” she threw after a few minutes, “window? Duhh!” Jenifer spoke in arrogance, a few more minutes passed then Vanessa walked into the room again and laid on the bed while Jenifer kept sitting on the edge of the bed, “so what happened?” Jenifer reminded, staring at Vanessa who didn’t move, “Dan… dumped me” she spoke trying to fit the words that didn’t seem to make sense.

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