My world.

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About the line between reality and fantasy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My world.

Submitted: August 22, 2013

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Submitted: August 22, 2013



My world,

It' similar yet different from yours, it is a combination of your world and another I like to call it "infinite". I call it this because it's full of endless mysteries I can't figure out and always has surprises in store for me. I love it even though sometimes its a cruel, scary and lonely place to be. It's only mine and it's home to me.This is my world, its on the border of yours and theirs. 

Sometimes people in your world don't believe in things they cant see. So from a young age I was called a liar, even my parents thought I was one. I was sent to see many people who kept saying it's not real, I always disagreed with them and tried to show them the world. I even tried to show the other children but they only said I was weird, a freak over all I was different. They started to look at me strangely and whisper things to each other, rooms would get quiet when I walked it. After awhile I decided that I would ignore the world "infinite" and pretended I was like all the others. It worked for a little bit and people slowly came closer to me, even though they still give me odd looks sometimes I was "normal". It worked for a few year but my normalcy didn't last. 

I saw a boy who I knew from "infinite" a friend of mine, he was wondering around on the side walk looking very confused. His short black hair was a mess, he was wearing all white clothes and the bottom of his pants was covered in filth from the street and so was his bare feet covered in bleeding scratches. he spotted me a waved his hands fiercely in my direction, with a relived look on his face. I tried to ignore him and pulled my backpack strap tighter on my shoulder and increased my speed in the opposite direction.

"He is not REAL!" I screamed in my head.

Then my body hit a solid object. At first i thought I had accidently walked into someone as I was trying to get away from him but.. Standing in front of me with scowl on his face and his arms crossed over his chest was the boy from that world.

"Why are you ignoring me?!" He asked in an irritated voice.

I blink rapidly then started to stare at him, he was there wasn't he? I pinched my arm hard, and it hurt! I reached my hand out and softly touched his face it was warm, he blushed under my hand. I pulled my hand back embarrassed. I started to Circle him examining him to make sure he was really there. He looked at me with a concerned look raising his hand to my forehead he asked

"Are you alright?"

I smiled and hugged him tightly bouncing up and down a bit.

"Your really here!!"

He looked confused but he smiled back patting my head.

"Of course, but where is this place..?"

It was the first time I had ever seen a person who could cross worlds like me. The first time I was not alone.

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