The Change.

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Two teens a boy named Ryu and a girl named Bell both try to commit suicide, but something odd happens instead that may make them rethink suicide.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Change.

Submitted: June 17, 2013

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Submitted: June 17, 2013





A laugh bust past my cherry scented lips as Brett fell onto his but with a splash after a fail attempt at doing a kick flip off the large fountain in the front court yard.

"Shit, I thought I really had it this time" He smiled at us

"Sure you did" said Kara my BFF EVER!

Jay covered his mouth with a small grin on his face, he put a thumbs up sign in Brett's direction. Brett gave a big smile and flipped him off in return.

Kara swept her straightened dyed blonde long hair from her face with a swing of her hand and then looked at me with her light brown eyes and said

"Look you got Bellz wet!!"

"Here Bell!"

Jay said taking off his school uniform shirt

"use this"

"No way you will get in trouble if you walk around like that!"

I said feeling my cheeks warm up under my hand

 "Its fine"

He said coming over to me and sat down next to me on the edge of the fountain his arm brushed past me as he patted my face and hair dry. We stared at each other the whole time I refused to break eye contact with his dark brown eyes hidden under a mess of brown curls.

"Done" he said a small smile on his lips grew.

I still held his eyes as the bell rang breaking my attention and I noticed I was getting a few stares I backed away from Jay, and turned my face away and for a spilt second I thought I saw Kara glaring at me... But it changed into a bright smile in a split second

"Lets go or we will be late Bellz!" She said hooking her arm around mine

"Thanks Jay" I mumbled

"No prob see you guys later"

He reply as he and put his now damp shirt back on.

I smiled and walked to class with Kara, thinking of Jay shirtless.Today is the best day ever! I thought to myself.

After Math class which I slept through mostly while Kara nodded off the whole class, I had Bio next while Kara had lunch so we went our separate ways.

"Bye see you next period"

"Bye~" she replied as she skipped down the hall her skirt flowed behind her, We all had the same uniform but other wore it better than some. I went around the corner into my Bio class and smiled, my teacher Mr. Don was out and a older women was slumped against his chair rubbing her temple. I sat in my normal seat and plopped my books onto my desk then waited for class to start as kids filled the room. The bell rang with two chimes the late bell Time for class. two more students scurried in as she stood up and went to the front of the room.

"Quiet Self Study, QUIET... no talking got it?"

a few mumbles was all she got as she shuffled back to her desk, PERFECT!~ she wouldn't care if a student left and didn't come back it would mean one less sound so I stood up gathering my stuff and walked to her desk

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

She looked me up and down and sighed

"Sure. Take your time." Then she sunk her head onto the desk

YES! I'm free from Bio, I can go hang out with Kara now!~

I slid my stuff into my bag and went through the heavy metal door, into the red and black hall way, our school colors. I love them~

I was turning the normal corner to our little spot where all four of us would hang out together when I froze.

"..Bell Is so annoying today." Kara's voice said in a pissed tone.

WHAT?!... ME..?

"I know she such a attention seeking B!tch." a boy voice said

It took me a few seconds to realize it was Bret's voice...

"I don't even know why we even talk to that perky princess" another boy said.. Jay...

"God if her parents weren't loaded I wouldn't even look at her." Kara replied

No way... Kara and I had been friends since we were 5! It cant be for real It probably a joke... I was about to take a step towards them when

"The only reason I became her friend was because her dad threaten my mom!! God I fucking hate her."

My heart sank to the floor... It had to be a lie...

"I wish she would just drop dead already!" she screamed

My chest felt like it was being torn apart..... This cant be happening....

"I know what you mean" Bret said

"It might be to good for even her" Jay's voice said

They all laughed.

..... I couldn't breath I backed up slowly my legs shook under me as I turned and ran away so I couldn't hear another word I ran as far way from the words as I could I ran up three flights of stairs and swung open the heavy metal door that in front of me and stopped, sunshine hit my face blinding me in white at first. I was on the roof I looked around it was empty and I slowed my pace and walked over to the raised concrete block that wrapped around the roof. I looked down and saw the court yard and.. the fountain, It was only an hour ago but It felt like years now, everything felt so different. When I was little I had a hard time making friends, then I meet Kara she was really nice not like the other kids... I guess I know why now. Her mother worked for my father but I never knew something like that had happened. I felt tears sting my eyes and hot tears began streaming down my face.

"I wish she would just die already!" Kara voice screamed at me echoing over and over.

"Maybe I should die" I said out loud.

Then a metal click caught my ears as I turned to a boy with dyed dark blue hair and baby blue that swayed in the wind he had slight grin on his face, he was hot. He was wearing a chain on his black uniform pants most likely the sound I heard, I looked up and froze, his baby blue eyes with heavy black eyeliner were locked on mine, his eyes where filled with sorrow and it looked as if he were about to cry. His mouth twitched and he open and asked

"Can I join you then?"


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