Dead Orphanage

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Skywatcher took half a step backwards and lifted the knife more: ‘’I told you to back off!’’ He was shaking again.

Draven charged him, punched the knife aside and kicked him in the chest, as he stumbled backwards Draven kicked him again, he fell to the floor and dropped his knife somewhere.

As he was lying on the floor Draven quickly stepped on the arm with the knife and took it out of his hand, there wasn’t much resistance, he took a couple of steps back and waited for Skywatcher to stand up, he took his time.

Once on his feet Skywatcher almost fell down again just by seeing the look on Dravens face, it was one of pure rage and no mercy.

Draven slowly walked over to Skywatcher, who could barely stand on his feet, grabbed him and pushed him, he didn’t stop until they were standing by one of the windows whereby he shouted: ‘’Look to the sky.’’ And tossed him backwards out the window.

While Skywatcher was falling, covered in blood and glass, Draven just turned away and looked elsewhere while sense was getting back into him.

He just killed a man.

Slowly, he walked over to a bench close to where Mike was lying, sat down and grabbed his forehead to gather his thoughts.

He could’ve just knocked Skywatcher out and carried Mike away, but he killed him.

Did he really though? He was going to die either way, he’d be left in a church with angry walkers surrounding it, and he was bitten either way.

But still Draven threw him out the window, the walkers didn’t get him and it sure wasn’t the bite, it was Draven and Draven only.

Would he have to kill more people in this poor excuse for a world? Would he want to?

The church bells stopped ringing for some reason, walkers didn’t give up on the church though.

Draven stood up again and walked back towards the window, was he planning to jump? Maybe. He didn’t really know.

He stood there for a while, listened to walkers moaning below the window, terrible sound, he felt a weak breeze in his face as he his thoughts went around and around, trying to justify what he did, or remove his fear of jumping, he wasn’t sure, he wasn’t sure of anything at all actually.

After a while, probably a couple of minutes, felt like an eternity though, sense finally got back into him, took its damn time though.

Enough blood had been spilled, but blood had to be spilled, Skywatcher couldn’t live in this world, it was dangerous enough as it is.
Jumping would only add to the blood, Draven wasn’t a danger, not yet anyways, more blood didn’t have to be spilled, and it wouldn’t be if he had anything to say about it.

He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see Lars in the doorway, Lars quickly studied the room before asking: ‘’What happened!? Are you alright?’’

‘’I’m alive, Skywatcher isn’t, you took your time?’’

‘’We had to turn of the bells.’’

‘’Shouldn’t we deal with the insane killers first and then take the bells?’’

Lars gathered his words for a moment before replying: ‘’If we didn’t turn of those bells soon enough we’d all have died.’’

Draven thought about it for a moment, then looked out the window and saw just how many walkers had left, guessed that a church that didn’t make a sound was to boring for man-eating monsters, then he looked back at Lars and said: ‘’Makes sense, it worked out well enough anyways.’’

‘’Mike?’’ Lars couldn’t see him from the doorway.

‘’He’s alive, but hurt, I don’t know how much.’’ Draven quickly replied and nodded in his direction.

Lars walked forward until he could see Mike, then said: ‘’If there are no more wounds than I can see, he’ll probably live.’’

The sound of glass shattering startled them both for a moment, then Lars yelled: ‘’They’re in, we have to go!’’

Draven nodded before grabbing Mike by the legs, Lars jumped over a bench and took the arms and within a moment’s notice they were going down the stairs hoping they wouldn’t trip.

Kelly and Sally were waiting right down the stairs, a couple of walkers by a window in the far side of the room, Lars quickly said: ‘’Let’s go!’’ Before all four of them were hurrying down the next set of stairs into the tomb, carrying the fifth.

The way back out of the long dark hallway in the sewers went a lot quicker, hearing echoes of walkers moaning motivated them to go faster.

Once outside in the evening sun they walked across the park for a moment before stopping on the far side, even if the walkers got across the hallway they probably wouldn’t notice where they went.

‘’Kelly and me will go get some supplies for Mike.’’ Lars said while setting him down on a park bench.

‘’Sally, you should probably go with them.’’ Draven said, all the walkers where in one place so the town wouldn’t be very dangerous.

‘’What about you?’’ Sally asked.

‘’I’ll stay with Mike, make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.’’ Draven only realized how different that sounded now after he said it, Sally fortunately didn’t seem to notice.

‘’Okay’’ Sally said as walked away with Lars and Kelly.

Almost right after they were gone Draven heard Mike saying, almost whispering: ‘’Draven?’’ He went over by his side as fast as he could and said: ‘’Yes, Are you okay?’’

Mike started to try and sit up, Draven helped him, when he was done he said: ‘’I feel terrible, but I think I’ll live, Skywatcher stabbed me and carried me, I couldn’t stop him before I fainted.’’

‘’We found you and got you away.’’ Draven smiled: ‘’Looking at the shape you’re in, it probably wasn’t worth the trouble.’’

Mike chuckled at the comment: ‘’It hurts when I laugh.’’ Draven quickly said: ‘’It’s probably your sense of humor, not the laugh.’’ Mike chuckled again: ‘’Stop it, you’re killing me.’’

Draven sat down beside him: ‘’Okay, but only this once, so don’t get yourself hurt again.’’

After a short silence Draven spoke in a sudden dark tone: ‘’There’s something you have to know.’’ Mike frowned, put his palm on his forehead and said: ‘’Chad?’’

Draven paused and looked and slowly looked at Mike: ‘’How did you…’’ Mike interrupted: ‘’I suspected it, and your tone told me something had happened.’’

‘’At least you saved me from saying it.’’ Draven looked back at the ground before Mike said: ‘’I didn’t see him walk away just now, and he was feeling bad before I got taken.’’ And took his hand of his face: ‘’Sometimes I fucking hate it when I’m right.’’

Then silence, they didn’t speak a word until the others came back, they just sat in silence and grieved Chad in their own way, no tears, no goodbyes, just sad thoughts and memories.

Draven spotted the others in the distance: ‘’They’re coming.’’ Mike looked up and quickly said: ‘’Who’s the woman?’’

‘’Kelly, we met her while looking for you, she was alone and decided to join us, we can hardly object to more people.’’ Draven replied, his tone was still sad, but that was almost unnoticeable. When they came closer Mike said: ‘’Hello everyone, Kelly, glad to meet you.’’

Kelly smiled and replied: ‘’Likewise, I’m also glad to see that you’re up and running.’’ Mike started to say something, but Draven interrupted: ‘’He wasn’t running before all of this happened.’’

‘’What was he doing then?’’


Kelly looked at Mike: ‘’Were you going to be a rocket scientist or what?’’ Mike smiled: ‘’A doctor actually.’’

Lars walked over to Mike and said: ‘’Doctor or not, if we don’t give you some medicine and bandages you’re not going to be running either way.’’ Mike chuckled: ‘’Go on then.’’

As Lars was putting bandages around Mikes chest Draven asked him: ‘’Lars, what happened to the gear we dropped when Skywatcher told us too? Don’t tell me it’s in the church.’’

‘’Kelly grabbed it while we were upstairs.’’

Draven sighed in relief: ‘’Good news, finally, well done Kelly.’’

‘’Speaking of well done, what exactly happened up those stairs Draven?’’ Kelly replied.

Draven frowned, he didn’t want to think about that moment ever again, let alone tell about it: ‘’It all passed in a flash, I’m not really sure what happened and I wouldn’t even try to explain it.’’

Kelly looked at Mike who quickly said: ‘’Don’t look at me! I was knocked out through the whole thing!’’

Lars finished bandaging him and gave him a painkiller, which was gladly accepted: ‘’Can you stand up now? Walk?’’ Mike tried both before replying: ‘’Barely.’’

‘’You’re going to have to for some time, we have to find a RV and get out of this place, it’s doomed.’’ Lars replied as he looked around.

‘’We’ll just go to the camping spot on the edge of town I guess?’’ Draven asked, Lars quickly replied: ‘’Sounds like a plan.’’

They started walking, the town was practically deserted of both walkers and people, as the walkers were all gathered by the church and the people were the walkers, Lars helped Mike walk and Draven kept close to Sally.

When they reached the camping spot they still hadn’t seen a single walker, they hadn’t seen anything actually, luckily, the camping spot was full of RVs and it didn’t take a lot of searching to find the keys for one, they did have to break a couple of windows though.

They all got inside, Lars and Kelly in the front and the rest in the back and started driving against Orlando, as soon as they were out of town Lars said: ‘’We’ll find a place where we can you two boys and Kelly some target practice, a quiet place, we’ll stay there for the night and then drive the rest of the way to Orlando, fresh and ready for anything.’’ Everyone was in agreement.

The next couple of hours were mostly small talk in the RV, when it started getting dark Lars pulled over at a small gas station in a large clearing and got out of his seat and said: ‘’It’s time for some target practice boys and girls.’’ Before stepping out of the RV

They all followed him outside in the darkness, Lars walked over to an empty plain across the road and set up some ‘targets’, meanwhile Mike said: ‘’It’s nice out here, not too warm, but not too cold either, I love this kind of weather, everything just seems so nice and peaceful.’’

Draven smiled: ‘’Makes you forget about what happened to the world around you.’’

‘’It probably isn’t the whole world, I bet the military probably has some places under control, we’ll just have to find them.’’ Kelly replied with hope in her voice.

Silence for while, Mike broke it by saying: ‘’Let’s go to Scandinavia, doubt the walkers could take on all of the Vikings down there.’’

Draven chuckled: ‘’Mike, that was a thousand years ago.’’

‘’I know that but there still has to be some of that Viking blood left down there?’’

Draven sighed and looked at Kelly: ‘’He isn’t stupid, we’ve just never been there.’’

‘’Hey!’’ Mike yelled, but before he could go on about Viking blood, Lars came back and said: ‘’Ready when you are.’’

‘’Then let’s not waste any time.’’ Draven hurried to say before Mike could reply.

Everyone but Mike followed Lars, Mike stood there for a moment, then sighed in acceptance before running after the others.

Lars spent some time showing Draven, Mike and Kelly a few things about how to fire a gun while Sally went into the RV to sleep, Draven was quick study, Kelly, not so much, Mike did fine.
Some time went by and when they were finished all three of them could hit a bottle, not that bottles were much of a threat to anyone but you had to start somewhere.

While they were training Lars went into the gas station to pick up some fuel and food, he could probably even get some candy bars.

Kelly went into the RV right after the training, Draven and Mike decided to enjoy the scenery while waiting for Lars, while looking over the plains, lit by moonlight only, into a dark forest some distance away Mike said: ‘’You know, hearing about how Chad turned made me think about something.’’


‘’What if the people we know are still in there, trapped somehow?’’

‘’Then we free them from devouring flesh.’’

‘’What if they don’t want to die, what if they’d rather live like that than die?’’

‘’Then we do it to save ourselves from them.’’

Mike looked down for a moment, obviously thinking, before saying: ‘’You seem to be taking this quite well.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’I feel as if we’ve suddenly been thrown into this horrible excuse of a world, I can’t take it all in, you seem in harmony with it?’’

‘’I haven’t really caught on to it honestly, it feels as if I can still make decisions and do what I think it’s right, but I’m still trying to make sense of it all, every minute, every hour so far.’’

Lars came out of the gas station and looked up for a while before saying: ‘’Weather seems to be getting worse.’’

Draven turned to face him: ‘’I don’t think that’ll be much of a problem.’’

Lars looked at him: ‘’It might be.’’ Then he paused for a moment before continuing:

‘’I think a storm is coming.’’

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