The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - The man behind the desk

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 9: The man behind the desk

Before Venus and Hallow could continue their discussion, the door opened, Venus quickly walked out and saw Reticle at the same console as when he let Venus into the cell.

-So? Venus asked.

-You are who you say you are, however we can’t be sure this isn’t some kind of new Colleral trick, even though it’s unlikely they could pull of anything like this, Reticle replied.

‘’And what are you going to do?’’

‘’One of the admirals wanted to speak to you personally, he is going to determine whether or not we can trust you.’’

‘’You do realize what it would cost if you were wrong, If I am telling the truth and you don’t believe it, the disaster will happen, if it happens the other way around you will waste lots of resources to look for a planetary engine that probably doesn’t exist.’’

 ‘’Your point?’’

‘’Why do you let an admiral make a decision of that weight?’’

‘’Whether this is true or not isn’t something we can figure out anyways, the admiral is just as good a source as any in this case, and he asked for it.’’

‘’Which one of the admirals is it?’’


Venus remembered that name, he was the person who sent him to the Outer Nebula Station in the first place.

-Let’s get to it then, Venus said.

Reticle started walking and made obvious gestures that Venus should follow him, which he did, they walked through the ship again, Venus recognized some of the corridors from his trip to the cell.

After a short trip they came to an airlock, it was docked.

-What ship are we entering? Venus asked.

‘’Not a ship, Haven station.’’

Haven station was a pretty old station, it was a civilian station that orbited mars, the largest human station. Venus had always wanted to visit it, but he never had money for a vacation there.

He noticed that Reticle had continued on while he was lost in thought and jogged a little bit to catch up with him, after a short time walking through some corridors they came into the main station itself, it was a beautiful sight.

The station was made in several floors, all but the bottom one had a glass floor which made for some beautiful sights when looking around, especially considering all the plant life on the different floors, while the roof was covered in flowers and leaves, the other floors had lots of stands with flowers and small trees, especially around the sides.

The plants created the majority of oxygen for the station, and it was placed in public places because many people enjoyed the sights of them, there were people everywhere too, lots of them walking around, minding their own business but also quite a lot just sitting down on some of the public chairs and enjoying the view, Venus also noticed that in the few places where you could actually see beyond the plants, there were white tiles.

Venus first didn’t realize how the station seemed so light, it was like the sun was shining inside of it, but after a short time he saw lots of cleverly placed lamps that were usually built into a wall or a part of the roof, they were placed so you had to try to find them and yet, they provided lots of light.

-Done admiring the view? Venus heard Reticles voice say.

‘’I guess I have to be.’’

‘’Lets get it over with first at least.’’

‘’Okay then.’’

Reticle started walking again and Venus followed behind, he still looked around the station for the majority of the trip and almost bumped into people a few times, Reticle usually pulled him aside first though.

After a short trip they came to one of the stairways, which looked very nice, it was designed so that there were flowers growing out between the stairs.

They walked up the stairs and continued onward in the same direction, the second floor was a lot different, mainly because of the glass floor and because there were a lot more people, probably because the first floor is mostly used for when you have to leave or enter the station, this floor however seemed more as a park, there were a lot of flower stands with a few chairs around and generally lots of places to sit down and admire station.

After some time they came to a door in the side, Reticle entered first and Venus followed right after him, they were back in the grey corridors, there weren’t many people in here either, they quickly came to a door that Reticle opened and made a gesture for Venus to walk in, which he did.

He entered a small room with a desk, chairs on both sides of it and a window that led out to the center of the station, one the desk there was a small laptop and behind it a person was sitting, Venus assumed it was Admiral Dean.

-Sit down, Dean said
‘’I prefer standing.’’

-Before I start any further conversation, I would like to know if you really are Venus, Dean said, this time in a darker tone.

‘’And how will you figure that out?’’

‘’Simple, I will ask you questions, you were engaged, with whom?’’


‘’What does her parents work as?’’

‘’Her mother is a network manager and her father died several years ago.’’

‘’Then who was her fatherly figure?’’

‘’Her uncle.’’

‘’What did he work as?’’

‘’I am pretty sure he was a bionic limb scientist of sorts.’’

‘’You seem valid.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

-I have read through your entire story, Reticle sent copies of it across the higher ranked personnel, I agree on that it seems extremely ridiculous, but I have a hunch that it might just be true, Dean said.

‘’Oh it is.’’

‘’I’m not finished, you spoke of a sort of AI inside of you that came with the genetic enhancements you spoke of, is it able to speak out loud?’’

-I am very well capable of that, Hallows voice said, out loud.

-How did you do that? Venus asked, loud enough for Dean to hear it.

‘’Simple, I used your vocal chords and an unnoticeably small amount of C to create a phantom tongue which formed the words.’’

-Impressive, Dean said.

-Why do you want to speak to him? Venus said.

-It was mostly just to see if you could prove even the slightest bit of it, Dean replied.

-So, about those weapons you could create out of thin air, Dean said, his voice was humorous, like he expected it to be fake.

 -How many C do we have? Venus asked Hallow out loud, there was no reason for Dean not to hear it.

‘’We have 2230, with a full reserve.’’
-C? Dean asked.

-A sort of energy, Venus replied: ‘’Hallow, could you make a small handgun, just to show Dean?’’

-Easily, Hallow said out loud as a standard military pistol appeared in Venus hand.

-How did you know the exact design of one of these pistols? Venus asked Hallow.
‘’I saw Dean had one.’’

-How exactly does Hallow see, hear and generally observe things actually? Dean asked.

-That’s a good question actually, Venus added.

-I can use Venus senses for the basic things that you also do, but sometimes I use some other methods that I can’t explain to you because your brains can’t comprehend it, nothing in earths history has ever had any of those senses, Hallow replied to them both.
‘’Then how do you create them in Venus body?’’
‘’Well, when you know how they work they aren’t any more advanced than the other senses, so I can easily use an unnoticeably small amount of C to temporarily feel them, a little like the phantom tongue actually.’’

-Venus, I just think you might be telling the full truth after all, Dean said while looking stunned by what he just heard.

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