The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Cold before the storm

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 1: Cold before the storm

-WAKE UP VENUS! A female voice said.
-Wha? Venus replied as he slowly regained consciousness.
-Venus it’s nine already! The voice said.
-Mira, the academy lessons doesn’t start until evening today, Venus said.

‘’I know, but I saw you had a new assignment.’’
‘’Didn’t I tell you to stop looking at my laptop?’’
‘’It was an accident, I promise.’’
‘’Whatever, let me check it.’’

Venus quickly got out of the bed and stands in his and Miras Bedroom, it was mostly white on the walls and the roof, but the bed was black and so was most of the furniture, Mira thought it was ‘’artistic’’.
He walked into a restroom right beside the bedroom.

It was a standard white restroom with a shower, toilet and a washbasin, nothing special; he put on his clothing in a flash and hurried out into his office, a standard little home office with a desk, laptop and a lamp, sometimes he had some paper too but most things from his work was written in a digital form.

He hurried over to the desk and pulled out the small black office chair and sat down.

His laptop was already on, considering Mira knew what was on it, it wasn’t a big surprise.
The work folder opened as always and he saw the new message:


Outer Nebula station requires assistance
-Admiral Dean


You are needed in the Outer Nebula station, information is classified.
A small transport ship will pick you up at the academy at twelve hundred O’clock.
Don’t be late.


This was amazing, missions were more fun than just studying at the academy, he was very excited for the mission, hoping it could offer some diversity.

-I will leave around eleven, Mira, Venus said.
-What are you supposed to do, nothing dangerous, right? Mira asked.

-It’s classified, but you know Nebula has security as their high- Venus replied when Mira interrupted and said: -est priority and bla bla bla, you said that a few hundred times.

‘’Just saying that I’m returning in one piece, maybe two if you get lucky.’’
‘’Then you would have to be a little richer.’’
‘’Well, people studying don’t usually get much money for it, remember how much they gave you when you went to school?’’

‘’You see? They usually don’t get paid very much, so what I have now will have to do.’’

Mira appeared in the doorway and said: ‘’Hope you have a good trip, I’ll miss you’’
Venus stood up and said: ’’I’ll miss you too Mira, I don’t think it’s a very long assignment though, they save them for people who actually finished the academy’’
‘’You’re close Venus, you know that, anyways, I have go to work, bye!’’

Mira left the doorway and Venus heard the door open and close a little later, he should probably get ready to leave too.
Two hours later Venus was on the transport ship.
-Can you tell me my assignment pilot? Venus yelled.

-Negative, I haven’t heard what it is, the pilot replied.

A few hours later the ship arrived and Venus stepped of and the ship took off again instantly, must be a tight schedule.

Venus was greeted by the chief mechanic.

-Welcome, you must be Dimm, was it? The mechanic said.

-Yes I’m Dimm, chief mechanic, Venus replied quickly.

-Call me Arale, I need you to follow me.

Venus followed Arale through the space station, it was mostly grey walls but there were lots of crewmembers aboard so it didn’t feel alone, eventually there was also a door in the wall, it was still a large corridor at least 3 meters tall, which was probably an indication of the station itself being large.

After some time they saw a large door in the side with a sign saying ‘’Mech bay’’ above it, Arale went over and pulled the door open and as Arale and Venus walked through Venus saw the amazing room.

It was at least 20 meters tall, lots of people walked around and appeared to be building mechs, the huge metallic vehicles were all along the walls, there were also second floors on the sides of the room with another layer of mechs.

-I need you to go upstairs on the left and help Kim and Nina fixing the 3’rd mech from the right, they will brief you in what to do, Arale said.

-Right after that a woman ran over to Arale and said: ‘’Sir, were running out of time, they’re almost here!’’

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