The three forces: Orphan

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Eye of the storm

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




Chapter 2: Eye of the storm

-Who is almost here!? Venus yelled; ‘’Why wasn’t I briefed!?’’
-Venus! Arale yelled in return; ‘’How close are they Alice?’’
‘’They should be here in 20 minutes, sir’’
-Shut up! Venus yelled; ‘’I have a fiancée at home and a bright future ahead of me, again why wasn’t I briefed!?’’
-Venus, we don’t have time for this! Arale yelled; ‘’How many mechs will be done before they arrive?’’
-You might be superior officer but I won’t accept this! Venus yelled; ‘’Why wasn’t I warned about this!?’’
-For Christs sake, Arale said and after a little pause he continued; ‘’It’s the Colleral, they weren’t supposed to come and you weren’t supposed to be here when we started the attack’’
-Why wa- Venus said when Arale stopped him and said; ‘’It doesn’t matter now, we can’t do anything.’’
-Okay Alice, how many mechs? Arale asked.
‘’We should have ar-‘’ Alice said when all of sudden a huge explosion came from the big gate to space at the end of the bay and flooded almost the entire bay.
Venus quickly ran against the door, Alice and Arale following close after him, when he reached the door he realized that they could not lose the Outer Nebula Station, that could cost them a great tactical location and lots of resources, way too many.

-Arale, evacuate, you’re the ranking officer, they need you more than they need me! Venus said as he noticed small pods crashing into the floor, probably filled with Colleral soldiers flying right into the bay.
When Venus said that most officers would have said something like ‘’I should go down with the ship, not you’’ or ‘’I command you to go, I’ll stay’’ but Arale wasn’t stubborn or naïve, he just left with Alice, who Venus noticed had a huge bruise on her chin.

Venus realized that his chance of survival was very low but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, he saw a large wrench close by and decided it was the best kind of weapon around here, if he couldn’t reach a working mech.

He saw a mech, unfortunately it was on the second floor, he quickly ran over and grabbed the wrench then proceeded to quickly looked around, he noticed that the smoke the explosion had left covered a lot of the area but because the station could automatically block out breaches with force fields but he had to think quickly, the force fields didn’t have unlimited energy.

Venus started sprinting for the ladder to the small second floor as the smoke seemed to provide cover but it also covered the Colleral, when he had almost reached the ladder he tripped over something and fell, quickly standing up because of the situation required it, he then quickly turned around and saw what tripped him.
It was a Colleral, it was also about to stand up, it was much taller than Venus, around 2.1 meters tall he assumed, slightly red skin and some bones sticking out around the neck.

It was also covered in what looked like combat armor, grey with the Colleral sign on the kneepads and a helm covering the entire head with a small visor around the eyes, Colleral could breathe the same air as humans could but it slightly weakened them so they preferred the suits.

Before the humanoid could completely stand up Venus proceeded to hit it in the visor as hard as he could with the wrench, it broke and it was very shocked, the glass from the visor should make it even more troubling for it though, considering it would fly into the eyes, even worse for the creature was that it would shift to the human air as it got wounded, that could be very dangerous.

The mech was more important than completely killing it so Venus quickly jumped on the ladder and started climbing it as quickly as he could but then he noticed that he had taken some small damage from the fall, making it troubling to climb but he still did it pretty fast.
As soon as he reached the top he jumped for the mech, it was tall and he would have a hard time climbing it, usually you had time and no aliens shooting at you…
The wounds would also be troubling but nothing he couldn’t handle.

As he started to climb the mech he noticed that he was completely detected, bullets flew all around him, lucky that the Colleral still used some pretty low-tech weapons, as he reached the top of the mech he still hadn’t been hit which was very fortunate, he jumped into the seat and pressed the initiate button, a visor sled down in front of him, he heard the friendly robotic-male voice saying: ‘’All systems active, taking fire’’

None of the weapons the Colleral foot-soldiers used could penetrate the mechs hull, but if a Colleral  ship fired at him he could be in trouble,  that is if they had a ship of course, only the small shuttles had been confirmed.

He powered the weapons, they were big machineguns with highly explosive rounds, it would easily be able to defeat the Colleral in the room, and he didn’t know how many were outside though.
He pulled the trigger and the gatling gun like barrels started spinning, shortly after the bullets flew out and in a matter of seconds he had laid waste to the entire room, there didn’t seem to be any more living Colleral so he proceeded to activate the thrusters and fly against the hull breach.

He quickly came over to the breach and the force field stopping the oxygen from draining could easily be flown through, he was out in space in a matter of seconds.

He could see lots of stars and a huge purple nebula close by, that is how the station got its name, but he quickly noticed some pretty well camouflaged ships, shortly after he saw how large they were and that he had almost no chance to defeat them and an even smaller one to escape.

While thinking about whether to engage or try to escape he didn’t notice that one ship had already detected him and was preparing weapons, it fired a missile and Venus saw it just as it was about to hit him, but he couldn’t evade it.

After the missile impacted Venus noticed that he was still alive and conscious, but barely, as his vision darkened he heard the friendly male voice from the mechs computer was talking.

-Weapon systems down, navigational systems down, medical support failing, power failing, the computer said before there was too little power, it was automatically redirected to medical support.

A few moments later his vision darkened completely.

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